Pro Trump Social Media Application GETTR Hacked?

A former Trump spokesperson of former President Trump, Jason Miller announced the launch of a new social media application GETTR on the Fourth of July. However, soon after its launch, the platform with over 500,000 registered users was hacked for a brief period. 

What is GETTR?

GETTR is a Twitter-like social media platform that covers trending topics and enables users to publish posts. The platform has been advertised on Apple and Google applications stores as “a non-bias social network for people all over the world.”

Jason Miller called the launch of GETTR “independence” from the “woke tyranny” of tech companies. 

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More about the hack

Soon after GETTR was launched, multiple verified accounts on the platform were hacked and changed to display a message “@JubaBaghdad was here, follow me in twitter :)”. 

Some of the accounts that were hacked include the names of notable personalities such as Steve Bannon, Sean Parnell, Mike Pompeo, Harlan Hill, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

Jason Miller said that the issue was identified and addressed in a few minutes, and the hacker could only manage to change a few user names. While speaking about the security of the new social networking platform, Miller said that the problem was rectified. 

What did the hacker say?

Insider got in touch with the hacker and exchanged several direct messages on Twitter. The hacker said that he hacked into GETTR “just for fun” and it was “easy”. He also said that the developers should have been more careful while launching the website and ensured it is secure from such security threats. 

In the past few weeks, numerous tech experts had already spoken about the platform’s privacy and security vulnerabilities. 

Social media companies vs Trump

The former President’s accounts on various social media platforms were blocked following the riots on January 6 where his supporters entered the Capitol building. 

Since then, Jason Miller has dropped many hints to create a new platform which was finally launched on Sunday. 

As of now, the former President has been banned permanently from Twitter and his account has been suspended by Facebook till 2023. 

Prior to the launch, Trump tried his hand with a blogging platform “From the Desk of Donal J. Trump” which allowed him to create posts that could be shared on Twitter and Facebook. However, it was shut down in June. 

Feature Image Source: Image by B_A from Pixabay 

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