7 Smart Marketing Automation Examples Businesses Should Use in 2021

Not very long ago, marketers could only dream of using data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), and voice search engines. Cut to the present day, these innovations are a top priority for businesses in 2021. 

Effective marketing encompasses a series of repetitive and mundane tasks. Some of these tasks include social media management, email marketing, online campaigns, and more. Although these tasks are very effective, they are also time-consuming. 

Businesses can automate their repetitive marketing processes to save time and boost productivity thanks to marketing automation tools. Today, there are plenty of marketing automation examples available that businesses can use to get ahead of the competition. 

In the current scenario, around 90% of marketers use at least one marketing automation tool [1]. Marketing automation is well and truly embraced by marketers from around the world. 

What are you waiting for?

Check out these amazing marketing automation examples and set the ball rolling!

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1. Welcome emails

The first impression is the last. We have all heard that phrase before! In the business world, welcome emails are your first opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers. 

Marketing automation enables you to provide a seamless experience for your clients with a one-time welcome email. These emails pave the way for a very smooth onboarding process. 

Some brands have gone above and beyond with their efforts to welcome their customers. 

For example, Topshop does not waste a second to engage with its latest subscribers by giving them an instant offer as soon as they are on board. 

2. Reminder mails

Reminder Emails

When you deliver a reminder email to your customers based on a date, it is an excellent opportunity to craft a personalized message for them. Besides, this strategy also nudges them to keep purchasing your products and services more frequently. 

Nissan shows us how brands can use automated reminder emails to strengthen ties with customers. The company collects important customer information such as the purchase date of their vehicle. 

The company uses this information to send automated reminder emails every six months to schedule maintenance. This makes even more sense since post-sales maintenance fees account for a major share of Nissan’s revenue. 

3. Win-back strategies

No matter how hard you try, it is next to impossible to retain 100 percent of your customers. However, that does not mean you cannot improve your existing client retention rates with marketing automation. 

Win-back strategies are the best and most effective ways to re-engage with your customers and rekindle interest in your services and products

Dropbox is one of the best marketing automation examples to re-engage with past customers or clients that you are at risk of losing. 

The company utilizes visual elements and graphics to talk about how its services have helped clients in the past. In addition, it also demonstrates how its services can benefit users in the present as well.

4. Anniversary or birthday 

You can turn even the most stubborn customers into regular customers using this strategy. 

Offering customers discounts and special offers on their birthday or anniversary is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue while simultaneously boosting customer loyalty. 

A lot of companies collect their customer’s birthdates during the checkout process. In fact, many brands such as Monica Vinader have made it a required field in their online checkout process. 

5. Feedback and survey emails

Delivering surveys to gain feedback on services and products is another amazing marketing automation example. Such messages are often sent after certain actions which include program updates, purchases, or program sites. 

Such emails enable you to understand what your customers are saying and make product updates accordingly. 

6. Social media automation

Marketing automation can be used to create a robust social media presence. However, businesses do not wish to spend a major chunk of their time performing expendable social media marketing activities. This is where marketing automation comes in. 

Marketing automation allows companies to publish content consistently, increase engagement, and enhance brand reputation. 

7. Transactional messages and updates

Man Checks a Transactional Mail

Online shopping or e-commerce has picked up significant momentum over the past couple of years. Transparency and timely order updates are one of the reasons why they have managed to stay ahead of their rivals. 

When customers shop online, they are eager to know if their order is confirmed. In addition, they also like to know the date of delivery. Today, such customer expectations have increased and also become quite common. 

Imagine if you had to send a manual confirmation and delivery details to all your customers after every single transaction. Even the thought of it unsettles you right?

Do not sweat! Marketing automation is here to make your life easier. You can automate all your transactional and updates which include shipment details, delivery confirmation, and order acknowledgments to name a few. 

Benefits of Marketing Automation

We do not know where to begin! Although marketing automation offers a host of benefits that are impossible to list, we have churned out a few worth noticing:

  • Marketing automation eliminates the need to perform repetitive tasks. This lets your team focus on other important tasks. 
  • With automation, you can provide a personalized and unique experience to your customers
  • Audience segmentation is another major benefit of marketing automation. When you bifurcate your audience, you can deliver relevant messages to different audiences. 

Apart from these benefits, marketing automation has a proven track record of increasing leads and boosting productivity. 

Final Words

Did these marketing automation examples inspire you? If not, it is the right time to make concrete efforts to generate revenue for your business. 

Marketing automation is the way to go if you are looking for long-term cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, better productivity, and excellent customer engagement. 

These automation examples are a testament that automation can do wonders for your business if done right. 

It is now time for you to find the best marketing automation software for your business and head toward success!

Check out our list of some of the best marketing automation tools for businesses of all sizes!

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Feature Image Source: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Image 1 Source: rawpixel.com

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