Project Management Software and Tools

Project management can be termed as the use of skills, techniques, tools, and knowledge to create different processes for a specific project or a group of projects.

In layman’s terms, project management means creating a process to ensure you fulfill the objectives and goals of the project within a specified time and budget. It involves a perfect mix of planning, tracking, documentation, communication, and execution.

As companies are open to embracing new technologies, project management software has become increasingly popular. With a dazzling array of project management tools to choose from, determining which is the right software for your company can become a challenge.

This is why we have created the best project management software list for you. Continue reading to know more about project management and learn the ins and outs of project management software.



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2022 Best Project Management Software List

Project management is important for an organization as it saves valuable time and money. As technology continues to evolve, we have a myriad of project management tools at our disposal today.

Choosing the right software can become challenging for companies. This is why we have compiled the best project management software list to help you.

The project management software list we have created includes some of the best software solutions you can choose from to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Even the most experienced project managers can refer to our project management software list to stay on top of all the projects they are working on.

In this article, you can go through the project management software features comparison and conclude which is the best software for your projects.

Before we take a look at the project management software list, let’s understand what project management software is.

Let’s dive straight in.

What is project management software?

A project management software encompasses all tools and platforms which can be used by project managers and teams to organize, plan, and implement different strategies across all aspects of project management.

In a nutshell, the solutions included in our project management software list are made of applications and tools that are designed to help you work in a productive way.

Today, there are a wide variety of project management tools available in the market, right from personal to-do lists to “all-in-one do-it-all software that streamlines project management for businesses of all sizes.

ToolsMetric’s Picks the Best Project Management Software List for 2022

Today, there is a high demand for project management tools across different industries. Besides, a lot of companies are looking for project management solutions that come with a rich feature set.

Hence, it is a logical step to create the best project management software list.

If you are also looking for a project management software features comparison option, you can do that on ToolsMetric. You can choose the different project management tools in your mind and use the project management software features comparison function to determine which tool is an ideal fit for your organization.

Let’s take a look at our top picks in the best project management software list. is one of the most popular and flexible Work Operating Systems (Work OS) that enables project managers to leverage personalized functions to create the most efficient workflows without any coding.

Right from pinpoint product and project planning to basic task management, the solution can adjust according to your requirements and help you get your work done efficiently and seamlessly.

What does offer? Work OS offers the following features:

  • Automation functions that eliminate the need to perform recurring tasks.
  • The option to create and share forms with clients and other members of the team.
  • More than 100 pre-made templates to choose from to help you get started.
  • Different views of your projects including Gantt, Kanban, and more.
  • Over 40 integrations so that you can import data from other applications you use.

Pricing: pricing starts from $0 for the individual plan.

Microsoft Lists

While creating the best project management software list, it is impossible to miss out on Microsoft Lists.

Microsoft Lists is a part of the Microsoft 365 suite of work management applications. As the name suggests, it is primarily designed around how you can use lists.

Users have the option to create teams for instant collaboration and view all the lists that are created in the format of their choice including, grid, gallery, calendar, and more.

Microsoft Lists important features:

  • Ease of implementing list templates
  • Smart integrations with a bunch of Microsoft 365 products
  • Customizable views

Pricing: Starts from $5 per user/month

Google Tables

Google Tables is a relatively new tool that has made it to our project management software list.

It is a new tool available in Google Suites and a highly customizable platform that primarily focuses on creating automated workflows.

Google Tables important features:

  • Ability to collect customer information with integrated forms.
  • Triggers, automated actions, and reports with Bots.
  • Endless collaborators and workspaces.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $10 per user/month


If you choose to go on to perform a feature comparison of the best project management software, Quickbase will be at the top as far as agile project management is concerned.

Quickbase is a low-code application building software that is primarily designed to create agile project management workflows.

Quickbase important features:

  • Reporting suite to gain valuable data insights
  • System integration and data connection in real-time.
  • The low-code project management software allows teams to create and use customized applications as quickly as possible.

Pricing: get in touch with the vendor’s sales team to know more about the tool’s pricing.


Notion has made a name for itself as a reliable project management software for HR, engineering, and product development. It can be used by teams and companies of all sizes.

Notion important features:

  • Notion is highly focussed on document sharing which paves the way for team collaboration.
  • Different views outside the Kanban board
  • Kanban-style project and task management software.

Notion Pricing: Paid plans start from $4 per user/month

Best project management software list for Startups

Although startups sound like a cool word for small businesses, that is not the case. Startups are rapidly growing revenue-driven organizations that are looking to disrupt industries with new products and services.

If you are looking for a comparison of different features of project management software for startups, you have arrived at the right place.

Let’s take a look at the best project management software list for startups.


Paymo primarily includes features that primarily focus on billing, time tracking, and work management for small to mid-sized companies.

If you are looking for tools with the features mentioned above, Paymo is a good fit for you.

Paymo features:

  • Budgeting tools that are based on hourly rates or a fixed price.
  • Kanban board views and Gantt charts
  • Important path view which highlights the most important, earlier, and high priority tasks.

Pricing: from $9.95 per user/month


MeisterTask is a web-based Kanban-style project management software with a plethora of personalization and customization features.

MeisterTask important features:

  • Task limits for all team members to ensure they do not lose their focus,
  • Endless stages, and sections for project workflows.
  • Gantt chart-style and Kanban boards views for all projects.

Pricing: from $8.25 per user/month

Priority Matrix

There is a reason why Priority Matrix has made it to our best project management software list. It is because it utilizes the Eisenhower technique to organize, prioritize, and manage projects across different departments.

Priority Matrix important features:

  • Real-time project history updates and progress tracking
  • Filters and tags to look for collaborators and task types.
  • Visual categorization option with stars and icons to organize tasks.

Pricing: paid plans start from $8 per user/month

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is one of the best project management tools for project managers and project management power users.

It includes all the features you need to keep track of the development of all the projects. It is a very flexible solution and comes with a plethora of intuitive features including Milestones, File Storage, Time Tracking, Task Management, and more.

Teamwork Projects important features:

  • The application is easily accessible with Google Drive, DropBox, and
  • Project visualization features including Gantt charts, reports, and custom views.
  • It is flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with a bunch of other third-party applications.

Pricing: Premium plan starts at $18 per user/month


Trello makes it to our best project management software list for two reasons. One, it is unique from some of the other tools we have listed, and two, it is primarily an online Kanban tool.

Trello allows users to visualize the complete project in just a single view, making it easy to keep track of all the developments in a project.

Besides, users can move around the different cards on the ‘board’ according to their convenience. These cards show to-do lists, conversations, and other important components of a project. These cards can be easily accessed by designated tool users, facilitating seamless communication and project management.

Trello important features:

  • Trello is a simple and easy-to-use project management software for small teams and freelancers.
  • The Kanban-style project management tool provides a holistic view of the entire project.
  • Users can color-code and attach files or images to the cards and also invite other team members to collaborate with you for an interactive experience.

Pricing: from $9.99 per user for Business Class plan


Todoist is a very simple yet robust project management tool that allows you to create interactive to-do lists to manage tasks and projects.

One of the main goals of the company is to help individuals free up mental space by jotting down their tasks in one place, enabling them to think with a free state of mind.

Todoist important features:

  • Stay on top of all the tasks on your plate and never miss critical tasks.
  • The application puts forward the most important tasks at the right time so that it helps you focus on the things that matter most.
  • Users can divide their daily tasks and share the workload with other members of the team.

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $3 per month/power user

Some of the other solutions that are good alternatives to those mentioned in our project management software list for startups include, RationalPlan, Freedcamp, nTask, Hitask, SmartTask, and more.

Best project management software list for SMBs

There is small to mid-sized companies across different industrial sectors. Choosing an ideal software tool is a good way to stay ahead of the competition.

You can go through our project management software list to choose the right tool for your small to mid-sized business.


One of the main advantages of using TeamGantt is that it is one of the easiest project management tools in the market.

It is an amazing tool for beginners who do not have a lot of experience using a project management tool in the past.

The name gives away that the software is Gantt-heavy, which offers teams a simplified way to manage projects. The tool’s Gantt charts allow you to plan, manage, and organize your Gantt charts.

But why does TeamGantt feature in our best project management software list (8) for SMBs? Because it has a free version that is loaded with exceptional features that pave the way for seamless project management.

TeamGannt important features:

  • The drag and drop feature allows you to modify project deadlines, tweak timelines, and reorder tasks.
  • Users can see all their projects on a single screen making it easier to spot conflicts and problem areas.
  • The availability tab to organize and manage budgets and workloads

Pricing: free basic plan. Paid plans start from $19.90 per user/month


ProofHub enables companies to organize, deliver, and collaborate on different projects without any hassles.

Users have the ability to assign tasks to individuals, set deadlines, and also define the frequency of recurring tasks.

Similar to other options on our project management software list (16), ProofHub also provides different views including a calendar view, Kanban, and Gantt chart. All in all, the platform is a central place to save all your project-related files and data.

ProofHub important features:

  • Central discussion thread for all your projects and tasks
  • Calendar, Gantt chart, and Kanban board style view
  • Custom access and permissions to determine access levels


ClickUp is another project management tool that has caught our attention, and for a good reason.

The tool provides an array of customizable views including board view, list view, calendar view, and box view. With this tool, users can work toward their objectives, which can be found in the “mission control center”.

ClickUp important features:

  • Automated sprints
  • 2-way sync with Google Calendar and Toggl
  • Centralized document hub and built-in wiki

Pricing: Basic plan is free. Paid plans start from $5 per user/month


When you turn to project management software feature comparison, you will notice that Scoro is not as straightforward as some of the other tools on our project management software list.

Scoro is an advanced project management software that enables teams to manage reporting and all their tasks.

All tasks can be tracked, segregated into subtasks, assign to resources, and define deadlines for each task. It is also a great tool to create and send invoices, send bills, and quotations through the mobile application.

The reporting features are excellent and allow users to view project status reports, projects by accounts, and more.

Scoro important features:

  • Scoro offers excellent smart workflows to automate mundane tasks.
  • Customizable views that are in tune with different workflows and preferences of individual users.
  • Chart out tasks and projects with an interactive timeline view

Pricing: from $26 per user/month

Best project management software list for Enterprises


Workfront is one of the most popular customizable project management softwares in the market. This is one of the reasons why we have included Workfront in our best project management software list.

Some of the standard features include defining priorities to different tasks, assigning the same to certain team members, project management, and progress reviews.

Apart from automating your workflow, Workfront offers a centralized platform for digital collaboration and integration with a host of other services.

It is packed with a plethora of features that take your tech stack to a whole new level.

Workfront important features:

  • Intuitive and high-level dashboards and reporting capabilities to help you define company strategies and set priorities.
  • Resource management and forecasting to improve your project portfolio.
  • Budget management

Pricing: Get in touch with the vendor directly to know more about Workfront’s pricing plans.


Rocketlane is a cloud-based customer onboarding platform that allows your team to streamline and accelerate the implementation and onboarding of projects.

It is included in our list of the best project management software due to its ease of use, affordability, and rich feature set.

Rocketlane important features:

  • The platform provides a range of templates to ensure seamless execution of client onboarding projects.
  • It is one of the best client-facing portals for collaboration and project tracking.
  • The platform is integrated with document collaboration, communication, CSAT, and reminders features.


Accelo has labeled its product as “project management software for profitable projects.”

The tool is loved by many project managers and that is why we have included it in our best project management software list for enterprises.

The platform enables users to plan their projects, deliver client work, track their progress, and also automate repetitive processes. If you want a few conventional project management features, Accelo provides drag-and-drop Gantt charts as well.

Accelo important features:

  • The reporting function is excellent and allows you to harness important data related to all projects instantly.
  • The service retainer management module eliminates the headache of managing ongoing services and contracts with automation.
  • The project tracking system is impressive and allows you to take all your projects to the next level.

Pricing: paid plans start from $39 per user/month is one of the best project management software on our list and for a good reason.

Every project has a separate dashboard wherein you can see the status of each project, comments made by members of the team, payments, and all the important metrics of a project.

Besides, the discussion section allows you to have real-time conversations with internal members of your team and external stakeholders to track the progress of projects.

If you pick a tool and perform a project management software feature comparison, you will find very few tools that offer this desirable feature. important features:

  • Users can create and organize all tasks based on projects they are working on.
  • All tasks can be viewed in Kanban view, calendar view, list view, and scheduler view.
  • Uploading and saving files for every project is very straightforward.

Pricing: Starts from $10 per user/month


Ravetree is a centralized hub to save project information, files, budgeting, client information, and more.

The platform enables you to manage different projects by using a waterfall and agile methodologies. Users can also build multi-level approval flows to track timelines, expenses, and creative assets.

The client portal provides access to all your clients which helps them track the progress of their projects and campaigns.

Ravetree important features:

  • The client portal is excellent and offers your clients the ability to track the status of their and also review documents.
  • The task and project templates are very impressive and help users streamline their common tasks.
  • Checklists allow users to segregate tasks, break them down into action items, and complete them when required.

Pricing: Starts from $39 per use/month

Best project management software list for marketing teams

A marketing tool leverages the benefits of project management and applies the same across all your marketing channels. Besides, it aligns and unifies your strategies into a robust and effective workflow that yields results.


Robohead is one of the best project management software for agencies and creative teams. It enables you to manage projects right from its inception to completion with its wide range of features.

These features include approvals, project templates, multiple project views, conditional logic, request forms, and more.

If you are a marketing agency and looking for the best project management software on this list, Robohead is a good alternative.

Robohead important features:

  • The conditional logic feature displays all the fields that are required for every entry so that you collect only the data you really need.
  • Real-time notes allow you to stay connected with your team members and clients with the help of Notes.
  • The in-built approval and annotation features enable your clients and team members to offer feedback on all your creative deliverables.

Pricing: Get in touch with the vendor directly to get updated pricing information


Clarizen is a highly-rated portfolio and product management solution used by enterprises across the globe. It allows teams from around the world to streamline their work and reach their objectives seamlessly.

One of the areas where Clarizen can help you is goal sharing with an organization. This allows people to improve macro-level decision-making, fuse different work styles into a single framework, and accelerate the rate at which communication is being carried out.

Clarizen important features:

  • The intuitive interface offers one-click access to all your resources which allows you to manage all tasks on your list seamlessly.
  • The collaboration and communication features pave the way for pinpoint project planning and execution.
  • The automation features help you save time on mundane tasks

Pricing: Professional plan starts from $30 per user/month


CoSchedule Marketing Suite is made of 5 tools that enable users to organize their workflows, content, social media, and digital assets.

CoSchedule also comes with a blog and marketing calendar that helps users manage their strategies optimally.

CoSchedule important features:

The platform offers a unified calendar that provides real-time project updates.
CoSchedule is packed with content tools that optimize the different stages of the creation process.
Users can easily create automated workflows to complete complex and recurring tasks.

Pricing: paid plans start from $14 per user/month


Forecast is a smart automation tool that allows teams to manage their projects from start to finish. If you look at the project management software feature comparisons, you will notice that Forecast has a plethora of features that rely on artificial intelligence (AI).
The different AI-powered features allow users to determine the scope, duration, resource allocation, and other important aspects of a project in just a few clicks.

Besides, the resource utilization functionality allows teams to identify which resources are over or underutilized. This makes it one of the best project management software on this list.

Forecast important features:

  • Apart from project management, the platform can be used for financial and resource management.
  • Do not overspend and stay within your budget with project-specific retainers.
  • The Gantt style layout makes it to manage task and project deadlines.

Pricing: Pro plan starts from $49 per month


nTask is a highly rated project management tool by project managers working in large enterprises. Why?

If you go through the project management software feature comparison on review sites, you will notice that it has all the features to facilitate seamless team collaboration.

The tool is designed to ensure different teams working on a project can complete their tasks at a fast pace.

Besides, nTask also makes it to the best project management software list with Gantt style views. The Gantt charts are perfect for teams of all sizes.

nTask important features:

  • The tool is loaded with the best-in-class meeting features including discussion points, follow-up actions, sync recurring meetings, and more.
  • The issue management and tracking feature optimize your workflows
  • Risk management feature reduce the negative impact on tasks and team members.

Price: Paid plans start from $2.99 per user/month

Best project management software list for effective team communication

Transparent and concise communication between team members is very critical for a project to be successful.

Take a look at our best project management software list that provides the best features for seamless communication.


Basecamp is a cloud-based project management software that is filled up with a plethora of features for project management and team collaboration.

One of the top features includes to-do lists for tasks that are assigned to relevant users. The tool automatically will send follow-up notifications to remind you of deadlines.

In addition, Basecamp also comes with a real-time chat feature that facilitates team communication between team members and clients. Similar to some of the best project management software in this list, Basecamp can integrate with multiple tools for analysis, reporting, and tracking.

Basecamp important features:

  • The check-ins are automated
  • Users can create project schedules to stay on top of all their tasks
  • Documents and files related to the project can be uploaded so that all project participants are on the same page.

Pricing: The business plan starts at $99 per month


TimeCamp is a well-designed time-tracking system that paves the way for spotless project management. Apart from the incredible time-tracking features, TimeCamp also provides billing, invoicing, and reporting features.

It is one of the best project management software tools available for companies of all sizes.

When you make feature comparisons between different project management software, TimeCamp has an upper hand when it comes to time tracking and ease of use.

TimeCamp important features:

  • The tool is very easy to use and offers the most straightforward reporting features.
  • Users get an overview of the time data of different team members with just a click.
  • TimeCamp takes into account the time invested on different applications and websites to boost workplace productivity.

Pricing: Enterprise plan starts from $5.25 per user/month


Nifty is an excellent project management software for users who are looking for an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

The application allows users to centralize and modernize their work operations seamlessly. Besides, Nifty enables users to efficiently manage campaigns, projects, and tasks in different views such as Gantt and Kanban.

Nifty important features:

  • Users can use swimlane and Kanban views to get an overview of tasks.
  • Calendar management and real-time chat features play an important part in improving team collaboration.
  • Create and manage objective-driven sprints.

Nifty pricing: Starter plan starts from $39 per month.


Conceptboard is a cloud-based virtual collaboration tool that enhances project management and encourages collaboration.

Users can work in tandem with external partners, clients, and teams from across the world in an endless workspace, almost giving you a sense of being in the same room with them.

The tool can be easily integrated into your existing workflow, accelerating the pace of your project. It is powered by features that help you manage sprints and iterations.

Conceptboard important features:

  • The Scrum and Kanban board templates make it easy to implement workflows.
  • Iterations can be easily controlled with approval workflows and version control
  • Users can collaborate with each other using the real-time visual boards.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $6 per user/month


Zenkit is a sophisticated project management software that features a bunch of progressive web applications and public API which enable you to publish your projects in different ways.

The platform allows you to share your projects easily with teams and audiences easily to promote collaboration, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.

Zenkit is extremely adaptable to different project types and comes with core features of project management including scheduling, resource allocation, task management, database, CRM, budgeting, and reporting.

Zenkit important features:

  • Users can collaborate with each other in real-time via file sharing, chat, and comments.
  • You can use Gantt and Kanban charts interchangeably to view all projects.
  • You can assign partial task ownership with multi-level tasks that are in sync with your workflow.

Project management software feature comparison for 2022

With so many project management software on our list, it can be difficult to choose the right tool for your company.

Take a look at the table below to get an overview of the general features offered by the best project management software in our list.

Please note, we have not included all the project management solutions that are mentioned in this article.

Comparison features in a project management software

When you are choosing the best project management software from our list, there are a few features that you should consider.

Take a look at these features below.

Real-time employee collaboration

Project management software in our list provides communication tools that enable teams to discuss different tasks of a project in real-time.

These features allow team members to stay on the same page and address problems as they arise.

Document sharing

Almost all project management tools allow users to update and edit project reports and also create seamless processes for communication.

Cost management

A majority of project management software provides features that help project managers keep a check on project spending.

Risk management

Project management tools enable you to spot problem areas within a project, create forecasts, and also track budgets.


The best-in-class project management software in this list provides very flexible report formats which allow users to access data very easily.


Project management software should come with an intuitive user interface and amazing dashboards which add life to your data.

Current trends in project management

Remote teams will become more accepted

Gartner predicted that nearly 51% of knowledgeable workers will work remotely in the U.S. in 2021.

Today, a lot of contractors and permanent employees are working remotely as more and more companies are embracing the remote/hybrid work model.

While freelancers are turning to websites such as Fivver, Upwork, and, permanent employees are relying on enterprise-grade software solutions to ensure team communication, collaboration, and project management.

Looking at the current trends, it is safe to say that we are likely to see more and more remote workers around the world.

Challenges with bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

Another trend in the project management space that has caught our attention is bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Companies from different industries are allowing employees to use their personal devices for work purposes.

However, this trend puts forward a host of challenges for project managers as they need to ensure that the project management software is compatible with different devices.

Other barriers include improvements in security, creating new processes, and multiple images.


Almost all industries are currently undergoing digital transformation, companies are looking to work with employees with high project management technology quotient (PMTQ).

We predict that this trend will continue in the future across different industries in the future.

Project management software: Final words

We agree that investing in project management software is not inexpensive. However, the benefits of investing in the right software can reap great benefits.

Choosing the best project management software from our list can be confusing and seem a bit daunting in the beginning. However, with thorough research, you will be able to shortlist a few tools that tick most of the boxes from your wishlist.

After shortlisting a few names, it is time to make a decision and implement the tool with minimum hassles.

By now, you are well aware that once a project management software is implemented, it will simplify task management and lessen the burden for all the members working in your organization.

These tools organize your data and consolidate multiple projects on a single screen, making it easy to access valuable insights. Project management platforms save precious time and money and help you complete your projects rapidly well within your budget and stipulated deadlines.

Look for a project management solution that is adaptable to your evolving needs, business strategies, and plans.

ToolsMetric helps you find the best software solutions for your projects and business requirements. You can shortlist a bunch of tools, compare their features, go through their pricing plans, and arrive at a decision.

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