9 Captivating B2B Email Marketing Examples You Can Draw Inspiration from in 2022

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead.

It continues to be the most popular marketing channel for B2B marketers, and for a good reason. Not only does it allow a conversational and direct style of communication with customers, but it also offers a better return on investment (ROI) than other channels. 

Did you know that email generates an impressive $42 for each dollar spent on marketing? That is a staggering 4,200% ROI, making it the most lucrative marketing channel out there [1]. 

Despite the arrival of stringent policies including the CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR, email marketing is tipped to remain a popular marketing channel. 

Are you looking to take your B2B marketing to a whole new level?

We hope these B2B email marketing examples will inspire you to take the plunge and harness the power of email marketing to its full potential. 

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Top B2B email marketing examples to improve engagement

One of the major benefits of email marketing over social media is that emails have a longer lifespan. 

Social media creatives and posts have a shorter lifespan and can live and die in a matter of a few hours. 

Thanks to the arrival of machine learning platforms that offer a clear passage to deeper data insights, delivering targeted content has become a breeze.

With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence, B2B companies can introduce a higher degree of personalization and segmentation in their email campaigns than before. 

1. Services email by Asana

Asana’s service email prompts users to control their to-do lists by sending invites to their clients to initiate a new task on the project management software they are using. 

It is a perfect example of how a B2B email can be used to send a re-activation or welcome email. 

2. End of the year email from Meltwater

The end of the year is a great time to create a long-lasting impression in your customer’s email inboxes. Besides, it is also an ideal period to get them hooked to your brand’s products or services. 

Meltwater’s end of the year is an excellent B2B email marketing example of how a company should approach an end-of-the-year email. 

The introduction includes the firm’s accomplishments in the past year and some content marketing material that can be used by their customers for efficient end-of-the-year reporting. 

3. GIF email by Moo

There is no doubt that GIFs have gained widespread acceptance in the B2C sector. However, can they find their way into B2B email marketing? 

You will be surprised to learn that even B2B organizations can use GIFs to improve their communication. 

Moo’s GIF email is an amazing B2B email marketing example of how a company can use GIFs in their B2B emails. 

The company added a GIF to add a flavor of excitement and create a buzz around their products. 

4. Docusign’s this vs that email

Security insurance for business liability ad banner

It could take a lot of effort to convince another company that your business provides the safest online alternative.

One of Docusign’s emails talks about how electronic signatures are safer than wet signatures. This is what makes the company’s email on online security a worthy example of B2B email marketing. 

The email reassures customers and also encourages them to trust their services under the camouflage of an insightful article. 

5. Update email by Mint

B2B emails can also be used to remind customers about key services, statistics, and important information they can receive from your company. 

Mint has done this really well in this B2B email marketing example in which it reminds customers to take a look at their credit score. The company used very minimal graphics and content to put its point across effectively. 

6. Product upgrade email by MailChimp

Another example of a well-curated B2B email marketing is the product upgrade announcement email by MailChimp. 

It includes a brief paragraph along with a graphic that features its Pro features on a mobile device. 

It is a good example of how companies can use graphics in their B2B marketing email. 

7. Blog highlight’s email from Salesforce

A lot of companies use blog emails with images to talk to share information with their customers.

However, Salesforce adds a different twist to this by focusing on a single image at the top and putting additional focus on blog titles in the rest of the email. 

It is a good example of how businesses can create and format an email to feature some of their popular and recent blog posts. 

8. Mixed topic emails by Shopify

The thumb rule of an email campaign is to put your point across without causing any confusion. The objective and message should be crystal clear.

However, Shopify’s business email defies this rule. It asks businesses to share their story on the platform and also highlight their key solutions. There is a lot going on in this B2B email marketing example. 

Although the email seems very lengthy and content-heavy, Shopify has done a good job binding different messages to a single core theme – enabling businesses to sell effectively and seamlessly using Shopify. 

9. Announcement from Uber

Uber keeps things as simple as they can in this example where they announce the new services and products in the pipeline. 

The email includes a seamless content flow that illustrates the upcoming features, making it easier for users to understand the benefits of these upgrades and how they can be used. 

Final words

nbox Communication Notification E-mail Mail Concept

The list of some of the best B2B email marketing examples could go on and on. However, the core theme of all these emails is to communicate effectively with potential and existing customers by delivering top-quality content. 

Email marketing if done correctly can offer tons of benefits. The key is to let your creativity do the talking and not sound very pushy and persuasive. 

We hope this list of some of the best B2B email marketing examples serves as an inspiration for you. You can also bookmark this list so that you do not have to spend your valuable time looking for these examples. 

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[1] (2021) “Email Marketing ROI: What leads to better returns?” Litmus [online] Accessed [March 2022]

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