5 Marketing Automation Tools to Watch Out in 2022

Marketing automation offers a lot of advantages to companies. When companies automate different tasks between sales and marketing, it gives them more time to focus on other critical components of your business strategy. Besides, marketing automation also provides a greater understanding of your prospect’s customer behavior. 

Marketing automation is playing an important role in transforming different industrial domains such as e-commerce, manufacturing, information technology, and more. If you look at some marketing automation trends, you will notice that more and more companies are looking to invest in marketing automation

However, the entire process of researching, evaluating, purchasing, and implementing a marketing automation tool is no small feat. With so many automation tools available, it certainly does not make things easier for you. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the top marketing automation vendors you should consider in 2022. 

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Marketing automation vendors for 2022

1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign Logo

ActiveCampaign makes it to this list for numerous reasons. It is one of the best marketing automation tools for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

The solution is loaded with a full suite of integrations and pre-built automations that bind the features of a CRM and an email marketing software

Active Campaign provides tools that make it easier for companies to bifurcate their audience. This allows companies to create and deliver personalized content across various customer touchpoints such as emails, text, and social media. 

Besides, the vendor added another feather to its cap in 2021 as it successfully raised $240-million in Series C funding. Following the financing, the company released frequent updates and new products to refine the tool. 

2. Act-on

Act-on Logo

Act-on provides a host of marketing tools that makes it easier for marketers to interact with their customers at various stages of the life cycle. The marketing automation features are among the best in the market. 

Each feature ensures businesses can scale their operations, improve brand awareness, use actionable customer insights, and deliver refined customer experiences. 

Over the past year, the vendor has made several key announcements. It rolled out an integration with Zendesk, rolled out an automated SMS feature, and raised around $200 million in funding. 

In addition, Act-on also introduced a new SVP and CCO of engineering to the leadership team. 

3. Maropost

If you are looking for a marketing automation solution with the best reporting features, Maropost should be your first choice. Besides, the solution is loaded with polished tools to facilitate smooth segmentation, email automation, mobile marketing, and social media management tools. These feature users to forge stronger relationships with customers and improve customer acquisition and engagement. 

Users can automate workflows on each channel and lifecycle phase via a simple dashboard. In addition, users can also create personalized workflows based on visitor behavior and course of action. 

In 2021, Marpost expanded its product offerings by rolling out a new email software. Besides, it also added a host of new board members after successfully acquiring an e-commerce platform, Neto. 

4. Khoros

Khoros is one of the most popular marketing automation software vendors in the world. It offers its enterprise-grade solution for efficient digital customer service, social media management, and more. 

The digital-first customer engagement software offers a bunch of new features for smart operations, social media management, and more. Khoros is ideal for companies operating in a range of industrial domains including travel, telecommunications, hospitality, retail, technology, and more. 

The company made quite a few changes in personnel. It appointed a new chief technology officer (CTO) and a chief financial officer (CFO). Besides, it also acquired a machine learning and AI software company. 

5. Plannuh

Plannuh is a young startup company that offers budget owners, CFOs, CMOs, agencies, budget owners, and stakeholders with a cutting-edge cloud-based marketing platform. The platform allows them to streamline the management of profits, marketing plans, and budgets. 

Plannuh promotes team collaboration and comes with all the key features required for marketing planning, expense management, and marketing budget. This year, the company rolled out a bunch of updates for its marketing tool and also raised $4 million for its marketing automation tool. 

Why does your business need marketing automation in 2022?

Today, omnichannel marketing has taken over due to which, marketing automation tools have become increasingly popular. Companies are compelled to create and deliver personalized marketing content at different phases of a customer’s journey. 

Marketing automation allows them to increase their businesses by improving customer engagement and optimizing customer experiences. 

This is why marketing automation should be one of the key components of your business strategy moving into 2020. 

Here are a few reasons why you should prioritize marketing automation in 2022. 

  • Marketing automation focuses on hyper-personalization
  • Automation opens up new lead nurturing opportunities
  • Improved lead generation
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Marketing and sales centralization
  • Higher ownership and accountability
  • Organized data processing
  • Less downtime, higher productivity

Marketing automation is here to stay, so buckle up!

As we draw closer to the end of the year, there are plenty of reasons to consider marketing automation. It allows companies to stay competitive, stay agile, and stay in tune with the evolving business landscape. 

In many ways, marketing automation has become a key part of many businesses’ growth strategies. It is safe to say that the adoption of marketing automation tools is on rising. You do not believe us? Check this interesting statistic out. Around 58% of B2B companies are expected to adopt marketing automation in the next few years [1]. In fact, Research and Markets predict that the global marketing automation market will cross $8.42 billion by the end of 2027 [2]. 

As more and more companies are looking to expand their business by improving customer relationships by focusing on providing personalized customer service, marketing automation tools are gaining considerable traction. 

If you have not adopted a marketing automation strategy yet, it is the best time to do so. 

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Image 1 Source: Active Campaign

Image 2 Source: Act-on


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