Zoho Campaigns vs. FreshMail

Email marketing tools help businesses of all sizes. It is a powerful tool that can be used to reach out to people across the world. The main purpose behind companies partaking in email marketing is to spread awareness about their products and services, drive customer retention and create engagement with their target audience. It is a means to cultivate relationships with existing and potential customers and improve the customers’ brand loyalty.

Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail are both widely known and used email marketing tools which SMBs, as well as large-sized companies, use for running their email marketing campaigns. When selecting the software for your company, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. What benefits does each software bring to the table? Which features are more suitable for your company’s business, product or service? Which one fits in the budget? What other software do these tools integrate within your company?

If you are confused between Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail as the email marketing tool for your company, here are a few details about each software for you to compare and make the selection process easier.

Zoho Campaigns: An Overview

Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software solution that was created so that its users can build, deliver and monitor email campaigns for their business. It helps in boosting sales and growing the existing customer base. Zoho Campaigns is a tool that can help companies of small, medium and large sizes expand their brand reach and smooth the email marketing campaign process. It connects with other third-party applications seamlessly as well, such as Youtube, G Suite, Facebook, WordPress, and more.

Zoho Campaigns comes with pre-designed templates, along with a drag-and-drop editor. Using this, users are able to create campaigns that do not take more than a few minutes. The fact that this tool is automated optimizes the company’s entire email marketing process and creates efficient trigger-based emails, their responses, other workflows, autoresponders, as well as follow-up emails. It is highly effective when it comes to increasing engagement between the business and its customers as well as personalizing all email interactions to create a more effective campaign.

The tool allows its users to figure out what works better for them when it comes to subject line and design. Zoho Campaigns also comes with list management so that the users can ensure that the email list the business has is clean and spam-free. Users can create emails easily, along with detailed campaigns with an in-depth monitoring system for all campaign performance.

FreshMail: An Overview


FreshMail is a comprehensive email marketing software solution. It can be used to create and send effective email marketing campaigns around the world. It comes with an intuitive template editor. This helps users create creating marketing newsletters that attract the eye and are effective at the same time. This tool is accessible from anywhere because all the files, data, and tools are stored securely in a separate, dedicated cloud.

The biggest difference between FreshMail and other marketing software is the email templates that come with the application. They are all detailed and industry-specific that are created by award-winning artists. After they are created, the templates go through a very strict checking to test for effectiveness. They can be customized fairly easily based on individual requirements. 

FreshMail comes with intelligent autoresponders as well as real-time email tracking, along with with auto A/B testing, and the personalization of dynamic content for its emails, to name a few. All the features are very easy to use, making the software one of the most adaptable choices for all marketers. They can easily benefit from the tool’s advanced features without having to learn any programming, so their dependence on the IT teams to create efficient campaigns also reduces.

Comparison of Features between Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail

There are a lot of common features that come with any email marketing solution. The same goes for Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail. Both tools come with A/B testing as a feature and they have autoresponders as well for their emails. They are also CAN-SPAM compliant. They regularly have customer surveys as well to improve the experience for their users. Both software tools also come with drip campaigns and dynamic content. They have emails that are triggered based on the event as well. Both Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail come with an image library and have mailing list management features. The tools also have email reporting and analytics to help track the success and effectiveness of their campaigns. They can also manage their subscriber lists as well as their templates using the tool. Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail both also have the WYSIWYG Email Editor.

The features that the Zoho email marketing platform has and FreshMail lacks is the creation of emails that are optimized for mobile use, along with the ability to create landing pages or web forms.

Besides the email marketing features, Zoho Campaigns also comes with features for campaign management and email management. In the campaign management area, Zoho Campaigns comes can manage channels, contact the company’s database, besides the general email marketing features. Zoho Campaigns can also create actions that are event-triggered, manage leads as well as multiple campaigns.

When it comes to email management, Zoho Campaigns can monitor all emails as well as their responses, along with creating lists with whitelisted or blacklisted accounts.

Benefits of Using Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a great tool for companies to build their email marketing campaigns in an effective manner. The main benefits that businesses receive when they opt for Zoho Campaigns as their email marketing platform are:

Users Can Build Newsletters that Grab Attention

Users can create all their email campaigns easily and quickly when they use Zoho Campaigns. The interface allows them to create a campaign using their drag-and-drop options along with giving them a layout that is both simple and customizable. The templates are pre-designed and cater to different occasions. It becomes very easy to add visual elements to all the newsletters as well because it is streamlined with the image editor. This way, users can easily enhance, crop, and adjust their images and add them to their newsletter.

Manage Subscriber Management

Zoho Campaigns has the option to organize the company’s subscriber list and their information both manually or through automation. If users choose the manual way, they can add their subscribers one at a time. If they choose to automate, they can streamline the entire process. This helps if the company has a large number of subscribers. The streamlining is done by using API that is used for importing. Users can now import subscriber details from their Zoho CRM as well as Excel. They can also create different segments for their subscribers, incorporate signup forms, and enhance their reach to their audience by using smartphones for more efficacy.

Use Marketing Automation for Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns helps its users to eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks with their automation. All tasks that can be automated, get automated. This way they can focus on the more important aspects of their job role and their email marketing campaigns.

For example, Zoho Campaigns comes with autoresponders that get triggered every time a new subscriber either signs up or makes a new purchase, all depending on the company’s needs. This way the users do not have to manually send an email every time to every new subscriber or an existing one every single time.

Zoho Campaigns also comes with reminders for all special occasions for their subscribers, such as birthday wishes, or renewals for a subscription which helps the organization in staying connected with their subscribers as well as personalize all their engagement.

Benefits of Using FreshMail

FreshMail is best suited for businesses that already have an existing content management system (CMS) in place that can create newsletters in HTML. FreshMail can use that and download the newsletter from the CMS platform and send the newsletters across with just a single click. FreshMail also allows its users to manage all their promotions easily by using bar codes. The platform does this by generating promotion & discount barcodes. The subscribers receive these in their email and can then use them across all the company’s retail stores. These codes can be generated automatically in FreshMail and sent across with each email as an attachment.

The software comes with a very intuitive design. This allows its users to edit an HTML file. These files can later be used as a template for their newsletters. Users can also create emails with an image turn-off-state because lately, more and more subscribers keep their images turned off.

The biggest benefit of using FreshMail is an email marketing solution is probably its template editor. Users can easily create newsletters that catch the attention of the reader. All of this can be done without needing any previous experience in coding. There are already dozens of templates available on the platform, created by designers and approved for customization by FreshMail. These templates are ready-to-use as well as industry-specific.

FreshMail also has autoresponders in place so users do not have to respond to customer’s actions manually and individually. This way, communication with subscribers gets automated. These autoresponders are smart. FreshMail has real-time email tracking that allows easily finding out who is interested in the newsletters and following its links.

FreshMail also has an Inbox Inspector, which allows marketers to see how their marketing messages will appear or be seen in twenty-four different email variations. The application also comes with a Spam Test to free the emails which might have content that could possibly get treated as spam. 

The automatic A/B testing in the tool works well when it comes to testing alternatives. This way users can find out what really works the best for each of their campaigns. The software also comes with geo-location, declarative data, and behavioral targeting as features, for all the targeting subscribers that are ready to buy or invest in the company’s product or service. FreshMail also comes with personalization and dynamic content features which can be used to enhance all subscriber engagement.

Pricing Structure for Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail

Zoho Campaigns comes with a free trial for its users, and its starting price is from $5 a month. The tool has monthly as well as yearly plans for its users, and the software is email and subscriber-based, and the payment is made by email credits.

It is a cloud or web-based application, which can be used on Android as well as iOS. The support is available online and 24/7 and they have online training for their users as well as webinars and in-person training.

The starting price for FreshMail is $8 a month, and the application comes with a free trial for its users as well. It is a web-based application, with no adaptability for either Android or iOS. FreshMail comes with online training as well as in-person training, documentation, and webinars. They have a live representative available 24/7 in case users require support.

Overall Reviews of Zoho Campaigns and FreshMail

The overall rating for Zoho Campaigns given by its users is 4.2. When it comes to ease of use, the application was rated 4 out of 5, and when customer service was considered an option, the rating for Zoho Campaigns again went up to 4.2 out of 5.

James D., a verified Zoho Campaigns user working as a Director in the IT industry, has been using the software for more than two years. He rated Zoho Campaigns with a full score of 5/5, stating, “You can’t go wrong with Zoho.”

His overall review was this:

“We really like the seamlessness and ease of the Zoho programs, especially the Campaigns program. We use it to send out emails every week or so, and we have yet to encounter an issue that the tech support couldn’t fix. As our experience with Invoice and Campaigns were positive, we are more inclined to use other Zoho programs, especially if their pricing is as reasonable as with Invoice and Campaigns.”

The overall rating for FreshMail by verified users was 4.4. When it came to ease of use, FreshMail was rated 4.3 out of 5, and when customer service was taken into consideration, the total rating amounted to 4.5 out of 5.

Peter M., who is a Strategic Marketing Social Media Content Developer, has used the software for about two years, and he calls it the best platform if companies want to send out personalized newsletters.

He says, “I’ve tested a few different vendors and after using Mailchimp for a long time I switched to Freshmail. At first, it mostly for cost reasons but it turns out that their customer support really impressed me. I really like being able to write or call and get quick answers for everything.”

For more tool comparisons and in-depth tool reviews, keep reading ToolsMetric!

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