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What is SmartRecruiter?

SmartRecruiter, a web-based recruitment tool, is designed especially for the modern generation of workers. Keeping the end-user in mind, this software provides all the tools a business could need to attract, hire, and manage great resources. Using the platform’s deep collaboration and selection tools, companies can easily set-up an easy applicant tracking process. This helps them select the best fit for their organization.

Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, a smart recruit can quickly post a job, review the applications received or remove a candidate from the selection list, with just a few clicks. Besides recruitment, the tool also offers comprehensive features that provide management and pre-integrated on-boarding that is very useful for new hires.

Benefits of SmartRecruiter

SmartRecruiters logo also provides its users with SmartAssistant, a one-of-a-kind AO-powered recruitment service. This feature acts as your ‘assistant’ in finding the right type of hires you require. Additionally, with a smart assistant, recruiters can eliminate the need to make subjective opinions about an employee. This feature, using data science, helps hiring teams across your company to align faster, thereby making standard hiring decisions.

Moreover, as this tool is supported by SmartAssistant, it gives you an intelligent tool that helps you find the perfect talent that matches your requirements. SmartAssistant is the first and only AI-powered recruiting service that helps to target only those candidates that you are actually looking for. Hence, with SmartAssistant, you can remove the need for subjectivity with the help of data science and hire employees that are able to align with your company’s vision faster.

Hence, right from its recruitment partner t using a smart engine, SmartRecruiters help allows its users to streamline their hiring process. This tool lets you build a process that is focused on long-term planning based on providing data-driven decisions. This tool helps you create a secure and well-aligned recruitment team with the help of built-in collaboration tools and machine learning.

Vendor Details

  • Company: SmartRecruiters inc
  • Website:
  • Founded in 2010
  • United States

Key Metrics of SmartRecruiters

User-Friendly Interface & Technology

Using AI and machine learning, SmartRecruiters ats offer an easy-to-use yet intuitive interface, which allowed configurable workflows. Due to the technology used, the tool also automates hiring activities.

End-to-End Talent Acquisition

Known to be a one-stop-shop for talent acquisition, SmartRecruiters allows users to manage job postings, review potential hires, hire and manage application data in one place.


What makes SmartRecruiters log in the perfect fit for all organizations is the fact that the tool grows as your business expands. Offering you just what you require at the current stage of your business, this tool meets the needs of both SMBs and enterprises.

SmartAssistant Removes Guesswork

With the help of SmartRecruiters, your company’s recruitment team can finally spend more time with people, instead of processes. With the help of AI, SmartAssistant connects you with the perfect talent that you are looking for. All of this, without the need for investing in sourcing or advertising. So, with SmartAssistant, you can reach the best of talent first!

Streamline HR Processes

SmartRecruiters encourages team collaboration. Hence, all the team members in your recruitment team can have a transparent view of the hiring process, thereby streamlining the entire company’s HR processes.

Manage Inbound Leads

With a massive inflow of candidate data, it is possible to miss a great resource among the crowd. With SmartAssistant, you can make use of data science and machine learning to shortlist only the best candidates from the lot. This lessens the work-load on the team, allowing them to manage pipelines effectively.

Always Stay Engaged

With SmartRecruiters, you can provide candidates with an option to receive automated job alerts and recommendations. This makes it easier for the team to stay connected with pools of candidates and never miss a great hire!

Recruit Globally

Users of the SmartRecruiters marketplace can conduct compliant recruitment in more than 100 countries. This gives you a chance to broaden the talent pool considerably. Moreover, you can also configure data retention settings and reporting, based on the country you are targeting.

Secure Candidate’s Data

Regardless of the region, you’re hiring in, with SmartRecruiters, you can manage and secure your candidate’s data. This tool provides users with a Global Compliance Module. Under this module, you can fulfill data privacy requirements, create a transparent hiring process for applicants, and set rules of data management, depending on the region.

Customize Based On Requirements

With SmartRecruiter’s self-serve configuration ability, users can easily make changes to the platform to meet their requirements. For example, they can update recruiting workflows and career pages, while structuring their own brands’ templates and fields.

Reporting Made Easy

Report Builder, one of SmartRecruiters’ most popular features, allows users to create extensive and interactive reports with just a few clicks. This will enable you to gather whatever data you need related to recruitment, whenever you need it.

Data On-Demand

It often happens that the right candidate’s data is lost when a new position opens up. With SmartRecruiters, this will never be a problem again! Use this tool for immediate access to all candidates, profiles, and data, whenever required.

SmartRecruiter Pricing

SmartRecruiters prides itself on the fact that it charges consumers only for those services they actually used. Hence, the SmartRecruiter cost isn’t displayed publicly. However, within its bundle, it provides the following services:
  • Full applicant tracking system to attract, select, and hire
  • Sourcing analytics and reporting dashboards
  • Configuration for multiple brands & hiring processes
  • Compliant with GDPR & privacy regulations
  • 350+ pre-integrated recruitment solutions in the marketplace
  • 200+ job boards for global distribution needs
  • ISO 27001 certified with 99.99% uptime

You can also avail the services mentioned below as an add-on:

  • Smart CRM:

Use pre-applicant targeting through messages and nurturing to fill positions faster

  • SmartAssistant:

Using this AI-powered feature, you can discover, test, and score ideal candidates in the talent pool

  • SmartGlobal

Ideal for multi-country deployments, this feature helps you to configure hosting, languages, and permissions, depending on the region

  • Onboard

Using the tool’s digital transition solution, ensure the new-hire becomes a productive employee and great asset to the company within a short duration

For a demo or to contact SmartRecruiters for a price, click here.

Features of SmartRecruiters

One of SmartRecruiters’ many benefits is the fact that is supremely feature-rich. Mentioned below is a list of the most common and preferred features:

Create A Branded Website

SmartRecruiters provides a simple to use drag-and-drop website builder that lets managers create their company-branded career website. This builder allows the addition of text and images, which can be displayed on a desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

Post Job Openings

Without spending a single penny on job boards, including Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn, SmartRecruiters’s customers can post job openings on over 200 job boards. Moreover, applying for the job postings is easy as the candidate has to upload their resume with one click.

Collaborate on the Social Feed

Managers, recruiters, and interviewers can all share one common platform, called the Social Feed. This feature is useful for sharing notes, feedback on particular clients, interview updates, etc. Moreover, you can also upload a candidate’s profile in the Social Feed, to ensure an interviewer can easily refer to the candidate’s information whenever needed.

Manage and Track Recruiting Efforts

Primarily being a recruitment tool, SmartRecruiters provides multiple features to track and manage your recruitment efforts. The most prominent of them is the Referrals Engine. As the name suggests, a company’s employees can refer their friends or former co-workers easily on this platform.
Moreover, this tool provides recruiters one single platform, where they can schedule interviews, request for background checks, and compare feedback on potential hires.

Analyze to Improve the Hiring Process

Using the SmartRecruiters analytics tool, a company always learn and improve their hiring process. This tool allows users to measure key metrics like advertising spend, candidate’s demographic data, and overall performance. These insights can then be shared with the company’s top executives who can make data-driven decisions.

Interview Scheduler

It’s common to overbook or miss scheduling an interview, especially when the candidate pool is vast. Using SmartRecruiter’s Native Interviewing Scheduler, recruiters now have a holistic view of all the meetings scheduled. Thus, while booking an interview, they can pick the right time slow. You can even integrate this feature into Outlook and Google calendars.

Mobile App

SmartRecruiters also provides a dedicated mobile app, which is currently available on both iOS and Andriod. Hence, managers and recruiters can access all the tool’s features, even when they are away from the office.

SmartRecruiter Pros and cons

  • Easy Configurations 

Using SmartRecruiters, businesses can easily configure their recruitment process and hiring. They can also create a branded website using the tool’s builder. 

  • Constant Improvement

With an aim to provide the best services to its users, SmartRecruiters constantly upgrades itself with new features and better options. Moreover, while updating itself, the tool doesn’t cause downtime or distractions.

  • Easy Interface

Created to match a social-media newsfeed interface, users are easily able to relate to the tool. Moreover, with a clean dashboard, it’s fairly simple for users to navigate through the platform. 

  • Too Many Features

While it markets itself as a tool used for every business, smaller businesses can get overwhelmed with the number of multiple numbers of features and options available. Most of these features are only applicable to bigger enterprises and thus could result in confusion for smaller companies. 

  • Add-Ons Are Expensive 

SmartRecruiters services are generally not very expensive, however, its main features, like SmartAssistant, is considered to be an add-on and is available at a high cost. 

  • Search Functionality Limitations

When searching for potential candidates on the tool, there are limited options to filter candidates. Only basic options like location, degree, gender, etc. are provided. For being a recruitment specialist tool, more options would greatly improve the search results.

SmartRecruiter Integration

Integrating with major HRIS solutions, SmartRecruiters API comes with pre-built integrations of over 250 third-party applications. These applications revolve around three areas, which are mentioned below, along with examples:

  • Attract Linkedin, Indeed, Stepstone, Allegis, Seek, Manpower, AMS, Amazing Hiring
  • Hire: Clickboarding, Enboarder, Docusign, SAP
  • Select: Tableau, First Advantage, Infor, XRef, HireVue, AssessFirst, Pymetrics


Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • English
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises


  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

SmartRecruiter Support

Depending on your requirement, you can opt for three types of smartrecr support packages:

  • Standard – This package consists of access to an online help center. In this help center, users can find resources related to self-help tools, virtual training, and news of product updates. For customized information, users can contact support through the portal or email
  • Premium – With this package, users receive ongoing consultations and training and other types of advanced support.
  • Platinum – The highest available package, Platinum users get access to a dedicated Senior Support Agent and Senior Customer Success Manager, 24/7 global support. Users also enjoy the benefit of quick turnaround time and proactive account management.

SmartRecruiter Competitors

Here are some SmartRecruiter alternatives Toolsmetric recommend you to see before opting this software for your business :


Free Trial
Supported Devices
Cloud Hosted
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Mobile – Android Native
Mobile – iOS Native
On Premise
Open API
Language Support
Pricing Model
Monthly payment
Annual Subscription
In Person
Live Online
Customer Types
Small Business
Large Corporations
Medium Business
24/7 (Live Rep)
Knowledge Base
Phone support
Chat support
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Automation
Workflow builder
9.5 Total Score
ATS that allows you to keep on track with your hiring at ease

I can manage all of my hiring projects in one place, different levels of collaboration, integration with a huge variety of job boards, easily customisable. you can create all types of templates for different flows from rejection emails, to offer emails. integrates with other systems like video interviews or assessments which creates a smooth and easy flow.

9.5Expert Score
8.7User's score
  • I like the ease of sharing candidate and job info with internal employees and the simplicity of storing and updating all data within the system. SmartRecruiters integrates well with our other software and is an effective "one-stop shop" for our recruiting process.
  • It might feel a bit overwhelming with a lot of features that you don't necessarily use. there's lots of functionality which is great for bigger companies but which I personally don't use and they sometimes slow me down, though I totally understand the necessity of those.
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