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What is Entree?

Entree is a comprehensive on-premise ERP solution by NECS that is specifically designed for food distributors. It is packed with a plethora of features that help users stay abreast of the evolving wholesale food distribution landscape. 

The software is an ideal combination of the core ERP capabilities and industry-centric features which include:

  • Control of inventory
  • Special customer pricing
  • Standard orders
  • Management of customized orders

Entree is used by over 1,500 food distributors. Entree is becoming a popular ERP solution within the food industry due to its user-friendly interface, speed, and robust features. The perfect blend of easy to understand dashboards, ribbon menus, and search screen make it one of the best ERP software in the market. Entree software is perfect for businesses focusing on the distribution of seafood, cheese, dairy, meat, and beverages among others.

Vendor Details

  • Company: NECS
  • Website: https://necs.com
  • Founded in 1987
  • Country of origin: United States of America

Important Metrics of Entree

Food Distribution Management

  • Entree streamlines the method used to run and manage a food distribution business. The latest version, entree V4 is bundled with features that are easy to use and are hard to find in many other similar systems. 

Robust database integrity 

  • Entree software is developed and consistently improved upon with the Sybase Advantage SQL database platform. As a result, the software provides impeccable speed while maintaining the integrity of a database. This setup also eliminates the potential chance of database corruption.

Streamlined inventory

  • Entree assists users in many ways to streamline their inventory and keep a track of the entire list of food items they have. Users can also count smaller subsets of the inventory which allows them to manage their inventory in a way they would like to. 

Automation of essential processes

  • Entree automates critical processes such as scheduling, invoicing, deliveries, warehouse management, and more.  

Key Features of Entree

Since the inception of the company, NECS has been pulling in continuous efforts to improve the functionalities of Entree software to cater to the requirements of food distributors. Entree V4 is easy to use as it is based on recognizable graphics. This concept has also been integrated into the product catalog which includes information and images from over 600 brands. 

Inventory control

Entree software caters to your entire inventory requirements as a food distributor such as breaking cases, lot control, store data regarding catch weights, rebates, promotions, in-house processing, and bill backs. The ERP allows you to make note of shortage adjustments, run cycle counts, and track inventory returns. 

Inventory availability can be predicted for up to 30 days. The parameters used to make these predictions include in-hand inventory, the amount receivable from outstanding purchase orders and issued inventory from sales orders or invoices. 

Invoice process

The invoicing process in Entree software has been tweaked and upgraded for more than 30 years to provide users with a robust and easy-to-use system. If the order is taken over the phone, the Order Taker Call List will display to a user the calls they are expected to make on that day. The Order Taker Call List along with a few other sections of Entree provides customer information such as frequently purchased items and more. The Standard Order is a list of items that a customer orders regularly. This feature allows you to enter the orders swiftly and precisely without errors. The Order Guide is another feature that helps a user to match up with the pace at which a customer is giving an order. 

Accounts receivable

The Accounts Receivable feature allows users inefficient customer management. A user can get a clear idea of a customer’s account status by viewing the Customer Account Inquiry section. You can also effortlessly manage cash receipts and apply a combination of credit memos, cash, checks, etc to the customer account. 

The Entree software helps you put a customer on credit hold and prevent the generation of credit memos, sales orders, and invoices. Just like all the core features of Entree, this feature is also customizable and enables you to define the parameters which instantly puts or takes a customer off credit hold. 


The automated purchasing tools within the Entree software simplifies the entire buying process for food distributors. The system keeps tabs on past sales, pallet configurations, vendor minimum orders, minimum stock levels, seasonal usage, and lead times among others. With this information, you can decide when a product should be ordered and in what quantities. 


The dashboards are extremely intuitive, interactive, and completely customizable as per your requirements. The dashboards present a visual view of the data which makes it easier for you to analyze the same. 

Entree Pricing

Entree does not offer a free trial to its users. In most cases, the pricing is quote-based and for that, companies will have to get in touch with the vendor directly.

Entree Pros and Cons

  • User-friendliness – Entree is easy to learn and extremely user friendly. New users can learn the different features of the software without having to invest a lot of time. 
  • Easy to use reports
  • Provides all the necessary solutions that a food distributor would require
  • Customizable features
  • Excellent customer service

  • Does not have a free version
  • Users have complained about using Entree on the iPad
  • Does not offer a lot of integration choices

Entree Integrations

No information available about Entree’s integrations


Free trial – No

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based


  • On-premise

Typical Customers

  • Small-sized food distributors
  • Mid-sized food distributors
  • Large food distributors

Entree Support

  • Emergency 24-hour support
  • Custom programming
  • Remote support
  • entree System Optimizer
  • FAQ

Entree Training

Offline training courses take place at the vendor’s office.

Entree Competitors

  • Yelo
  • Marg ERP9+ Restaurant Software
  • Now Commerce for QuickBooks
  • Alpha Portal
  • Trinity F&B Solutions
  • eoStar
  • DistributionSuite (TM)

  • SR2Food
  • Recipe Manager
  • ProfitPoint
  • Ingredient Safe
  • FoodBank Manager
  • Food One
  • MAXFood

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