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If you are looking for insightful EngageBay reviews, you have landed at the right place. In this EngageBay CRM tool review, we will take a closer look at its features, pricing plans, pros & cons, and key specifications.

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What is EngageBay?

EngageBay provides an array of features to streamline sales, marketing, and other service activities. It integrates these features into a single platform. It is regarded as one of the most cost-efficient business solutions and an excellent alternative to overpriced tools. 

EngageBay features a range of modules for customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, marketing automation, and live chat. All these features are perfectly integrated into a dashboard that has a user-friendly interface. 

In this tool review, we will ponder over the key features of EngageBay’s CRM module and its core features. Besides, the free CRM solution provides robust CRM features such as pipeline management, visualization, workflow automation, automated data entry, and more. 

At present, the company has a customer base of more than 28,000 businesses from around the world. 

Vendor Details

EngageBay CRM Key Features

  • 360-degree customer view

Users can create a comprehensive user profile for each contact from different touchpoints such as communication history, contact information, personal interests, points of contact, lead scores, and more. 

This feature offers a birds-eye view of each customer on a single screen. The software also enables users to improve customer engagement, inform customers about follow-up activities, and identify the right time to make a service call. 

  • Contact management

Contact management provides a holistic view of each interaction you have had with your prospects. You can draw in-depth customer insights to improve your marketing and sales efforts. 

With this feature, you can forge strong relationships with your customers and convert prospects into paying customers. 

  • Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing allows you to arrange different companies and key contacts in every organization in one place. This facilitates the seamless creation of customized marketing campaigns that have high chances of converting. 

  • Visual deal pipeline

When you have a visual representation of your deal pipeline in a single, there is clarity on the status of every deal. 

  • Task management

Task management is the best and the most efficient way to organize your sales processes. You can create tasks, assign them to the sales team, and also track the progress of each task. In addition, task management also ensures your sales representatives are more focused on closing deals. 

  • Schedule appointments

Every sales representative can broadcast their individual calendar or a team calendar to simplify appointment scheduling with prospects without any hiccups. 

This saves considerable time and allows your sales team to be more productive. 

  • Team collaboration

EngageBay’s CRM platform improves team collaboration and eliminates misalignment and miscommunication between your sales and marketing teams. 

The tool allows sales and marketing teams to work in sync with each other and improve customer acquisition. 

  • Reporting

Reporting allows you to evaluate the performance of your sales and marketing activities. These reports offer critical insights that have an influence on strategic decisions made by the leadership. 

In addition, with the vital data present in each of these reports, you can identify the roadblocks within your sales processes, boost productivity, and enhance efficiency. 

You can also create customized reports by using multiple criteria and generate KPIs required to improve the overall performance of your sales team. 

  • Sync email communication

Users can manage their entire email communication with CRM email integration. This feature allows you to store a copy of your email within the CRM so that you can seamlessly track the entire communication between your team and customers. 

  • Inventory management

The CRM platform allows you to effortlessly manage and update your inventory levels. This feature ensures that you minimize the shortage and costs associated with it. 

EngageBay Feature Overview (CRM module)

  • Account management
  • Analytics
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Call scheduling
  • Campaign management
  • Channel management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Dashboard
  • Goal management
  • Goal tracking

  • Lead management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead segmentation
  • Marketing automation
  • Performance management
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales analytics
  • Pipeline management
  • Task management
  • Team management
  • Workflow management

EngageBay Pricing

The prices listed below are for the CRM & Sales Bay module (yearly subscription).


  • Price: $0 per month


  • 500 contacts
  • 1,000 branded emails


  • Price: $10.39 per month/user


  • 1,000 contacts
  • 2,500 branded emails


  • Price: $19.99 per month/user


  • 20,000 contacts
  • 20,000 branded emails


  • Price: $39.99 per month/user


  • 30,000 contacts
  • 30,000 branded emails

EngageBay Pros and Cons

  • Integrates contact management and CRM
  • Very responsive customer support
  • Pricing
  • Holistic view of contact information
  • Ease of use
  • Some features are self explanatory
  • Excellent marketing automation tool for small businesses
  • The user interface of dashboards is intuitive and user friendly
  • Lead nurturing features

  • Although some features are self-explanatory, there is some room to improve customer experience
  • The ticket tracking feature is not up to the mark
  • Glitches with sequences and email marketing automation
  • Some users have asked for more customization functionalities and design capabilities for forms
  • Integration with some non-native platforms is not very smooth
  • CRM database is not as powerful as some of the other competitors

EngageBay Integrations

  • Zapier
  • Xero
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calendar
  • Mailgun
  • QuickBooks

  • Twilio
  • Stripe
  • Mandrill
  • WordPress
  • Office 365
  • SendGrid

EnageBay Specifications

Free Trial – Yes

Free Version – Yes


  • Cloud-hosted

Devices supported

  • Web-based


  • Live online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Typical customers

  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses

EngageBay pricing plans

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Basic: $10.39 per month/user
  • Growth: $19.99 per month/user
  • Pro: $39.99 per month/user

Languages supported

  • English

EngageBay support

  • Email
  • Knowledge base
  • Phone support

EngageBay Alternatives

Let us know if we have missed out on anything in this EngageBay review by leaving your comments below!

Free Trial
Supported Devices
Cloud Hosted
Cloud, SaaS, Web
Mobile – Android Native
Mobile – iOS Native
On Premise
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Language Support
Pricing Model
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In Person
Live Online
Customer Types
Small Business
Large Corporations
Medium Business
24/7 (Live Rep)
Knowledge Base
Phone support
Chat support
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Automation
Workflow builder
9.1 Total Score

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