5 B2B Industries That Should Use Marketing Automation to Boost Productivity

Technology has evolved at a very rapid pace over the past couple of decades. Businesses from around the world, of different shapes and sizes, have leveraged technology to expand and steer clear from their rivals. Today, there is a lot of hype around automation in a host of industries, and for a good reason. 

As the demand for automation heats up, the spotlight is on marketing automation software solutions. Although a lot of industries have turned to automation, there are a few B2B industries that could largely benefit from automation. 

In this article, we will take a look at a few B2B industries that should consider purchasing a marketing automation tool. 

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Here are a few B2B industries that can turn around their fortunes with marketing automation. 

  • Recruitment
  • Communications
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-for-profits

We expect businesses in these industries to prioritize marketing automation in the next few years to stay ahead of the curve. Besides, as calls for digitalization get louder across the business landscape, marketing automation tools will soon take center stage in the following industries. 

1. Recruitment

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The human resource (HR) department has a lot on its plate. Right from looking for candidates, hiring the right people, training, to ultimately retaining employees, HR departments are responsible for all these tasks. 

By turning to market automation software, HR teams can save considerable time and also streamline documentation, employee onboarding, and other tasks.

Besides, marketing automation in HR paves the way for efficient time management and simplifies a lot of tasks. Today, a lot of HR teams use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to improve their processes. The best part is that marketing automation tools can easily integrate with ATS to make things even more efficient.

The combination of marketing automation tools and ATS can help you:

  • Look for new recruitment opportunities
  • Send emails to candidates in a timely manner
  • Get a better understanding of candidates and determine their key skills
  • Trigger nurtured conversations and follow up with customers based on employer engagement

Besides these benefits, marketing automation tools will open up plenty of other avenues for HR teams in the upcoming years. 

2. Communications

It is high time the communication sector practices what it preaches – efficient and swift communication with customers. This is where automation tools step in. Apart from marketing automation, even a CRM software provides you with tools to ensure companies are communicating with their potential customers across different platforms. 

This is another reason why marketing automation and CRM tools need to be integrated seamlessly. When companies utilize customer data and identify how they interact with your website, they can step up their efforts toward providing a seamless customer experience. For instance, every digital touchpoint can use automation to interact with customers. 

Apart from attracting customers, automation tools also help you determine which customers are on the fence and could switch to another competitor. 

3. Financial services

Business Man Insurance Application Form Concept

The financial sector has embraced technology with open arms over the past couple of decades. As different shades of digital technology enter the market, financial service providers need to be on their toes to prevent fraud, scams, and keep hackers at bay. 

Apart from strengthening their security, financial companies can use automation to provide personalized and relevant marketing. 

After all, financial institutions need to invest heavily in winning the loyalty and trust of their customers. However, unclear systems, inefficient business processes, and stretched internal teams act as barriers that prevent you from attaining your goals. 

This is where marketing automation in B2B comes in. A full-proof data-driven marketing strategy along with automation allows finserv companies to deliver tailored content, personalized services, and also create accurate customer segments. 

Marketing automation solutions minimize the number of manual tasks finserv companies perform. This saves them precious time and also elevates their productivity. 

4. Manufacturing

The manufacturing world presents its fair share of challenges, prospects, and opportunities. Besides, the sales cycles in the manufacturing sector are quite unique and often involve selling via resellers and distribution channels. 

The manufacturing industry is well known for relying on offline sales channels such as exhibitions and trade shows. However, with changing times, there are plenty of opportunities for marketing automation in the manufacturing sector. 

Marketing automation can help manufacturers in more ways than one. Firstly, manufacturers can create account-based marketing strategies for their standout distributors. Further, they can up their focus on upselling to current partners. Most importantly, manufacturers can automate communication regarding their brand’s USP and core product. 

It is about time that manufacturers find a middle ground between traditional business strategies and marketing automation. 

5. Non-for-profits

Non-for-profit firms are under constant pressure to make the most of their time, money, and efforts, especially because they are funded by grants and donations. 

Marketing automation tools can allow non-for-profits to drive their core business initiatives such as event marketing, volunteer recruitment, and fundraising. Across each of these key objectives, marketers can infuse efficient marketing strategies by using the best marketing automation solutions. 

Today, multiple non-for-profit organizations deliver scheduled fundraising emails that are a key part of their pre-planned campaigns. Although this approach has reaped good results, it lacks the tools to react to the evolving behavior of existing donors.

Marketing automation solutions can help nonprofits identify potential donors visits on their website. Their actions can trigger an email based on the type of content they view, encouraging them to donate – a win-win situation for all. 

This is just the beginning – marketing automation in B2B has a long way to go

These are just five out of countless B2B industries that can benefit from marketing automation software. Marketing automation in B2B has a long way to go. More and more companies are increasingly becoming aware of the advantages of automation. Besides, they are also identifying areas within their business that can be automated. 

It is a good time to opt for automation tools to steer clear from the rest of the competition. 

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