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What is Insightly ?

Insightly CRM is a is web-based, with no server or desktop version available for download, customer relationship management, and lead management tool. It is directed at small and midsized companies as Insightly pricing is affordable to them. The user interface Insight app provides is easy to learn. The main goal is to structure lots of incoming customer and sales data. This data can be recalled both inside the Insightly app as well as be fed to other applications in the user’s portfolio. The insight clinicient comes with a set of features that are directed toward task management and tracking. These features are extended on the mobile application as well. This means the user may not need to integrate their Insightly account with their project management tool.

Use of Insightly CRM

There are a lot of customizations and integrations available on Insightly software. It cannot handle all aspects of your business from within the application. It does not offer custom reports and dashboards either. Support for Insightly Free CRM is offered through either email, webinars, online, or training documents. There are two main segments to the Insight app, the CRM segment, and the project management segment.

The former enables users to manage their contacts and schedule their events. Insightly users can tag and annotate leads as well. Besides the customization features, users can also share files, track sales opportunities, and view their reports. One can also link related projects, contacts, and opportunities with each other using Insightly.

The latter component allows its users to create tasks and benchmarks for projects. Users can now set and send automatic email reminders to their team members with this relationship management tool. They can also monitor all the correspondence done via email. Insightly customers have the ability to track how a project is progressing, view its reports as well as share the project-related files.

Vendor Details

  • Company name: Insightly
  • Website:
  • Founded in the year: 2010
  • Country of development: United States of America

Key Metrics of Insightly

The main applications and features of Insightly CRM revolve around creating and maintaining relationships with any customer, along with tracking the strength of these relationships over time and discovering all the connections with the help of relationship mapping. The key metrics of Insightly CRM software include:

Relationship Linking

Relationship building with customers involves understanding the complexities of their interactions with the company’s teammates, bosses, and partners. What Insightly CRM software does is it maps these relationships to understand them with the help of its flexible record linking functionality. All the customers, emails, and other records can be ‘linked’ to contacts in your database. This allows the user to determine these relationships, and it also helps to create a much clearer view of the organization’s structure and informal networks.

Sales Acceleration

With the help of Insightly’s sales acceleration feature, the user can now distribute leads to the right reps by using automated lead capture and routing. This enables users to close more deals in less time with fewer clicks, along with workflow automation. The user can also manage opportunities and send tracked emails to prospective customers in a matter of a couple of clicks.

Lead routing

The lead information that Insightly can track includes:

  • Timelines of marketing campaigns
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Meetings and tasks

The lead route leads to the right person in real-time. This enables the sales reps to follow up on these Insightly leads while they’re still hot.

Workflow automation

Users can now create complex and multi-step business processes. Insightly workflow automation lets its customers:

  • send email alerts
  • create or update records
  • generate tasks for others when opportunities are won
  • execute custom business logic that helps sync external systems from SAP, Oracle, and others

Send, track, and save emails

Creating and sending out individual as well as bulk emails to contact lists is easy with Insightly free. One can now track email delivery to customers in real-time as well as monitor open and click statistics for any and all email templates. One can even receive notifications when emails are opened.

Manage projects and delivery

Now users do not have to worry about losing data when they convert won opportunities to projects. The project management and delivery options let Insightly small business users:

  • Track milestones
  • Manage processes
  • Integrate with external systems to ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction

Streamline business processes

Insightly’s features enable its users to:

  • Build and deploy custom applications across web and mobile with ease
  • Capture data from customers or external systems with custom objects
  • Create relationships with the captured data to information already stored using relationship linking

Model, capture, and manage any data set

Users can now set permissions and visibility for records and edit the accessibility of data by business role or department. They can also schedule and run reports from anywhere.

Build and deploy custom apps

Insightly enables complete customization with the option to build custom apps for your business. The application will include:

  • validation rules
  • Calculated fields
  • Workflow automation
  • Dashboards
  • Reports.

These custom-built apps will then be deployed for employees to use across the web and mobile phones within minutes, all without writing any code.

Design dashboards and track important metrics

It is easy to create beautiful data visualizations to discover insights and chart progress to track business goals. One can produce and share Insightly dashboards and reports with other team members with ease. Insightly also has built-in governance as well as security.

Mobile Applications for Insightly

The mobile app is available for download for both Android and iOS. The features of the CRM software’s mobile application are:

  • Scan business cards
  • Update projects in real-time
  • Create and move opportunities along

Insightly Security

Insightly works with customers on a daily basis to make sure that their data security requirements are being met. The security features of Insightly CRM software include:

  • Assessed independently for SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • Single-sign-on via industry-standard authentication protocols
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield
  • GDPR Compliance

Insightly Pricing

There are tiers of pricing plans available based on the customer’s requirement of the features of CRM software. There is a free trial for Insightly CRM available for 14 days where the user has access to the advanced features in the Professional Plan. The subscription is billed either monthly or annually, and the features vary on the type of plan purchased.

  • Plus Plan – $29/month per user billed annually or $35/month per user billed monthly
  • Professional Plan – $49/month per user billed annually or $59/month per user billed monthly
  • Enterprise Plan – $99/month per user billed annually or $129/month per user billed monthly

Insightly Features

  • Flexible Calendaring and Events
  • Automatic Address Book
  • Insightly Notes, Evernotes, and Comments
  • Fast Search
  • Custom Fields and Filters
  • File Share option to keep related records together and accessible
  • Web to Contact forms
  • Tags by keywords, contacts, projects
  • Notification and Follow System
  • Linking
  • Mass Email Contacts with Insightly MailChimp Integration
  • Create Milestones, Pipelines, and Tasks for Projects
  • Get Automatic Email Reminders
  • Specify Roles for Contacts
  • Track All Email Correspondence
  • View Completed Tasks and Events by Project
  • Include Any Files Associated with the Project
  • View Task and Event Reports
  • Easy file uploads
  • Google Apps & Insightly Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • Insightly WordPress
  • Other applications via the Insightly API

  • Dashboard for quick lookups
  • Tasks and Milestones
  • Pipeline Activity Sets
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Easy to invite new users
  • Set up teams
  • Create user permissions
  • Set up relationships, pipelines, and activity sets
  • Add custom fields
  • 128bit SSL security (military-grade AES-256 encryption)
  • Automatic backups
  • Mobile site
  • iOS and Android app
  • Auto-detection of email address, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Single-click to see contact’s public online information
  • REST-based Application Programming Interface (API)
  • JSON and XML support
  • Limited OData support
  • HTTP Basic authentication to monitor calls to API
  • Partnership with Logical Operations
  • Simple, clear training course materials
  • Unlimited customer support

Pros and cons

  • Easy to use interface
  • Contact management is much simpler than many other CRM systems
  • Easy integration with Google, Outlook, WordPress, and more

  • Reporting features could be improved
  • Sorting is a bit tedious

Insightly Integration

One of the most important things while choosing CRM software for your company is to see that the software integrates with other applications the business is currently using. Following are a few applications that Insightly integrates with:


Free Trial: Yes


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Mobile – Android Native
  • Mobile – iOS Native



  • Online
  • Business Hours

Insightly Support

Based on the plan, the support options provided by Insightly vary. The following are the options available to Insightly users:

  • Phone support
  • Customer success manager
  • Email support
  • Training sessions
  • Proactive account reviews
  • Priority access to new features

  • Customer advisory board
  • Dashboard workshop
  • Customer experience mapping
  • Admin team for daily support
  • Personalized account configuration

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