Microsoft Acquires CloudKnox to Improve It’s Multi-cloud Capabilities

Microsoft Corporation has announced the acquisition of CloudKnox Security Inc., a startup that provides a cybersecurity platform to corporations. 

This acquisition will improve Microsoft’s multi-cloud capabilities and also enable the company to compete with top rivals in the cloud computing space. 

The announcement comes a few days after Microsoft acquired RiskIQ Inc. for $ 500 million. 

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More about CloudKnox’s Platform

CloudKnox is a venture-backed startup that offers a cutting-edge cybersecurity platform that is developed to minimize the risk of corporate breaches, particularly in the cloud environment. 

In most of the cyberattacks that target cloud environments, stolen user credentials are used. For instance, a hacker who is eyeing an attack on a corporate cloud database will be able to do so by stealing the login details. CloudKnox’s platform prevents such cyber attacks. 

The platform examines a company’s cloud environment and finds the account of every active user. It then lists down unused accounts which need to be deleted to lower the risk of being hacked. 

CloudKnox can also identify accounts that have access to additional components in a cloud environment than necessary. You can reduce the damage inflicted by cyber-attacks by eliminating unwanted permissions. 

The main feature of the platform is that it offers insights into security-related challenges in a centralized dashboard. 

CloudKnox offers a complete overview of the application and user permissions across multiple cloud deployments in an organization. 

How Does This Deal Help Microsoft?

With this acquisition, Microsoft can now manage user access and permissions to cloud resources without third-party intervention. Just like corporate employees, cloud resources require particular permissions to interact with tech assets. 

The management of cloud resource permissions is not as straightforward as it seems. An enterprise-grade cloud environment can have thousands of individual machines, scripts, applications, and components that need permissions. 

Microsoft can now use CloudKnox technology to expand its capabilities of Azure Active Directory services. 

All in all, the deal improves Microsoft’s multi-cloud capabilities and grants it additional permissions control. 

Before this deal went through, Microsoft relied on a multi-cloud approach for its cybersecurity product portfolio. 

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