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What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software that is developed for all business sizes. Freshdesk’s USP primarily lies in the fact that it is free for an unlimited number of users. Freshdesk is extremely flexible, customizable, and configurable. With Freshdesk, users can choose from a range of themes, manage escalations, and automate their workflows efficiently.

Freshdesk leverages the integrated game mechanics for ticket support which allows users to score points. Freshdesk comes with a range of unique features which include an AI-powered chatbot, field service management, and predictive support capabilities. More than 150,000 customers among which international companies such as Honda, Toshiba, and Hugo Boss use Freshdesk to create a seamless customer support experience for their customers.

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Freshdesk CRM Features


Freshdesk’s CRM platform adapts to the way an organization or teams operate. It is a well-rounded CRM that perfectly fits into an organization’s operational model.

Customization features include:

  • Customized sales activities

Users can create customized sales, check-in to meetings, monitor interactions, keep a tab of calls, make notes, and more.

  • Custom fields

This feature allows users to create custom fields such as checklists, formula fields, date pickers, and more to store important information.

  • Contact lifecycle stages

We are all aware that every contact goes through different stages in their lifecycle. This feature enables users to define their lifecycle stages in line with the business process.

  • Custom modules

Custom modules can be seamlessly created to capture data that is unique to a specific business process.


Freshdesk CRM includes a range of features that improve team efficiency with automation. Users can save valuable time and boost productivity by automating manual tasks.

Productivity features include:

  • Sales sequences

With Freshdesk CRM,  users can automate sequences of their sales activities such as sending SMSes, emails, calls and personalize client interactions.

  • Workflows

With intelligent workflows, users can automate important tasks and business processes. It helps minimize manual dependency, increase sales, and save time.

  • Task management 

This feature allows users to set reminders, create tasks, and make appointments. It offers an overview of the upcoming tasks on the dashboard and assists to capitalize on every opportunity.

  • Auto-assignment rules

Based on the lead-routing rule, the CRM assigns leads to sales agents or representatives across different territories.


Users can strengthen their relationship with customers with multichannel communication.

Communication features include:

  • Email

Users can synchronize their email inboxes with the Freshdesk CRM to manage, track, and send emails.

  • Phone

The CRM allows users to make calls and also add context to them with recordings and call logs. Transferring calls to other members of the team with complete context is easy.

  • WhatsApp Business

The Whatsapp integration allows users to read and reply to Whatsapp conversations from the CRM itself.

  • Chat

The chat feature enables users to engage with website visitors and forge relationships.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an absolute must in today’s competitive landscape. Automating marketing efforts helps users engage their audience with behavioral segmentation, end-to-end personalization, and automated workflows.

Marketing automation features:

  • Web forms

Users can flawlessly capture and store visitor information using web forms. Even someone with a non-technical background can create new web forms as no coding knowledge is required.

  • Marketing lists

Users can curate new lists, import lists that have been created, and segment contacts on the basis of types of campaigns.

  • Marketing journey builder

Freshdesk CRM makes it easy to create customer journeys, automate email sequences, and implement autoresponders.

Freddy AI

The AI-powered CRM improves productivity and plays an important role in enabling smarter decision-making.

Features include:

  • Predictive contact scoring

The cutting-edge AI technology helps users prioritize contacts as a score is assigned to each contact on the basis of past records and data.

  • Lead generation bot

Custom bots can be set up on the website along with chat message automation to capture visitor information from different sessions, provide valuable content and data.

  • Out-of-office detection

Freddy, an AI engine evaluates incoming alerts and messages when a user is not available. Rescheduling calls, emails, tasks, and appointments have been simplified like never before.

  • Deduplication 

The AI engine actively searches, detects, and highlights duplicate leads stored in the CRM by matching data such as mobile numbers, email addresses, or names.

Pipeline management

Offers a 360-degree view of the deals in the pipeline by tracking the number of deals at each stage. Helps users identify the important deals and get rid of rotten deals.

Pipeline management features:

  • Sales forecasting

Helps users commit to a deal and set-up best-case estimates to make accurate sales forecasts.

  • Sales goals

Sales goals can be set on the basis of revenue and deals closed. Users can set a time range, track progress, and attain targets.


Visual reports provide actionable insights with which teams can identify areas for improvement.

Analytics features:

  • Win-loss analysis

This feature allows users to gain a fair understanding of the sales performance. Sales trends and win-loss rates can be analyzed to make better decisions.

  • Custom reports

Custom reports can be created in tune with the user’s requirements. Users can define the parameters which need to be tracked, add widgets and charts, and create code-free reports.

Freshdesk CRM Pricing

Freshdesk provides a range of pricing plans to its customers.


Price: Free for unlimited users


  • Email ticketing
  • Automatic ticket routing
  • Team collaboration
  • Knowledge base
  • Ticket trend report


Price: $15/agent per month

Includes everything in Sprout plus

  • Automation
  • Collision detection
  • Marketplace apps
  • Helpdesk in-depth report
  • SLA management
  • Business hours


Price: $35/agent per month

Includes everything in Blossom plus

  • Time tracking
  • Multilingual knowledge base
  • Performance reports
  • CSAT surveys
  • Session replay


Price: $49/agent per month

Includes everything in Garden plus

  • Automatic ticket assignment
  • Custom roles
  • Portal customization
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Multiple SLAs and timezones
  • Shared ownership


Price: $99/agent per month

Includes everything in Estate plus

  • IP whitelisting
  • Skill-based ticket assignment
  • Sandbox
  • Datacenter location
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Extendable API rate limits

Estate Omnichannel

Price: $79/agent per month

Forest Omnichannel

Price: $139/month

Freshdesk CRM Pros and Cons

  • Easy to understand: The learning curve to understand the features is relatively small compared to other similar platforms.
  • Email integration: The email integration feature plays an important role in accelerating business processes.
  • Customer relationship: One of the best platforms available in the market to build strong customer relationships and manage sales.
  • Freddy AI: The AI engine has received considerable appreciation from users as it caters to most of their queries.
  • Customization: Offers plenty of customization options to meet different business requirements

  • Core features: Some core features are only available in the most premium plans.
  • Project management board: This does not include an in-build project management board.
  • Spam filters: Spam filters need to be improved as multiple customers have faced issues related to spam mails.
  • Search function: The search functionality can be improved
  • HIgh ticket volumes: While it works fine for small ticketing volumes, it becomes difficult to manage a high volume of tickets.

Freshdesk Integrations

Freshdesk can be integrated with a plethora of tools and platforms.

  • Agent productivity: Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Bots and workflows: Slack, Office 365, Flock, etc.
  • CRM, sales, and marketing: Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Hubspot CRM, etc.
  • Chat and telephony: Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Zoom V2, etc.
  • E-commerce: Shopify, Paypal, Bigcommerce, etc.
  • File sharing: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
  • Reporting and analytics: Agent Ticket Tracker, AHT Plus, Google Analytics, etc.

Freshdesk Specifications

Free trial: Yes


  • Web-based, SaaS, Cloud
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad

Devices supported

  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows


  • Academy
  • Fundamentals training
  • Online
  • Webinars
  • Video tutorials
  • FAQ

Typical customers

Ticketing agents working in businesses of all sizes.

Freshdesk CRM Pricing

  • Sprout: Free for unlimited users
  • Blossom: $15/agent per month
  • Garden: $35/agent per month
  • Estate: $49/agent per month
  • Forest: $99/agent per month
  • Estate Omnichannel: $79/agent per month
  • Forest Omnichannel: $139/month

Languages supported

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

Freshdesk CRM Support

  • Video library
  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Customer portal setup

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