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What is Recruiterbox?

Recruiterbox is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that companies use because it simplifies complex hiring processes and a lot more efficient giving results faster. The application was designed for use in small and medium-sized companies. Using the application, recruiters can create and manage new job openings and finish the whole hiring process with nothing more than a few simple steps in a much more organized manner.

This platform comes with a complete suite applicant tracking system that starts from sharing and managing job openings to handling potential candidates, sourcing them, managing accounts as well as reporting functions. 

Users can also use Recruiterbox software to create an integrated candidate database. One can simultaneously communicate with multiple candidates as well when using this application. It becomes easy to keep a clean database that is free from multiple entries using its email scanning and flagging function, and then also do bulk uploading as well as parsing.

Recruiterbox can also be used to seamlessly integrate with all the popular social media channels. This helps employers market their job openings and reach out to a wider audience across LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, among other sites. This enables employers to accept their applications directly from these social media channels.

Most of the Recruiterbox features can be customized to fit all the company’s HR needs. It is possible to configure all evaluation templates and create a pre-formatted set of questions that will help interviewers in ranking their candidates. One can also collaborate between the company’s in-house and external recruiters. There is access provided for all the team members and they can easily exchange feedback after they interview the candidates. It is possible to create recruitment productivity reports which will help determine areas of improvement for hiring practices as well.

Vendor details

  • Company : Recruiterbox
  • Website:
  • Founded in 2009
  • Offices in: Seattle, Washington, US, Denver, Colorado, US and Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Key Metrics of Recruiterbox

Ease of Use

In today’s market, Recruiterbox application is one of the easiest ATS to use because administrators and hiring managers can go through all aspects of the hiring process without any training. This includes posting reviews or moving all the candidates through the company’s workflow, exchanging emails with the candidates who applied as well as fellow recruiters and also scheduling interviews. Organizations can save time when they use Recruiterbox and also reap the benefits of the quickness of the completion of their hiring process.

Barrier-Free Collaboration

Recruiterbox lets hiring managers as well as non-recruiters participate in the hiring process without any restrictions. All the members of the team can easily send hiring managers all the required notifications about the interviews, other schedules, leave reviews, and they can also send out emails to candidates. 

Efficient Candidate Sourcing

Users can personalize their career sites using Recruiterbox as well as create candidate profiles automatically from uploads and emails. The recruiters can also post to a number of free and paid job boards. Users get fully integrated workflows that they can create with third-party recruiting agencies as well. Recruiterbox enables its users to generate multiple reports which will help them in finding better ways to get the perfect candidates for the job role.

Seamless Collaboration

There are a recruiter and super admin accounts in Recruiterbox where you can manage access for users where they can share internal notes as well as assign tasks and interviews. There is no need to sign up for interviewers if they need access to the system and they get email notifications to help them stay updated. Recruiterbox also helps in smoothing out all workflow collaborations with the help of recruiting productivity reports. It gives space for personalization of member roles as well as permissions. Users can also share task delegation. The application also supports message attachments, search function, as well as labeling to help with data management.

Unlimited Jobs & Candidates

It is possible for recruiters to post an unlimited number of jobs to popular job boards. This way the company can receive unlimited numbers of candidates, improving the quality of the access recruiters have to the best candidates. Since Recruiterbox gives unrestricted access to its users, there’s no way the recruiters can miss out on a qualified candidate.

Productive Interviews

Recruiterbox is very flexible as a candidate management system because it supports a lot of calendar integrations as well as reminders and it also gives recruiters custom structured evaluation templates that will help them achieve consistent feedback. It is also possible to personalize the available email templates to help recruiters with messaging various candidates based on the available job categories. Recruiterbox also comes with autoresponders and notifications. This way team members can share private conversations while the recruitment process is still going on. 

Integrations and Open API

Recruiterbox comes with integrations with all popular enterprise applications. It integrates with email, calendars, and other programs that are used for hiring in HR. It also has an open API feature to help elevate recruitment processes. This can be done by integrating Recruiterbox into all key business systems whenever it is needed.

Candidate Tracking 

Recruiterbox eliminates all manual processes of job candidates which is done through Excel or Google Spreadsheets, which can be inefficient and time-consuming because of any missteps that a recruiter might take. Recruiterbox comes with automated workflows, which will make sure that every step in the current hiring process is correctly done in a timely manner.

Improve the Number of Job Applicants

Job boards are a time consuming and expensive means to gain applicants. Recruiters often have to go from board to board to track all the candidates, their usernames and passwords as well as job descriptions. Recruiterbox has integrations that help with posting across the most popular job boards so that recruiters can post jobs in no more than a minute and begin the candidate gathering process, improving the speed at which vacant posts are filled up. This way recruiters can maintain their operations within the targets.

Hiring Compliance

Staying compliant is a task for any company but when recruiters use Recruiterbox, they have access to the available compliance reporting with the application and maintain all compliant hiring workflows. 

Recruiterbox Features

  • Resume management
  • Application tracking system
  • Centralized candidate database
  • Customizable recruitment workflow
  • Track the current status of the applicant 
  • Questionnaires
  • Archive all the applicants
  • Centralized communication
  • Widget for jobs
  • Mobile-friendly careers site
  • Customizable application forms
  • Openings API
  • Collaborative recruiting
  • Assign different stages
  • Share notes & evaluations internally
  • Create & delegate tasks across the platform
  • Attach documents to candidates
  • Share candidates and reports with team members
  • Manage user roles & permissions
  • Recruitment automation

  • Replicate all the recruitment workflow
  • Notifications and alerts for all team members
  • Auto-response generation for the candidates
  • Software integrations
  • Bulk uploads for resume
  • Social media sharing
  • Email forwarding
  • Free job search engine syndication
  • Broadcast for openings
  • Referrals
  • Promote openings with paid placements
  • External Recruiters
  • Export of data to Microsoft Excel
  • Source Reports
  • EEOC Compliance
  • Schedule all the interviews
  • Calendar integration
  • Collect all the feedback from the interviews
  • Classified hiring information
  • Data security

Recruiterbox Pricing

Recruiterbox does not come with a free trial for its users. The application has three subscription enterprise packages, Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus. The Starter pack comes for $199, the Pro package was for $279 and the Pro Plus comes for $309. The application is being billed annually. 

Starter: $199 (billed annually):

The Starter package comes with the following features:

  • Centralized Candidate Profiles
  • Posting abilities for the most popular job boards
  • Unlimited job openings
  • Evaluations and reviews without having to log in
  • Integration with calendars
  • Email templates

  • Inclusion provisions for unlimited collaborators
  • The ability to customize the careers page
  • Recruiters can accept unlimited candidates
  • Customizable workflows
  • Creation of basic reports and analytics

Pro: $279 (billed annually)

The Pro package has all the features from the Starter plan along with the following features:

  • Links to social media presence
  • Portal for all external recruiting agencies
  • Sourcing extension
  • Self-scheduling for interviews
  • Personalized integration for a careers page

  • Email white-labeling
  • Integration for background checks 
  • EEOC workflows & reporting
  • Full suite to create reports and analytics

Pro Plus: $309 (billed annually)

The Pro Plus plan comes with all the features from the Pro plan, along with the following:

  • Single sign-on
  • Automated report delivery
  • Employee referral workflows

  • HRIS integrations
  • Open API
  • Integration with Slack 

Recruiterbox Pros and cons

Just like any other software, there are a few disadvantages to this tool too. Based on the feedback shared by the users, we have compiled a list of pros and cons.

  • The application comes with easy integrations with email and has a quick and easy setup
  • The software comes with ease of use 
  • One can track applicants throughout the hiring process easily
  • The interface is attractive and easily adjustable
  • The interface is also very intuitive

  • The UX is easy to use but a little outdated
  • It becomes a little difficult to find the opening users want if there are too many in number
  • There is usually difficulty with the reminders to follow up with all existing emails

Recruiterbox Integrations

Recruiterbox integrates with a lot of business systems and applications such as:

  • Slack
  • Gmail
  • Checkr
  • Quickbooks
  • Trakstar


Devices Supported

Recruiterbox works with the following systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac 

It is also a web-based application.


The application is available and can be hosted on the Cloud but it is also available on-premise and comes with an open API.

Language Support

Recruiterbox is available in many languages such as English, German, Hindi, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Pricing Model

The pricing comes as an annual subscription with a monthly payment option. It is only available on a quote basis.

Customer Types

The application works best with small businesses as well as medium-sized businesses and also works for freelancers.


Recruiterbox Support

Recruiterbox offers support via email and it also comes with live support. The application also comes with training for users as well as tickets.

Awards/ Accolades/ Certifications

Recruiterbox has been awarded a lot of awards in the past year in various categories, such as:

  • Expert’s Choice Award in 2019 by Finances Online
  • Great User Experience Award in 2019 by Finances Online
  • Supreme Software Award in 2019 by Finances Online

Recruiterbox Competitors

Here are some Recruiterbox alternatives Toolsmetric recommend you to see before opting this software for your business :

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Open API
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Monthly payment
Annual Subscription
In Person
Live Online
Customer Types
Small Business
Large Corporations
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24/7 (Live Rep)
Knowledge Base
Phone support
Chat support
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Automation
Workflow builder
9 Total Score
Recruiterbox is easy to use and offers great set of features

9Expert Score
8.7User's score
  • Recruiterbox is a software that is really easy to use and can be used by anyone. It comes with a great set of features as well that helps making the entire recruitment process smooth. The best part of this application is that it always adds new features and integrations to create a dynamic platform for all the users. It comes with a lot of tools that help with collaboration among team members and also helps me screen all my candidates quickly and effectively.
  • The embedded job widget that is available on the website could use improvement as well as the interview scheduling tool. We feel like there is a need for a better search option for filtering tools. It would be of great help if I also had a tool where I could select the availability of all my candidates and schedule their interviews instead of using Google Appointment which does not come as an integration with Recruiterbox.
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