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CrankWheel Review: Read our unbiased CrankWheel review to learn more about its pricing plans, integrations, features, and other specifications.

What is CrankWheel?

CrankWheel is an easy-to-use no-download screen sharing platform that is perfectly designed for inside sales. The platform enables you to effortlessly showcase your product to your potential as well as existing customers. 

As your prospects have an opportunity to understand your product inside out, they are likely to become your regular customers. CrankWheel has all the key features that will boost your sales and improve lead generation. 

Sales teams from around the world use CrankWheel to share their screen with their potential customers. The Chrome extension allows you to share your screen with your prospects across different devices in just a few seconds. 

The platform is extremely easy to use and one of the most reliable screen-sharing tools in the market. The best part about this platform is that it is compatible with a host of devices such as Android, Mac, Blackberry, and more. 

Vendor Information

CrankWheel Key Features

  • Screen sharing

The screen sharing feature is developed to ensure users can easily share their screens with prospects that are hard to reach. You can share your screen with prospects to take them through live sales presentations, product previews, and more. 

  • Remote control

The remote control feature makes CrankWheel one of the best lead capture tools in the market. When you share your screen, you can also provide remote control access to your prospects so that they can explore your solution at their convenience, 

  • Instant demo

Get in touch with your inbound leads in just a few seconds using the Instant Demo feature. This feature helps you connect with your prospects in just a few seconds and also respond to sales queries immediately. 

CrankWheel Features Overview

  • Call logging
  • CRM
  • Collaboration tools
  • Lead capture
  • Desktop
  • Lead distribution
  • Lead management
  • Lead qualification
  • Online forms
  • Screen sharing
  • Screen recording
  • Remote support
  • Video conferencing

CrankWheel Pricing

Check out all the CrankWheel pricing plans below. You can also start using CrankWheel for free with the Free for Life plan. 

Free for Life

Price: Free


  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Meetings per month: 15
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control
  • Instant demos
  • Never over limits

Starter Team

Price: $89 per month


  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Meetings per month: 100
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control
  • Never over limits


Price: $229 per month


  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Meetings per month: 300
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control
  • Instant demos
  • Never over limits


Price: $449 per month


  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Meetings per month: 750
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control
  • Instant demos
  • Never over limits


Price: $20k per month


  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Meetings per month: 3000
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote control
  • Instant demos
  • Never over limits

CrankWheel Pros and Cons

  • CrankWheel is an easy-to-use platform that can be used without downloading. 
  • Sharing screen with customers and prospects is extremely convenient and self-explanatory. 
  • The solution works smoothly even with a low bandwidth network. 
  • The platform can also be used to teach students without any problems. 
  • CrankWheel’s pricing plans are very reasonable.

  • The ability to present a PowerPoint needs to be improved. 
  • At times, the software is very slow to respond. 
  • Some users have complained about having to shell out extra cash to use all the features. 
  • The tool does not have an automatic webinars option. 
  • Occasionally, the quality of the screen resolution takes a hit. 

CrankWheel Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Zapier

CrankWheel Specifications

Free Trial – Yes

Free Version – Yes


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Devices supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Web-based


  • Live online
  • Documentation
  • Videos
  • Webinars

CrankWheel pricing plans

  • Free: $0 per month
  • StarterTeam: $89 per month
  • Team: $229 per month
  • Department: $499 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Typical customers

  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses
  • Large businesses

Language supported

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Japanese

CrankWheel support

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge base
  • Phone support
  • 24/7 (live rep)
  • Chat

CrankWheel Alternatives

  • ViewStub
  • Landbot
  • EngageBay
  • Driftrock
  • Wingmate
  • Accelevents
  • OneHash
  • SalesRabbit
  • Bitrix 24
  • Heyday
  • Influx MD
  • Lead Docket
  • Revetize
  • Socio
  • Megaventory
  • Pitchroom
  • B2Brain
  • BounceHelp
  • Pinpointe

Did you like reading this CrankWheel review? Leave your comments below and tell us about your favorite feature. 



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