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Monday | Mondays Software
2 years ago no Comment
What is Monday? Monday was created to act as a cloud-based project management solution for companies for small to midsize businesses spanning across many industries. Mondays software helps companies manage their different projects as well as facilitate the sharing of knowledge among the company’s team members. Not only Monday product management aids collaboration among employees [...]
Paycor | Paycor HR
2 years ago no Comment
What is Paycor? Paycor is an integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) platform. It assists its users with recruitment, human resources, as well as payroll solutions. They have an all-in-one HRIS system that has the following which can be easily managed by users: Recruiting Onboarding Reporting Timekeeping Payroll Tax compliance The HCM technology of Paycor hr [...]
FreshTeam | Freshteam HRMS
2 years ago 2 Comments
What is Freshteam? Freshteam is an HRMS which is an integrated system that allows you to keep track of all employees and information about them. The data stored here can range from employee demographics, leave tracking, to performance evaluation. Along with having an up-to-date database of your staff, an HRM system can be beneficial in [...]
2 years ago no Comment
What is Recruiterbox? Recruiterbox is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that companies use because it simplifies complex hiring processes and a lot more efficient giving results faster. The application was designed for use in small and medium-sized companies. Using the application, recruiters can create and manage new job openings and finish the whole hiring process [...]
3 years ago no Comment
[wpsm_inline_list][contents h2][/wpsm_inline_list] Businesses looking for a great marketing automation software with useful digital marketing tools can opt for DailyStory. It offers turn-key solutions for small businesses in order to increase their customer engagement. The easy-to-use platform simple features such as email marketing, contact management, search engine marketing, etc. Now organizations can get better insights into [...]
3 years ago 1 Comment
[wpsm_inline_list][contents h2][/wpsm_inline_list] ExactTarget is designed to help businesses build and manage customer relationships and their journeys. The tool’s main power is to create brand relationships along multiple channels. This will help businesses connect better with their customers. ExactTarget is regarded as a powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform. The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud helps users to make [...]
SmartRecruiter | Smartrecr
3 years ago no Comment
ConvertKit | ConvertKit Email Marketing
3 years ago no Comment
What is ConvertKit? Currently, email marketing is ruling the marketing industry by providing a great return on investment to businesses. Some studies indicate that businesses can receive an average return of up to $44 for each $1 spent on email marketing. In such an industry, ConvertKit, arguably one of the best email marketing tools, becomes [...]
Sage Intacct | Sage Intacct Reviews
3 years ago 1 Comment
What is Sage Intacct ? Part of its ever-increasing software kit, Intacct, as many other tools provided by Sage, is great web-based accounting software. Suitable for small and midsize companies, Sage Intacct provides real-time financial and operational insights as well as ensuring businesses are able to automate critical processes. Hence, this software is especially useful [...]
3 years ago no Comment
[wpsm_inline_list][contents h2][/wpsm_inline_list] Intercom is a platform for customer communication that works utilizing user intelligence and behavioral targeting. It helps businesses benefit from customer communication by understanding their responses and improving their processes. The marketing automation software gives users insights into who is using the company product. It then provides tools that send personal communicators to [...]
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