Google Will Introduce 7 New Features to Android this Fall

Android 12 is hitting the market soon. Despite that, Google is all set to roll out new features to Android this fall. The best part about this update is that the new features will be available for nearly all Android smartphones. Google published a blog post that talked about the new set of features – some, we have been hearing for a year and a few that none of us have seen before. 

All the features will be available on your Android smartphone soon. They will also be available for smartphones that are running on older Android versions. 

Here’s what the new features look like.

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1. Phone Control with Face

This feature is called “Project Activate” and is primarily developed for users with speech problems. Users can use their faces or eyes to perform predefined tasks. They can also use their eyes to navigate menus and applications. 

2. Smart TV Control with Phone

If your TV works on Google TV, this might excite you. You will soon be able to use your smartphone as a remote control to browse menus. The phone’s keyboard can be used to run search functions. 

3. Access to Reminders

We all know that Google Assistant makes it easier to set reminders. The feature will make it extremely easy to track all your appointments. Users can view all their reminders by saying “Hey Google, show my reminders”. 

4. Photo Lock with Password

Although it was possible to lock your photos on a Google Pixel, the new feature is available for smartphones of all brands. The only requirement is that these phones should run on Android 6 or higher versions. 

5. Sticks for Gboard

Google will add 1,500 new stickers that can be used on your Gboard. Users can be more expressive with these stickers. 

6. Android Auto

Android users are looking forward to playing around with the new Android Auto features. When you say “Hey Google, let’s drive”, it will automatically open the control panel. When you ask Google to turn on autoplay, it will read all your messages for you. Besides, users can reply to all messages with their voices. 

7. Heads Up

This feature was originally rolled out on all Pixel devices. It seems like Heads Up will be available for all Android devices that are running on Android 9 or higher. Heads Up prompt users to be more attentive to what is going on around them while walking around. 

Are you excited to see these features on your Android smartphone? Which is your favorite feature in this list? Leave your comments below and let us know. 

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Feature Image Source: Image by Pasi Mämmelä from Pixabay

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