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Justuno Review: Read this unbiased review to learn more about the tool’s key features, pricing plans, integrations, and more.

What is Justuno?

Justuno is a conversion optimization platform that is loaded with a range of tools to boost conversions, improve on-site promotions, and expand email listings. Since the platform leverages real-time data, it allows marketers and digital marketing agencies to attain their targets effectively. 
Marketers can identify and create the most effective strategies to attract visitors and encourage them to engage with your content. This can be achieved through personalized website pop-ups, enticing exit offers, and optimal promotional overlays. These are primarily based on user behaviors, key metrics, and history. 
It includes a bunch of robust features such as behavioral targeting, A/B testing, geo-targeting, and analytics that allow users to create marketing campaigns. These campaigns improve lead generation and also enhance conversion rates that result in additional revenue. 

Vendor Information

  • Company: Justuno, Inc
  • Website: https://www.justuno.com
  • Founded in 2011
  • Country of origin: United States of America

Justuno Key Features

Create the most impactful, engaging, and effective marketing campaigns to convert more visitors. 
Check out the tool’s main features below.

  • Mobile-specific Promotions

Create mobile-centric promotional content and make the most of simple and relevant messaging to drive more conversions via mobile. 

  • Geo-targeting

Add a personalized touch to visitor experiences. Put your foot onto the pedal and improve your local marketing efforts. Besides, reinforce local loyalty by offering unified geo-targeted messages across different marketing channels.

  • E-commerce Integrations

Integrate Justuno with an array of e-commerce platforms in just a single click. 

  • Analytics

Get a complete understanding of all your key parameters through a real-time marketing analytics dashboard. Identify the gaps within your processes and optimize your marketing efforts to improve revenue generation. Get rid of the different barriers in your funnel to take your marketing to the next level. 

  • A/B Testing

Test different variants of your content and identify the most effective version. This will help you optimize your website’s experience with the help of data-driven decision-making.

  • Audience Segmentation

The audience segmentation feature enables you to bifurcate your audience into sub-groups to deliver accurate and personalized messaging that boosts sales. 

Justuno Features Overview

  • Contact management
  • Mobile-specific promotions
  • Geo-targeting
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Design canvas
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Omni-channel messaging
  • Audience segmentation
  • Advanced behavioral targeting
  • Banners
  • Countdown timers
  • Cross-selling
  • A/B testing
  • Push notifications
  • Commerce AI
  • Hidden fields
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead database
  • Dashboard
  • Analytics

Justuno Pricing

Wondering what Justuno pricing plans are like? Continue reading to find out. Each plan is based on a user’s website’s monthly visitor sessions. 

  • Traffic: 10K 
  • Price: $25 per month


  • Traffic: 25K
  • Price: $41 per month


  • Traffic: 50K
  • Price: $83 per month

Justuno Plus: Get in touch with the vendor directly to know more about Justuno Plus pricing.

Justuno Pros and Cons

  • The platform has enabled a lot of users to increase their newsletter subscribers. 
  • It is one of the best tools for lead (email) captures from a website. 
  • There is a myriad of templates to choose from to create and run promotional campaigns. 
  • Justuno can be easily set up and used across a bunch of different websites. 
  • Users can create, engaging, appealing, and exciting pop-up messages

  • Some users have found it difficult to transfer leads that are collected from Justuno pop-ups to other email marketing tools
  • The platform tends to glitch frequently
  • The design interface could take some time to learn and get used to
  • It can get a bit confusing to understand why a certain popup is showing or not showing. 
  • Steep learning curve

Justuno Integrations

Justuno Specifications

Free Trial – Yes

Free Version – No


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Devices supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web-based


  • Live online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Justuno pricing plans

  • Traffic: 10K 
  • Price: $25 per month


  • Traffic: 25K
  • Price: $41 per month


  • Traffic: 50K
  • Price: $83 per month

Typical customers

  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large businesses

Languages supported

  • English

Justuno support

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge base
  • Phone support
  • Chat

Justuno Alternatives

We hope this Justuno review covered all the key points. Which is your favorite feature? Leave your comments below and tell us about your experience working with this tool. 


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