Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for 2019

Marketing activity involves many repetitive tasks such as sending out bulk emails, managing campaigns, social media marketing, website analysis, and more. Managing these tasks manually is not only tedious and time-consuming but can also create scope for manual errors. Marketing Automation can help in making these tasks much easier and this, in turn, can help business prosper. It is a part o


f Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

There are many marketing automation tools and platforms available for automating the processes of marketing. It is important to opt for the right ones to maximize the benefits.

Here are the top 10 tools that you should consider investing in for 2019:

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A leading marketing automation platform which was founded in 2006, Marketo is one of the leading
automation platforms. This tool has more than 2,300 customers and over 100,000 users all over the
world. Mostly used by small & medium business as well as large enterprises, Marketo is used across all
industries. While this tool provides all the must-haves like email marketing, SEO, landing pages, etc, it
also consists of advanced features like website personalization, mobile engagement, etc.

Key Highlights:

Easy and intuitive to use

Marketo is specially known for the usability of their platform.

Great tools integration

Marketo has an exceptional integration with other organizational tools.

Quick and easy to setup

Compared to some of Marketo’s competitors, it’s relatively easy to implement and get up and running.

Great customer support & community

Marketo have a great customer support team, and a very active community of users helping one another with campaigns and technical issues.

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ExactTarget is designed to help businesses build and manage customer relationships and their journeys. The tool’s main power is to create brand relationships along multiple channels. This will help businesses connect better with their customers. ExactTarget is regarded as a powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform. The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud helps users to make the most of each and every customer interaction. This is done by creating personalized, cross-channel customer journeys. This helps in delivering exceptional brand experiences.

Key Highlights:

  • ExactTarget helps automate real-time customer journeys.
  • ExactTarget helps businesses stay relevant. It transforms businesses into a customer company. It manages the customer journey. It builds 1:1 customer relationships at scale.
  • It offers a trusted infrastructure for its platform. It is a cloud-based, secure, and highly available platform. It gives users the flexibility and reliability they need.

For more information about ExactTarget, click here!


A marketing automation platform suitable for all business, LeadSquared can be used for almost all industry niches like real-estate, e-commerce, and education, banking, marketing and even healthcare. You can use this tool to create independent workflows, update in data in other marketing app that you use and personalize your email marketing campaigns.

Key Highlights:


As compared to its competitors, this tool has affordable pricing plans.


A favorite among users, this tools lets you customize all your data like reports or email campaigns.


Even though there are many features, the tool is designed well and extremely simple to use.

For more information about LeadSquared, click here!


Intercom is used for customer communication, which utilizes user intelligence and behavioral targeting. This tool helps businesses understand customer’s requirements better and improve their processes. Intercom has a suite of integrated products for all the teams in a company. There are over 17,000 paying customers that use this marketing software across the globe.

Key Highlights:

  • The app is user friendly since it comes with reliable customer response. Users are able to engage their customers continuously after installing the app.
  • It will enable businesses to develop and launch marketing campaigns quickly without having to contract experts.
  • Users of the platform will enjoy its high customization capabilities.

For more information about Intercom, click here!


Designed for e-commerce businesses, ContactPigeon is a marketing automation platform, which incorporated historical and real-time website visitor information. Using this information, businesses can enhance engagement, implement effective nurturing strategies and improve conversion rates. Hence, you can use ContactPigeon to understand your customers better and eventually drive sales.

Key Highlights:


Whether it is creating professionally-designed emails or sending out personalised messages, you can do it all without much technical support.

Good segmentation:

This feature allows users to know who their real visitors are and how to turn them into customers.

Great support team:

Whenever a user has any doubt or is stuck somewhere, the support team is always there to solve it.

Read the in-depth review by ToolsMetric. Here, you will get a clear idea of the unique features, pricing plans, integrations, customer reviews and much more. All of these details will help you decide if this marketing automation software is worth the investment. For more information about ContactPigeon, click here!

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