Best Tools To Create Your Online Quiz – The Ultimate Way To Get New Leads

With new businesses registered every day, consumers today are spoiled for choice. Moreover, with brands using social media platforms to reach their consumers, grabbing your audience’s attention is extremely hard. According to a study, the average attention span of a consumer online is only 8 seconds

However, there are certain unique activities that brands can integrate into the marketing strategy that can help them stand out. One of them is using an online quiz maker to create a compelling and interactive quiz for their audiences. Online quizzes are currently the most optimal way for brands to conduct two-way communication with their customers. A study reported that 87% of marketers consider interactive content to be more successful at attention-grabbing, as compared to static content.

Besides being interactive, online quizzes are also a fun way for consumers to interact with your brand. This often results in brand recognition when the consumers are at the buying-stage. Additionally, there are a host of benefits that businesses can receive by creating an online quiz. 

Benefits of creating an online quiz

Get To Know Your Audience Better 

As mentioned previously, online quizzes are a great way for you to engage and interact with your audience. This can lead to you building a strong relationship with your audience and thereby result in consumer loyalty. Moreover, with online quizzes, you can also get a better understanding of your audience and adjust other digital strategies accordingly. 

Get A Better Reach 

Launching an online quiz means that you can have multiple participants from multiple locations. It doesn’t matter what location they are at; all they need is the internet to take the online quiz. Hence, this allows you to reach multiple people with a single activity around the globe. 

Create Brand Awareness 

Did you know, the average quiz can get close to 1900 shares, making it one of the most effective marketing strategies to boost sales for your business. Thus, launching one online quiz could potentially reach out to more audiences than your entire marketing strategy combined. 

That being said, only launching an online quiz doesn’t mean it is bound to be successful. Like every other marketing strategy, it is crucial to execute it right. 

How To Create A Quiz That Works 

Businesses can learn a lot about their customers from quizzes. Based on their answers, you can decide which type of product they would be most interested in and offer accordingly. You can also use quizzes to give potential customers information about your business. However, this only works if your quiz is designed right. Use these tips below to create a quiz that works: 

Relevancy Is Key

You shouldn’t just create a quiz for the sake of building it. It wouldn’t add any value to your business. Hence, the quizzes you generate should be relevant to your business. 

For example, if you’re in the furniture business, you should generate a quiz that is related to topics like “which type of room defines you”. Such quizzes can help you get an insight into your customer’s personality and their interests. Hence, before you launch a quiz, ensure you will be able to take some action that benefits your business when a consumer answers. 

The End Results Matter 

Yes, adding questions that are relevant to your business matters. But, you also need to ensure the result you give the customer is well-thought-out as well. If you give creative results that entice the user, the possibility of them sharing the quiz increases, this helps with creating visibility and improving brand awareness. 

It always recommended that the results you generate should be positive and motivating for the customer. After all, everyone loves to hear great things about themselves. If you send out negative or insulting feedback, your quiz wouldn’t be shareable, or worse, a customer might report you. 

Don’t Be A Drag 

Along with being fun, quizzes should be short too. You don’t want the quiz taker to feel like they are filling a form or survey. This might result in them leaving the quiz mid-way. A person is likely to spend not more than 60 seconds on a quiz. So, make sure you keep it short, but interesting. 

For example, BuzzFeed is known to create the best quizzes, and all of their quizzes are at or under 10 questions and audiences can finish them within a minute. Moreover, the questions you ask must be generic. You don’t want the person to open Google. Ask a couple of questions that can help you collect their data about their preferences. 

Social Media Is Your Best Friend 

Social media is the best way to ensure your quiz reaches as many people as possible. Social media users are looking for entertainment, and if your quiz gives them that you’re good to go. Facebook is known as the best platform for sharing online quizzes. Moreover, with a share option that is easily accessible on social media platforms, the chances of users sharing your quiz increase tenfold. 

Also, by sharing your quiz on social media, you can drive traffic to your website. 

That being said, there are a lot of quizzes available for users to take. Hence, your quiz should be designed in a way that compels your audience to take it. 

The Ideal Quiz Design 


There is a plethora of content available online. Hence, users generally skim through content and stop at only those that catch their eye. The title of your quiz is your best bet when it comes to effectively grabbing your audience’s attention. Your title should be catchy and should be relatable. Also, for lead generation, it is recommended to create personality quizzes. 

Cover Photo 

Along with the title, another parameter that is effective in catching a user’s attention is the cover photo. This photo needs to eye-catching and bright. It should also be relevant to your brand, yet, shouldn’t be solely dedicated to your brand. It is observed that quizzes with the face of one person have a higher clickthrough rate. Moreover, your cover photo is very crucial while sharing your quiz on social media and your website. 

Short Description 

Once you have grabbed a user’s attention, you need to convince them that taking the quiz is worth their time. So, before the ‘Take Quiz’ option, you have the chance to give a short description of the quiz that should compel the user to click on the ‘Take Quiz’ button. For example, if your title is “Are Your Managerial Material?”, your description could be “Take this quiz to find out if you are managerial material!”. 

“Take The Quiz” Button 

Psychologically, colour and text have a high impact on the decisions people make. Hence, the colour and text of this button matters. It is observed that blue or orange are the best colours and end up getting the most clicks. Also, it is recommended to leave the text as ‘Take The Quiz’, it is why the person is there anyway. 



One of the significant objectives of launching an online quiz is to relate to your audience. Hence, you should draft your questions in a way as if you’re personally talking to the quiz taker. You can also consider taking the quiz live with another person, to ensure the questions are conversational and exciting. 

Lead Form 

This is where you can reap the benefits of all your efforts. Once a person finishes the quiz, they should be directed to a form. In that form, you should mention that they need to fill out the form to receive their results on email. This way, you’re able to get their contact details, which you can use to promote your products. However, ensure you ask the person to fill minimal fields, maybe just their name and email. If they have to fill in too many areas, they might leave without providing any information. Also, send their results immediately after they submit the form. 

Yes, that’s a lot of things to keep in mind while launching an online quiz. However, with the help of good quiz makers, you can launch your quiz within minutes. 

The Best Quiz Makers

There are a host of quiz makers that you can choose from. Some are free with minimal features, while some are expensive but are loaded with features. So, the question is, which one will your business get maximum results?


TypeForm is one of the best quiz makers. This tool makes quizzes interactive for both the creator and the users. One of the few quiz makers that provide a responsive interface, this tool delivers the quiz one at a time in an attractive manner. 

Why is it fun for the creator? Well, due to its easy drag and drop editing tools, it allows the creator to build versatile surveys and quizzes. Moreover, the tool also offers multiple templates that you can choose from, which can be customized based on your requirements. 

Another added benefit of choosing TypeForm is that it can easily be integrated into CRM tools like HubSpot, using Zapier. This allows seamless transfer of all the contacts you collect from your quiz to your existing list of contacts. 

While the benefits of choosing TypeForm are great, there are some drawbacks you need to consider as well. It s important to note that some users could get frustrated by answering one question at a time. Also, while there is a free version, it allows only 100 responses a month. 

Price Models: Free & Premium starting from $30 per month 


The main USP of Fieldbloom is its aesthetically pleasing quiz designs. Pre-loaded with high-quality images and graphics, this tool’s templates are sure to grab a user’s attention. Moreover, with seamless integration with CRM tools like MailChimp, Google Sheets and more, Fieldbloom is ideal for creating surveys, quizzes, and forms. 

Moreover, Fieldbloom takes quiz making to another level with its advanced features. These include skip logic and answer piping that redirects users to different pathways, depending n their answers. 

Price Models: Premium at $39 per month 


GetFeedback is one of the more advanced quiz makers; however, with its easy-to-use backend interface, even a novice can easily create a quiz on this tool. Not only does GetFeedback integrate with one of the best CRM Salesforce, but it also offers the creator detailed analytics of the data collected from the quiz. 

Along with this, GetFeedback also offers the option of complete customization for your tests and lets you add branding designs to the quiz. Due to its massive list of features and price points, GetFeedback is popular among big companies that are looking for insights from their audience.  

Price Model: Premium starting from $50 per month.


Known for its user-friendly interface, SurveyGizmo is a feature-rich quiz maker. This tool comes with two versions, one is catered towards small businesses, while the other is more suited for larger enterprises. The version meant for small businesses offers ease-of-use. It aims to enable the creator to launch an online quiz quickly. On the other hand, the version for more substantial organizations focuses on providing a more in-depth analysis of their customers. 

While you can avail this tool for free, it is limited to just 3 quizzes. It is recommended to use the free version only as a test run. 

Price Model: Free and Premium starting from $25 per month

Google Forms 

Part of the G Suite family, Google Forms is free and easy-to-use. The features are fundamental, and the layout isn’t very pretty either. However, you can create a simple quiz to capture user data on this tool. Moreover, as it is a Google product, you can directly transfer the data collected to Google Sheets for proper analysis. 

This tool is recommended for small-scale businesses who are launching a quiz for the very time and aren’t aware of what exactly to expect. 

Pricing Model: Free 


In today’s online era, it is no secret that the only way to effectively communicate with your audience is via great content online. Hence, investing in the right content strategy is of utmost importance. You need to develop content that interacts with the audience. And, an interactive quiz might be the perfect way of doing that! 

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