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What is Nimble ?

Nimble is a popular CRM software based on Nimble CRM Reviews. Claimed to be an insightful and simple relationship manager. It is created to help professionals and businesses. That builds better work relationships in multi-channel and complex company processes. It consists of a smart and quick way to monitor, engage, and nurture business contacts. This provides much-needed context to conversations.

Use of Nimble Software

The Nimble app brings together your contacts, communications, calendar, and collaborations in one easy-to-use simple platform. Thus getting information from most popular social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter become easy. Then automatically link this feature to your business contacts simpler. Nimble software also offers a browser widget and mobile-based sales force automation. It also provides social CRM solutions for small and midsize businesses. The tool automatically populates interaction histories and customer profiles from contact lists. Also email conversations, and social media activity across a range of popular platforms.

Instead of going from one application to another to find solution. Small businesses or companies now have one single solution to help them find individuals and companies relevant to their business. Irrespective of whether they are online or not. It allows companies to listen and engage with those contacts in various ways, and nurture relationships that can lead to better opportunities. The software also includes integrated social listening to keep customer profiles updated. This allows businesses to track which contacts are mentioning, following, or engaging with them. Also, who are celebrating milestones such as birthdays which in turn creates valuable opportunities for informed outreach? With Nimble CRM, you get smarter engagement, and that too at a super-fast rate.

Vendor Details

  • Company: Nimble
  • Website:
  • Founded in 2009
  • United States

Applications of Nimble CRM

To expand your business

The more customers you have, the more workload your employees will have to deal with. So hiring new employees means an increase in labor costs, renting a new office, acquiring new equipment, etc. Alternatively, you can look for a more cost-efficient optimization option, and implementing Nimble CRM software is one of them.

To optimize your employees’ work

Nimble CRM system unifies customer information among your employees as efficiently as possible, in real-time. So team won’t have to waste countless hours searching lead information, the contact information on potential customers.

To grow your business sales

If you’re not seeing the sales results that you desire, ineffective marketing campaigns and a lack of customer service may be impacting your progress. Nimble Social CRM can help optimize these processes while letting you focus on building better relationships with current or potential customers.

To automate your business processes

Not a single enterprise can function properly without having some automation today. Automating routine tasks such as data entry and deal management can improve your employees’ productivity and boost overall sales. Besides, an algorithm like Nimble CRM won’t ever let you down, unlike an inattentive or inexperienced employee.

Nimble Pricing

Nimble CRM pricing plan offers a 14-day trial, which does not require your account details. After the trial, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. The plans for paid subscription are as follows: 

Nimble Contact – $9/user per month (billed annually) or $12/user per month.

  • Contact Management for Teams
  • Storage: 1 GB/User
  • Nimble Prospector: 10 credits/user/month
  • Email Templates: 3/user
  • Unified Message Inbox
  • Today Page Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Activity and Task Management
  • Nimble Smart Contacts App
  • Calendar Sync
  • Social Profile Match

  • Individual Email Tracking
  • Included Integrations
  • Email Signature Capture
  • Mobile Business Card Scanner
  • 5,000 Contact Records
  • Up to 5 User Licenses
  • Email Message Syncing 30 day rolling storage
  • 5,000 Records Import Contact Limit
  • 5 Custom Fields
  • 10 Saved Search Segments

Nimble Business –  $19/user per month (billed annually) or $25/user per month

  • Social Sales & Marketing CRM
  • Storage: 2 GB/User
  • Nimble Prospector: 25 credits/user/month
  • Group Messages: 100/user/day
  • Unlimited Email Templates
  • Unified Message Inbox
  • Deal Pipeline Management
  • Sales Forecasts & Reports
  • Social Media Signals
  • Today Page Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Activity and Task Management
  • Nimble Smart Contacts App

  • Calendar Sync
  • Social Profile Match
  • Individual Email Tracking
  • Included Integrations
  • Email Signature Capture
  • Mobile Business Card Scanner
  • 25,000 Contact Records
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • Email Message Syncing Unlimited
  • Import Contact Unlimited
  • Custom Fields Unlimited
  • API

Features of Nimble CRM

  • Best Contact Management for a multi-channel, complex business
  • The rich in detail all-inclusive contact record on the platform
  • Automagic contact import – just enter email and see the magic unfold
  • Social listening and engagement results in new leads
  • Share effortlessly with employees or teams
  • Categorize with the tool’s handy tags and searches
  • Search all social media streams right from Nimble
  • Last Contacted feature allows staying in touch
  • Schedule events as well as coordinate calendars

  • User-friendly, easy-to-manage deals
  • Extend Nimble with more than a hundred integrated work tools
  • Set reminders to regularly touch base for establishing relationships
  • All the contact history you need on One screen
  • A truly unified inbox, which includes social communications
  • Laser focus on your actionable insights
  • Sales Pipeline tracking and reporting
  • Assign tasks to yourself, employees, and team members
  • Automatically integrate various parts of your business life

Who Can Use Nimble CRM?

  1.     Startups

Zero tolerance for complexity, no time for a steep learning curve, startups have very clear expectations from business software and Nimble CRM understand this. It is easy to use, intuitive, and designed with features to help the business scale quickly.

  1.     Small businesses

Today you’re a small business, but you won’t remain small forever. You cannot afford to spend like an enterprise on CRM software; at the same time, your size shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying CRM’s benefits. You can set yourself up for sustainable growth with a Nimble CRM which provides extensive features at affordable prices.

  1.     Enterprises

In business you’re always looking to close deals; when you’re an enterprise business you want to close big. This means more sales teams, a wider casting net, and more opportunities. A nimble CRM system is indispensable for any enterprise that wants to bring order, clarity, and a sense of purpose to its sales process.

  1.     Sales reps

Figuring out if a lead is hot/warm/cold, reviewing previous conversations with a customer. Then assessing this month’s sales pipeline and logging calls. Afterward sending emails and tracking them. These are just some of the many uses that Nimble CRM software has for sales reps. In its truest form the sales rep is the biggest beneficiary of this CRM system.

  1.     Sales managers

If reps need insights into their leads. Then sales managers need all the insights they can get on their reps. A nimble CRM system helps managers to pull up template reports and create custom reports. This helps with their exclusive use cases. Whether it’s about tracking sales activities like calls made. Or sending emails or evaluating sales performance. This Nimble CRM software can dig deep into data.

Pros and cons

  • Quick import of social media data.
  • Easy to navigate and use, great customer support.
  • Easy to work collaboratively with other team members.
  • Ease of use and the fact that it linked to social media

  • No quality control
  • No customer support point
  • Constant changes in the software causing confusion among users

Nimble Integration

Nimble as a tool has a range of interactions that helps the software to work in a more fictionalized manner. Some of the tool’s integrations include:


Free Trial

  • Yes


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile – Android Native
  • Mobile – iOS Native

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Free
  • Monthly & annual payment


Nimble Support

Nimble CRM is one such management system that provides training and support to users for hassle-free usage. The functionalities of the Nimble tool are easy to handle and with the on-time support. The management then becomes all the simpler.

  • Online
  • Business Hours

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