Top Competitors in the Email Marketing Industry

Have you ever spent a large sum of money on a product only to find out that it does not live up to its promises? It’s sorely disappointing when you realize that your purchase was not worth what you paid for. You can chalk it up to deceptive advertising, but more often, it has something to do with the reliability of the product manufacturer. The same could be said about email marketing platform providers.


In this article we listed the top solutions in the email marketing space, which will help you get the feel of the market:

1. FreshMail

With FreshMail, the users can create newsletters and track and send messages to their customers. The email marketing tool was developed by award-winning artists. The designer for FreshMail speaks highly of beautiful email templates that come with a unique template editor. All companies using this email marketing software are able to create personalized, dynamic content as well as track emails in real-time with ease. FreshMail email marketing software is a comprehensive solution that sends out effective marketing campaigns via email. It also boasts a very intuitive template editor. This editor is used to create eye-catching and effective marketing newsletters. FreshMail is accessible from anywhere in the virtual world. All the files, data and FreshMail’s tools are securely stored in a dedicated cloud.

Key Highlights:

  • Free trial account for 30 days
  • Segmentation
  • Auto-responders
  • Personalization options
  • Email testing
  • Effective campaign editor
  • The price is affordable
  • Customer support available 24-7

For more information about FreshMail, click here!

2. iContact

iContact is an email marketing software that makes email marketing for companies simpler cost effective. It also avails marketing automation for better output of email campaigns. The main feature of iContact is it’s the marketing automation suite that is loaded with advanced marketing features. This is inclusive of CRM functionalities, high end email marketing tools, engagement tracking, advanced segmentation, landing page creation, and social media posting and tracking to name some. In recent times, the brand has acquired OutMarket, and reinforced its product with new capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • iContact is a useful tool as it is user friendly allowing to create forms and autoresponders.
  • The signup forms help companies to learn about their customers and contacts.
  • The email marketing software enables users to combine email campaigns and social networking activities with the cohesive platform.

For more information about iContact, click here!

3. AWeber

A marketing automation platform suitable for all business, LeadSquared can be used for almost all industry niches like real-estate, e-commerce, and education, banking, marketing and even healthcare. You can use this tool to create independent workflows, update in data in other marketing app that you use and personalize your email marketing campaigns.

Key Highlights:

  • While using this software, you won’t have to spend too much time understanding how to go about this tool.
  • The best things about this platform is that it offers 150 customizable professional templates.
  • You won’t have to worry about getting stuck while using this platform, thanks to its amazing support team.

For more information about AWeber, click here!

4. SendGrid

SendGrid, cloud-based email marketing software effectively delivers over 18 billion customer engagement emails. The main purpose of building this platform is to make it easy for companies to send emails anywhere and anytime. With SendGrid, you will be able to improve their transactional and email marketing delivery and scale it to meet their changing requirements.

Key Highlights:

  • Good functionality
  • Easy-to-use notifications feature
  • Good deliverability rate
  • Analytics

For more information about SendGrid, click here!

5. Campaign Monitor:

Campaign Monitor provides simple and effective email marketing tools to design personalized, beautiful emails and newsletters for customers. Businesses can easily automate their email marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness with Campaign Monitor’s engagement-based segmentation. By using this software, you get to choose from various templates and try its unique drag and drop interface to grow and manage your subscriber database.

Key Highlights:

  • This platform is easy to create, design and track email marketing campaigns.
  • Whenever a user reports an issue, the team responds at the earliest. This proves this platform has a good turnaround time.
  • Rarely, anyone has to worry about designing their own email layout. There are several professional and responsive templates for one to choose from.

For more information about Campaign Monitor, click here!

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