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Marketo is a leading marketing automation platform founded in 2006. This tools is known as one of the leading marketing automation platforms with more than 2,300 customers and over 100,000 users from all over the world. This marketing automation platform is posses with a range of capabilities for small and medium businesses and large enterprises, across various industries. Some common features of Marketo include email marketing, nurturing, SEO, landing pages, scoring, and analytics.  While some other characteristics consists of advanced features such as website personalization, mobile engagement, social and web retargeting. Marketo consists of a native integration with, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM. This bi-directional communication allows sales professionals to get a clear picture of the leads in their pipeline and prioritize based on prospect engagement.

Along with its simplicity and ease of use, Marketo is also built to be flexible and sophisticated. Thus enabling users to do just about everything and achieve huge results. It is a comprehensive platform that can easily grow with any type and kind of enterprise. More than just marketing automation, Marketo can be instrumental in other areas such as customer engagement marketing and marketing management. It also offers real-time personalization, allowing users to add their own touch to the system and make it more suitable to their requirements and preference. This tool offers an online community of marketers who share ideas, collaborate and influence product developments.

Vendor Details:

  • Marketo
  • Founded 2006
  • United States

Keymetrics of Marketo

Marketo functions on a visual drag and drop interface which is extremely easy to use.  It does not require users to possess HTML skills to create professional email templates. On top of that, email marketing is relatively easy to conduct with this tool. The marketing automation tool allows users to send emails based on actions, timing, or a series of steps that are pre-defined. Marketo provides native integrations with leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, which help sync both marketing team and sales team for better collaboration and awareness.

Lead management is also a strong feature of Marketo. This enables users the capability to gather strong leads based on pre-determined parameters and criteria. The parameters might include demographics, input from sales reports, product scores, and prospect behavior. Emails sent via Marketo can be installed with social components via the “Forward to Friend” functionality. Email testing is also offered by Marketo. This proves to be great if you want to try out various content or if you need to dynamically change the content to make it fit specific situations.

Creating landing pages with Marketo is so effortless. From a social marketing view, this marketing automation tool is a very powerful platform that can be applied in three different areas: social sharing, social engagement, and social promotion. Reporting and analytics are as per industry standard but delivers all the figures you need to know.

Applications of Marketo

1. Helps Attract the Right Leads

Marketo helps you make the right decisions when planning your website’s content. With Marketo, you can study your competition to find out what keywords they’re targeting. Based on your company’s website content and buyer persona and what your competitors are doing. Marketo recommends a content strategy to help you create landing pages that will attract organic search engine traffic. It can even look for link building opportunities to help your company gain an edge when trying to rank for competitive keywords.

2. Creates Powerful Lead Nurturing Campaigns

To have the highest possible chance of success, a lead nurturing campaign needs to speak directly to a prospect’s interests and needs. Marketo helps create a campaign that accounts for the landing page, lead magnet or product that causes a prospect to give your company his or her contact information, making your campaign highly successful. Throughout the customer lifecycle,  Marketo automatically reacts to changes in customers’ interactions, buying preferences and demographics. With every campaign, it uses the best email delivery practices to ensure that your messages always end up in your customers’ inboxes rather than their spam folders.

3. Makes Businesses More Profitable

Marketo is a complete marketing solution that gathers leads, nurtures those leads and measures the results. Since Marketo is at the center of the entire customer journey, it can attribute any sale to the campaign that generated it. It can also tell you exactly how much you’re earning from all of your marketing expenditures. With Marketo, your business will become more profitable because you’ll focus more of your spending on the channels and campaigns that drive revenue growth. Marketo’s intuitive reporting features make it easy for your company’s marketers to obtain the insights that they need for better decision making without requesting IT support.

Key Features of Marketo

  • Marketing Automation
  • B2B marketing & lead management
  • Consumer Engagement Marketing
  • Email & campaign management
  • Real-time Personalization
  • Personalize messages across channels
  • Marketing Management
  • Budgets & marketing calendar
  • Solutions

  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Event Marketing
  • Measure & Optimize ROI
  • Optimized Ad Spend


Marketo marketing automation tool is available on a by quote basis. Following are the plans offered:

Spark: $895 /mo

Includes –
10,000 records
Email marketing
Customer engagement engine
Communication limits
Lead management / nurture / score
Event marketing and webinars
Marketing calendar
Social boost
CRM integration
5 sales insight users
5 marketing calendar users

Standard – $1,795 /mo

Includes –
10,000 records
Includes all of spark, plus:
A/B testing
Advanced lead scoring
Advanced dynamic content
Progressive profiling for forms
Extended integrations & API
Marketing program analyzer
Revenue cycle modeler
Revenue analyzers
10 sales insight users (total)
5 marketing calendar users

Select – $3,195 /mo

Includes –
10,000 records
Includes all of standard, plus:
Advanced revenue analytics
Advanced email analytics
Time-series data warehouse
Advanced custom reports
Social sweepstakes and referrals
Role-based permissions
20 sales insight users (total)
5 marketing calendar users

Pros and cons

  • Easy and intuitive to use – Marketo is specially known for the usability of their platform. While it may not have the prettiest of user interfaces, everything is well labeled and easy to get used to, making adoption way too easier than some other tools.
  • Great tools integration – Marketo has an exceptional integration with other organizational tools. While syncing between every possible tool used by companies and Marketo can take time, more often than not it works effortlessly with most of them.
  • Quick and easy to setup – Compared to some of Marketo’s competitors, it’s relatively easy to implement and get up and running. This is one of the main reasons why companies prefer Marketo over other tools.
  • Great customer support & community – Marketo have a great customer support team, and a very active community of users helping one another with campaigns and technical issues. This allows the tool makers to constantly grow and put forth useful update.

  • Poor landing page & form builder – Marketo didn’t start as a marketing automation service. It was originally a lead management tool. While most of the product has been updated, there are still a few remnants, such as their landing page builder, that is clunky and difficult to use.
  • Reports & analytics – The most common complaint about Marketo is in regards to their limited analytics and reporting functionality. Without additional extensions, it can take a long time to produce reports that you should be able to produce in the click of a button.
  • Steep jumps in pricing – Marketo offers three standard pricing tiers, at $895, $1,795, and $3,175 per month. Each tier unlocks new features, which means that it might cost an additional $900 – $1,400 per month for just a handful of extra features.


  • Integration with Other Tools
  • Birst
  • Bodais
  • Domo
  • Boomtrain
  • Squiz
  • Knak
  • NewsCred
  • Hushly
  • Skyword

  • Infor CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • VisitorTrack
  • UserVoice
  • Avangate Commerce
  • ReadyTalk
  • Goombal
  • Fivetran
  • Zapier


Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers


Support Provided by Tool

  •        Email
  •        Phone
  •        Live Support

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8 Total Score
“Impressive and efficient.”

8Expert Score
Ease of Use
Features and Functionality
8.7User's score
  • Marketo is consistently ranked by analysts as a top automation solution, and I can finally see why! As a marketer, it's simple to use but also robust for program management from creation to reporting. On a day-to-day basis, I use Marketo within a B2B environment and we wouldn't be able to function without it. It's a key tool for my marketing strategy, one of our most used functionalities is cloning programs, tactics, and campaigns. This allows us to make fewer mistakes and maintain continuity from user-to-user, an efficiency for my nimble, growing team. What I'd like to see is continued product improvement driven by customer voices.
  • Cons: As an admin within a small team, the uptime to full functionality can be like climbing a steep hill on a cold day. Simply put, learning this tool can feel cumbersome if it's not your only responsibility. Luckily, the Marketing Nation Community combined with the product docs and Marketo University prove to be helpful resources for growing your knowledge. Service/support - Compared to other automation platforms, there seems to be limited support and desire for accounts to have a 1:1 communication on a regular basis with an account rep. We've recently been assigned a new rep and we're making progress.
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