7 Marketing Automation Trends to Look Out for in 2022

In the current day and age, digital technologies have gradually taken over the business landscape. Businesses across the globe are vying to streamline their processes to save time and boost productivity. Marketing automation has emerged as one of the best ways to achieve these objectives. 

More importantly, businesses are gradually recognizing the benefits of marketing automation. When companies automate their core business processes, they open up a considerable window of opportunity to tap into other critical business development avenues. 

As companies grapple with the aftermath of the pandemic, there isn’t a better time to explore the benefits of automation. You should focus on creating the most effective marketing automation strategy that is in tune with the most recent marketing automation trends. 

On that note, we will take a look at some of the most notable marketing automation trends for 2022. 

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1. User-quality data

Quality has been one of the most important parts of marketing thus far, and there is no doubt that this trend will continue in 2022. 

As a key decision-maker, you should be aware if your digital marketing strategy was effective for your target audience vs all users. Without these insights, you cannot make data-driven decisions pertaining to your website’s call to action (CTAs), copy, and design. 

This is why enhancing your user data with quality scores is one of the upcoming marketing automation trends. Think about it! What if your business had the ability to score leads and potential customers automatically? This data can have a profound impact on your marketing and sales efforts. 

This will also allow you to make data-driven decisions while formulating marketing strategies. 

2. Funnel-optimized information

Marketing automation brings forward the best of both worlds: automation and personalization. Marketing automation allows you to create customized experiences that address your customer’s end goals, challenges, and more. 

If you are looking to optimize the value of your marketing automation strategy, you will have to curate funnel-optimized content. This content primarily focuses on the multiple stages of the purchase funnel and the challenges, questions, and bottlenecks they have at that stage. 

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence on a chipset design

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two critical pillars of marketing automation. If you want to break away from your competition, you should be looking at machine learning to create result-driven marketing campaigns. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable you to gather accurate data about your customers. This information allows you to formulate engaging and effective marketing campaigns. Machine learning algorithms allow you to gather user information based on their online behavior. 

If you want your marketing automation to be successful in 2022, you should use AI and machine learning in conjunction with your marketing automation software. 

4. Chatbots

Are you using chatbots? If you are yet to explore what chatbots are and why they are important, you are missing out. Chatbots are expected to be one of the hottest marketing automation trends in 2022 due to multiple reasons. 

As companies strive to offer the best customer experience and support, the adoption of chatbots has increased. Chatbots allow you to interact with your customers without having to be present physically. 

Chatbots are a vital part of your marketing automation strategy as they help you save valuable time. Instead of manually answering all customer queries hurled toward you, you can use chatbots to answer these questions. 

Moving forward, chatbots are likely to play an important role in boosting engagement and forging relationships. 

5. Social media marketing

Automated social media marketing is arguably the most exciting marketing automation trends we are looking forward to in 2022. Businesses are increasingly focusing on their social media marketing efforts to expand their customer base and increase profits. 

As social media adoption continues to grow each year, there is no reason why businesses should overlook the potential of social media. Social media is gradually becoming a central location for lead generation and engagement. 

Automating your social media marketing will allow you to post content consistently. You can create posts in advance and schedule them to publish at a particular time. 

You can choose from a bunch of social media marketing tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to help you schedule your posts in an organized manner.

6. Customized email automation

Email @ design placard held by a woman in her hand

Just like social media automation, email automation is another trend that is likely to gain momentum in 2022. Personalization holds the key in both these trends and if you want your marketing automation to shake hands with success, you will have to focus on creating personalized email marketing campaigns. 

There are plenty of email marketing templates to choose from that can take your email automation to a whole new level.

Brands and businesses alike are focusing on delivering a tailored experience to their customers. Automation will allow you to create customer profiles for people that are interested in your business. In addition, automation also helps you create and deliver emails at the right time to the right people. 

7. Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing will be an important marketing automation trend in 2022. Automation could make your communication seem robotic. This is why, if you want your marketing automation to shine, a conversational approach is a good way to go. 

Businesses should closely monitor how they communicate with their customers. If your automated messages are plain, dull, and stiff, you should consider replacing the script with some warm and inviting texts. 

Your customers should feel that they are interacting with a human rather than a robot. 

Take your automation to the next level with these marketing automation trends

If you do not have a solid marketing automation strategy in place, it is never too late to begin. Marketing automation is a dealbreaker and very often a key distinguishing feature between different businesses. 

These marketing automation trends in the article will ensure that your automation efforts do not go down the drain. 

You can explore the different marketing automation tools listed on our website and choose the right tool for your business. 

Apart from these, there are many other upcoming trends and concepts on the horizon. For instance, remote working is becoming a standard practice across the world. You can take a look at the most effective remote work strategies for 2022.

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