6 Zapier Automations Every Business Owner Should Know in 2021

Is your company bigger than a conventional small business? Do you use multiple business tools to streamline your processes? If yes, you have arrived at the right place. As a medium-sized to a large business, there is a strong chance that you use multiple business tools. 

Today, businesses handle multiple email marketing tools, client project dashboards, and collaboration software to work remotely. This is why automating different business workflows has become very important to bring agility, boost productivity, and enhance efficiency. 

Businesses can boost productivity by syncing different tools, teams, and content from different data sources with automation. In this article, we will explore the best Zapier automations for improved productivity and task management. 

Zapier Automation 1: Hubspot and Asana

It is important that you are able to sync your CRM software and project management tool. This is especially important for customer service teams. Very often, you may get new leads or prospects via HubSpot CRM. Then, you will have to update or create tasks in your project management tool such as Asana. 

Zapier helps you integrate Asana and Hubspot and automate a range of menial tasks. It offers you over ten triggers or actions to create a personalized automation workflow. 

Asana lets you create different types of tasks, update tasks, and attach files when it detects any input from Hubspot. Some HubSpot triggers for Asana may include new deals, newly added companies, subscriptions timeline, new contacts, and more. 

Zapier Automation 2: Jira and ClickUp


If your problem tracking tool such as Jira is hosted on the cloud, you can integrate it with a project management solution such as ClickUp. Zapier offers an array of pre-made automations for ClickUp and Jira Software Cloud. 

When these tools are integrated, your team can immediately start working on solving issues instead of importing data from one application to another. As of now, there are eight actions for the ClickUp application in response to three triggers from Jira. If Jira is your trigger application, you will see different trigger options such as new issue types, priorities, and projects. 

Zapier Automation 3: Things and Gmail

Gmail is arguably one of the most popular projects management tools among freelancers and small businesses. A lot of freelancers and gig workers use Gmail as it is free for personal and commercial use. You can make this experience even better by syncing Gmail with the Things application to manage your to-do lists. 

After making a Things and Gmail integration, you can create around seven triggers of Gmail. These triggers prompt automatic to-do creation on the Things application. Some of the most popular Gmail triggers include new thread, new starred email, new email, and new attachments. 

Once integrated, Things and Gmail work in tandem to keep your workday items updated. 

Zapier Automation 4: monday.com and Excel

Did you know that you can automate your Excel sheets using Zapier integrations without coding? In addition, you can connect monday.com with Excel to import project management data into Excel spreadsheets when changes are made on monday.com. 

Zapier offers ten triggers and actions for Excel in Zapier. In addition, there are 14 monday.com integration options for triggers and actions. You can create a bunch of complex integrations in Zapier for both applications. 

Zapier Automation 5: Trello and Jira

Jira is one of the most popular tools for issue-tracking and Trello is a Kanban-Esque task management tool. You can boost the productivity of your team members if you tailored Zapier automation for both applications. 

For instance, you get a new request in Jira. With Zapier, you can ask Trello to automatically create a relevant card for this task. This automation option ensures that there is no human error. Zapier automation for Trello provides other activities such as adding attachments to Trello cards, finding members, and creating lists. 

Zapier Automation 6: Teamwork and Asana

If you work with multiple applications, you are likely to get tasks from different clients. However, it would save you a world of headaches if you use project management tools at your end to prevent complexities.

 Asana and Teamwork integration via Zapier is a prime example where you can aggregate all your tasks in Asana from different task management applications. This integration saves users from performing non-productive and manual tasks such as importing tasks from Teamwork. 

When you add new inputs in Teamwork such as event reminders, calendar events, new invoices, and more, Asana can instantly create projects, new tasks, and update existing tasks. 

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that binds together different types of applications that could not be integrated directly. Zapier primarily uses Boolean statements. Some of the simplest Zapier automations include repeatable tasks such as sending reminders to yourself. 

Zapier is a web application that sets up integrations and automation between various applications. This saves time and effort. 

Common Zapier Terminology

  • Zap: Automation between different programs
  • Action: Act performed by Zapier or a user
  • Trigger: The act that sets a Zap rolling
  • Update time: The consistent intervals at which Zapier looks for triggers
  • Task: Action taken by a Zap
  • Workflow: Another work used for automation within the Zapier ecosystem

Workflow Automation with Zapier

Workflow automation

If you are running a business that incorporates a bunch of complex workflows, Zapier can help. The platform is designed to help companies focus on critical tasks while automating recurring and routine tasks. 

Before you opt for Zapier’s services, we recommend that you go through the tool’s help resources. It is safe to say that Zapier has one of the best help resources available. 

Read all the important articles on G Suite, Gmail, Google, Microsoft, and other tools in the search function of the tool. You can also check out the explore function which allows you to pick any application and see how you can link it with Zapier. 

Do you use any Zapier automation? How has Zapier helped you so far? Can you tell us about your dream Zapier recipe? You can also check out the smartest automation examples to get a better understanding of the benefits of automation. 

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