Google Set to Block Gmail, YouTube, and Some Other Applications on Old Android Phones

In response to the increasing calls of improving user security, Google is taking firm action against older Android smartphones. Google is set to flush out obsolete and older Android phones that are primarily running on Android 2.3 or lower. Users will either have to upgrade to a newer version or buy a new smartphone to continue using popular Google applications. 

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Google Pushes to Improve Data Security and Privacy

Google has confirmed that an array of popular applications such as Maps, Calendar, YouTube, and Gmail will be unavailable for older Android phones from tomorrow. 

If you are using an older smartphone – which runs on a very old version of Android, there is some bad news for you. Google has announced that it will block every user from logging in with their Google Account on older smartphones from September 27. 

With this change in place, a number of popular applications such as YouTube and Google Maps will stop working. Google said that all users with a smartphone powered by Android 2.3 will be at the receiving end of this update. 

Android 2.3 was released under the ‘Gingerbread” brand in 2011. At that time, Google used dessert names for each Android version. The company is withdrawing support for Android 2.3 to improve user safety and data security. 

In 2017, the company had suspended contactless payments from smartphones that were running Android 2.3. Now, it is going one step further by blocking users from signing into aging devices with a Google Account. 

Users who will try to login into their Android device will be greeted with a password and username error, even if the credentials are right. A host of other applications developed by Google such as Play Store, Maps, Gmail, and more will stop working from tomorrow. One of the main advantages for Android users is the major improvement of their privacy and data security. The overall efficiency and security of smartphones have changed over the years. As a result, it has paved the way for even more secure environments for users. S

Since the efficiency and security of older tech tend to decline, it is essential for manufacturers and developers to roll out new updates consistently. Since Android 2.3 is nearly 10 years old now, it is only logical for Google to chop off access and focus on keeping devices safe and secure. 

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