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What is SugarCRM ?

SugarCRM is a private Customer Relationship Management Software services provider. It is a commercial open-source software application company. It was introduced in 2004 in California, USA. Founded in 2004 by John Roberts, Jacob Taylor, and Clint Oram. SugarCRM software rose in popularity because it gave the most adaptable, affordable, and user-friendly customer relationship management solutions. This helped its customers by giving them fast and progressive growth to its customers’ businesses.

SugarCRM Business Model

SugarCRM enterprise practices a two-tiered business model. This helps them maintain a symbiotic relationship between keeping a viable company and delivering benefits to customers that are usually attributed to open source software solutions. After giving the basic customer open source CRM software, SugarCRM sells four more editions to the consumer which only gets progressively more expensive. They have additional features to help companies achieve their maximum customer relationship management potential.

SugarCRM company has won many awards such as CRM Product of the Year 2016, PCMag Business Choice Award: CRM 2015, and so on. The company has won over many customers and gained brilliant brand equity, all because of the brilliant teamwork and consistent effort put in by the company’s members. SugarCRM pans over 120 different countries. It is used by more than 2 million individuals in the whole world. The main reason for the company’s success is it is providing the best buying experience to its customers. Companies such as HTC, IBM, Audi, ZURICH, etc. are also using CRM services from SugarCRM.

Vendor Details

  • Company: SugarCRM
  • Website:
  • Founded in 2004
  • United States of America

Key Metrics of SugarCRM

SugarCRM system is more than just a standard communication for hubs. It is more than just a single agent doing his job halfway and expecting complete success in the process. SugarCRM is a complex system that understands what customers need. This is done based on what they say and doesn’t say. Companies find this helpful because they can get the data they need to develop advanced engagement strategies which in turn would result in flourishing relationships.

The following are the main benefits and applications of SugarCRM:

Engagement for the Entire Team

As a customer, dealing with ten people in customer services before you can find the right one to solve your query can get frustrating. For a company, this is a waste of potential in an employee. Transferring calls until the customer reaches the relevant person is both tedious and unproductive.

The solution that SugarCRM features provide for this problem is that it exposes the issue and at the same time involves the company’s customers in the very process of their communication. There are over eight personas available for use in the system. It starts with the main administrator and reaches all the way to every account and support representative that is in charge of different campaigns and different communication channels as well.

All the channels operate on a single platform. They are programmed in a way to collaborate and to use the data that is available in a centralized repository. This centralized repository is where contacts’ behavior is automatically tracked.

Practical campaigns

Users have the ability to create, execute, and track their marketing campaigns using several channels with the Campaign Wizard. This is one of the main features of SugarCRM marketing automation. Campaign Wizard also manages to capture and collate leads in its system. It then distributes personalized web-to-load forms as well as similar engagement programs. Agents mainly use Campaign Wizard to evaluate their leads. Then, it consequently assigns these leads to the most suitable agents

Contact management

SugarCRM CRM attaches all associated information of all the company’s listed contacts to their profiles. This includes detailed behavior hints that are not easily possible by humans. Editing these details is just as nifty as adding them to create accounts, and it gets done in just a few clicks.

After filling the contact page, SugarCRM software also helps with the modification of documents and notes in any possible way, attach large files, star and tag contacts to make them easier to tag, and also help the user prioritize the most important one among them. There is also the bulk editing capacity feature to save time. It is also possible to create and export a target list to as many integrated apps as necessary. SugarCRM’s multi-currency and multilingual nature makes it possible to reach audiences wherever they may be.

Intelligent reporting

SugarCRM’s reporting summarizes the effects of performance, forecasts trends, and detects potential issues. It is possible to create as many visualization dashboards as needed to represent data accurately. They can be modified as well by adjusting the module and the type with a variety of search filters and parameters that are available for selection.

Sugar Mobile Application

The Sugar Mobile app makes the service available to customers on the go. Managers can track performance, increase campaign reach, even when they are out.

SugarCRM Pricing

The SugarCRM pricing plans vary depending on the edition of the SugarCRM tool. There is a free trial option available for SugarCRM as well. The plans given are on a monthly basis but the subscription is annual.

  • $52 per user/month, For SugarCRM Professional Edition
  • $85 per user/month, For SugarCRM Enterprise Edition
  • $80 per user/month, For Sugar Serve Edition
  • $80 per user/month, For Sugar Sell Edition
  • $1000 per user/month, For SugarCRM Ultimate Edition

Features of SugarCRM

  • Cloud computing
  • CRM dashboards
  • Sales dashboards
  • CRM analytics
  • Templates for email
  • Invoicing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Purchase order management
  • Capturing leads from Twitter and Facebook
  • Developer API
  • Social CRM
  • Territory management
  • Case management
  • Accounting
  • Contact management
  • CRM reports
  • Sales reports
  • Customer support
  • Email marketing

  • SMS marketing
  • Inventory management
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales quotes
  • Solution management
  • On-demand (SaaS)
  • Sales tracking
  • Mobile application
  • Opportunity management
  • Lead management
  • Salesforce automation
  • Unlimited studio customization
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Support for MySQL and SQL server on-site
  • Support for Oracle and DB-2 on-site
  • Third-party integrations
  • Centralized storage
  • Sugar Exchange

Editions of SugarCRM Available

There are three editions available for the SugarCRM system. All of the editions include sales, marketing, and support. The editions can be deployed both on-demand or on-premises.

Sugar Professional Edition

The Sugar Professional Edition is the lowest version of the SugarCRM Editions in terms of price. The main features of this application are that it supports automation, along with providing 15 GB of storage and the usage of Sugar Mobile, which is the mobile application integrated with SugarCRM. It has call center automation as well, with unlimited online support. The application has marketing lead management, reporting, and dashboard, and unlimited studio customizations to create a unique user experience. It also has a cloud or on-premise deployment and gives you sales automation and forecasting.

Sugar Enterprise Edition

The Sugar Enterprise Edition is one step above Sugar Professional Edition. All the features from the Professional Edition are included. Along with those, it has an additional set of features such as:

  • Offline Client
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Support for MS SQL and Oracle databases
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Sugar Plug-In for Lotus Notes
  • Additional storage allocation

  • Increased levels of customer support
  • Product-level quotes
  • Advanced workflow
  • 60 GB storage
  • SQL–based reporting access
  • Role-based viewing

Sugar Unlimited Edition

The Sugar Unlimited Edition is the last edition which is an extension of the Enterprise Edition. The features provided with the Unlimited Edition are:

  • Sugar Connector to Lotus Domino Server
  • Additional storage of 250 GB
  • 24/7 customer support with 1 hour response time SLA
  • Various professional services programs
  • An assigned technical account manager
  • 5 sandbox instances which can be made available on demand

Pros and cons

  • SugarCRM can host instance on-site which gives control over each aspect
  • More features at fewer prices when compared to other CRM applications
  • Great integrated project management
  • Accurate reporting to customers
  • SugarCRM provides open-source flexibility on studio

  • Difficulty in usage at the administration level
  • Slow UI

SugarCRM Integration

SugarExchange part of the SugarCRM range integrates other applications to give users access to their products and services. This is done to improve the SugarCRM experience. All applications are accessible through SugarExchange. SugarExchange is used to search and browse applications and content available through SugarCRM SugarExchange. The user can also manage their subscriptions to these applications and download them based on their needs is an online marketplace that is managed by SugarCRM. The user can either download, list or purchase the applications available on SugarExchange. The updates are released by SugarCRM regularly as well to enhance user experience. This gives the user total control on how to customize the SugarCRM integrations with their account and helps them in improving their SugarCRM account.

SugarCRM’s SugarExchange synchronizes all entities such as attachments, emails, contacts,  along with any other major DMS, ERP, CMS, or business applications. Few Applications that are available on SugarExchange for integration are:

  • Collabspot for Gmail
  • Magic xpi Integration Platform for all ERP integrations
  • 3CLogic for improving client engagement
  • XperiDo Server-side Document Creation to automate document integration
  • wCalendar for optimized calendar configurations
  • SugarAide to integrate all contacts
  • Provide Analytic Report Tool for dynamic report creation and interactive charts


Free Trial: Yes


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Installed – Mac
  • Installed – Windows
  • Mobile – Android Native
  • Mobile – iOS Native


Pricing Details:

  1. Professional: $40.00/month/user (billed annually)
  2. Enterprise: $65.00/month/user (billed annually)
  3. Ultimate: $150.00/month/user (billed annually)


The Help & Support button is inside the platform with an experienced agent available on-call 24/7 for assistance. SugarCRM provides training as well for its users through Sugar University. There is another Help Dashlet support page that is specifically designed for relevant community discussions.

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