4 Awesome and Easy-to-use Dashboard Software for 2022

In today’s day and age, it is impossible to imagine a world without data. Data is everywhere around us and a goldmine that a lot of companies have at their disposal. However, it is important to understand that large volumes of data are of no use if you do not understand how to harness the same and leverage it to your advantage. 

Companies of all shapes and sizes work with data on a daily basis. This is why it is important for them to understand what the data that they have collected is telling them. This is where a dashboard software comes in handy as it paves the way for efficient decision-making. Besides, it also brings all stakeholders together in accordance with the unified business strategy. 

Selecting the right dashboard software is no easy feat. This is why we have made a list of the best dashboard software businesses should consider using in 2022. 

But before we take a look at that list, let’s understand what a dashboard software is.

Let’s dive straight in.

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What is a dashboard software?

A dashboard is an essential tool that helps users visualize their data and also understand the key metrics and parameters of their projects and business. 

A dashboard software collects and offers a clear view of all your objective data in a clear and concise manner. In most cases, your data is represented in the form of graphs visually so that users can easily monitor the key metrics of their projects. 

In a nutshell, dashboard software provides a clear view of all your complex data in a very easy-to-understand graphical format. 

By now, we hope you have a basic idea of what a dashboard is and what it does. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best dashboard software for 2022 you should explore. 

1. Domo

Domo is a popular business intelligence (BI) software that comes with a bunch of dashboard customization and collaboration capabilities. Many users have appreciated the tool due to its ease of use and how it syncs with different data sets. 

Domo offers 1,000 pre-built connectors and integrations that can be synced with a number of HR, ERP, and CRM tools. Users can view real-time information through a visually appealing and intuitive dashboard. This makes it extremely easy to make informed decisions backed by accurate data. 

Domo offers an array of customization options that enable users to combine data sets with self-made or standard SQL models. The best part is that employees from various departments can access and comment on shared data. 

2. Dundas BI

Dundas BI is an enterprise-grade business intelligence platform that is packed with tools that allow you to create intuitive and interactive dashboards. Users can add different customizations and add different visualizations to the dashboard to make it more intuitive. 

If you want deep and high-level insights, Dundas BI’s dashboard enables you to group, organize, drill down, and conduct advanced analysis and calculations in a streamlined manner. If you want to save time and refrain from building a dashboard from scratch, you can choose from a wide range of templates. 

The dashboard software leverages makes use of natural language processing (NLP), which works in conjunction with a virtual assistant. This enables users to develop metrics and explore information with their voice – similar to how you use an at-home smart speaker at home. 

You can also access all the dashboards on the go as they are mobile optimized and web-based. Every dashboard can be shared with team members, paving the way for team collaboration. 

The only downside we can think of is the steep learning curve of Dundas BI. However, since the tool can be used to handle large volumes of data, it compensates for the former point. 

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading CRM software that primarily focuses on sales and marketing. Thus, it is one of the best tools for syncing contacts, tracking sales, syncing with other CRMs, and more. 

Users can create more than 300 dashboards within the tools’ reporting and dashboard functionality. HubSpot also provides a dashboard library for sales, marketing, and other service verticals. 

While the tool generates dashboards from sales, marketing, and service data within itself, it can also be linked with data from other applications. HubSpot can seamlessly be integrated with different applications such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Microsoft 365, and more. 

The dashboards are shareable which makes them an exceptional tool for collaboration. However, the tool does not come with annotation functionality. 

4. Sisense

Sisense | Dashboard

Sisense is an end-to-end business analytics software that comes with a bunch of dashboard types and features. The dashboards are powered by on-premise or cloud data with the help of different data connectors that are compatible with Oracle, GitHub, and more. 

Users can create different types of dashboards as per their business requirements. Once a dashboard is created, it can be easily integrated with different applications and workflows, which makes it extremely easy to access business intelligence. 

The tool facilitates cross-team collaboration with the help of report access, common monitoring view, and sharing. You can perform these tasks on the go as every Sisense solution is mobile optimized. 

The AI-powered platform accelerates the entire process between data preparation and insight generation. The platform makes it easier to access data analysis to different users, regardless of their level of analytical expertise. 

Wrapping it up!

While these tools have made the cut to our list of the best dashboard software for 2022, there are many other platforms that offer similar features. Some of the most notable ones include Tableau, Zoho Analytics, Looker, iDashboards, GoodData, and more. 

There are a bunch of dashboard softwares to choose from that come with the best functionalities and features. Besides, these dashboard solutions enable you to create the most visually appealing and organized dashboards efficiently without any frills. 

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