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What is ERPNext? ERPNext is an open-source enterprise resource planning software. It is a web-based platform aimed at helping businesses of all sizes with a number of operational functions to optimize efficiency within their workplace. This software assists company with accounting, project and task management, sales, purchase, inventory, customer relationship management, administration, human resource management, [...]
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What is Freshmail? With FreshMail, the users can create newsletters and track and send messages to their customers. The email marketing tool was developed by award-winning artists. The designer for FreshMail speaks highly of beautiful email templates that come with a unique template editor. All companies using this email marketing software are able to create [...]
Nutshell | Nushell CRM
2 years ago 4 Comments
What is NutShell ? Nutshell CRM is a software that gives it the required tools and features they require to convert leads into customers. It gives you capabilities such as sales automation, pipeline management, contact management, performance tracking and reporting, and team collaboration. Its well knew that Nutshell company also offers world-class customer support. The [...]
SugarCRM | Sugar CRM
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What is SugarCRM ? SugarCRM is a private Customer Relationship Management Software services provider. It is a commercial open-source software application company. It was introduced in 2004 in California, USA. Founded in 2004 by John Roberts, Jacob Taylor, and Clint Oram. SugarCRM software rose in popularity because it gave the most adaptable, affordable, and user-friendly [...]
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What is Agile CRM ? Agile CRM is an all-in-one customer relationship management solution that offers onboarding sales, service, and marketing automation on a single platform. Small and medium-sized businesses that require features such as sales tracking, web analytics, contact management, telephony, and emails find this management CRM very useful. It is a clean and [...]
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What is SYSPRO? SYSPRO is an enterprise resource planning solutions software that supports the integration, control, and synchronization of the manufacturing process for both long and short production runs. The solution offers a choice between on-premise and cloud-based deployment. SYSPRO accounting system is a powerful enterprise resource planning platform designed to help businesses, specifically in [...]
Constant Contact | Constant Contact CRM
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What is Constant Contact? Constant Contact is an easy-to-use email marketing tools that help companies increase their subscribers by attracting new customers while retaining old ones. With its cost-effective and flexible options, it offers over a hundred templates and various methods of managing contacts. The constant contact email marketing software has also integrated social media with [...]
Workday | Workday Target
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What is Workday Financial? Workday Financials is a financial reporting software that is built on an adaptive, global foundation. It provides organizations with financial management capabilities that can be expected from a cloud solution. It is more than just managing financial processes that will give greater insight, or improvement of financial consolidation, and the reduction [...]
iTrent | iTrent HR | iTrent HRMS
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What is iTrent? iTrent by MHR is an HR management solution that offers a number of applications to the users. MHR is a company that has been in business for over 30 years. It offers a web-based program that is exclusively deployed to the UK market. This web-based program currently supports more than 5% of [...]
iContact | iContact Email Marketing
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What is iContact? iContact is an email marketing software that makes email marketing for companies simpler cost-effective. It also avails marketing automation for better output of email campaigns. The main feature of iContact email is it’s the marketing automation suite that is loaded with advanced marketing features. This is inclusive of high-end email marketing tools, [...]
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