8 Jaw Dropping Email Marketing Statistics for 2021

Despite the emergence of social media, email marketing continues to remain a popular marketing tool. If you do not believe us, these latest email marketing statistics will change your mind. 

Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing is well and truly alive. Although social media has emerged as a very powerful marketing channel, marketers are in no mood to bid farewell to email marketing. Besides, it’s a marketing channel that offers a very high return on investment (ROI). 

When done right, email marketing can reap great benefits, which is why you just cannot afford to ignore it. 

Let’s skip the small talk and dive straight in to see what the latest email marketing statistics have to say. 

But first, let’s take a look at what email marketing is.

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be defined as the process of promoting products or services via email campaigns. However, there is more to email marketing than just sending emails. 

You can utilize email marketing to forge strong relationships with your existing customers and also reach out to prospective customers. 

It can be used to keep your customers updated about your latest products, deals, discounts, and more. 

Today, email marketing can be regarded as one of the most affordable and conversion-oriented digital marketing channels today. 

Now let’s take a look at some interesting statistics that reflect the importance of email marketing. 

Latest Email Marketing Statistics

1. Around 4.3 billion people will use emails by the end of 2023

The way emails are created and delivered has evolved over the years and how! 

Today, emails are used by users from around the world. In 2019, there were nearly 3.9 billion email users worldwide. The figure is projected to grow to around 4.3 billion by the end of 2023 [1]. 

That is about half of the earth’s population. These numbers are a clear indication that email marketing provides tremendous scope for growth. Additionally, it is another reason why you should not miss out on this opportunity. 

There is a high chance that your customers use emails, which is why you should be as well. With email marketing, you can reach out to your customers at any time of the day throughout the year. 

2. 293. 6 billion emails were exchanged each day in 2019

Yes! You read that right! A whopping 293.6 billion emails were exchanged each day in 2019 [2]. 

Did you know that this number is likely to go north of 347.3 billion in 2022?

This statistic proves that email marketing is not going anywhere soon. In fact, its adoption is only increasing. 

3. You can expect a return of $42 on every $1 spent on email marketing


This should not come as a surprise! Due to its incredible popularity coupled with unparalleled benefits, the return on investment with email marketing is impressive. 

On average, you can expect a $42 return on each dollar you spend on email marketing [3]. Such a high ROI is unheard of right?

This is why we cannot stress enough how a well-planned email marketing strategy can generate significant revenue. 

There are plenty of benefits linked with email marketing, and this one is certainly at the top of the list. 

4. Around 87% of marketers rely on email marketing to distribute content

When the ROI is so high and strong, it comes to as little surprise that email marketing is every marketeer’s go-to content distribution medium. 

A staggering 87% of marketers use email marketing to spread their message across the masses [4]. 

Even then, email marketing is just the third most adopted distribution channel, following the trials of social media (91%) and a company blog or website (89%). 

Did you know that email has become a staple for almost all marketing strategies and that email engagement is an important parameter to evaluate content performance?

Today, a lot of marketers are more interested in knowing email metrics such as click rates, downloads, open rates, and more to find out the performance of content. Even more than social media analytics and drawing website traffic. 

5. Nearly 81% of SMBs use email as the main customer acquisition channel


Emails are very popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Even today, they are the main driver of customer acquisition and retention among SMBs. 

According to recent data, as many as 81% of SMBs still use email as their main customer acquisition channel [5]. 

Let’s face it! Social media is popular and the hype surrounding it is justified. However, despite that, it does not mean that email marketing is losing its effectiveness. 

The same research reveals that email marketing is leading the chart in comparison to paid search, organic search, and social media as far as customer retention and acquisition is concerned. 

If you are looking to make a direct impact and have a higher reach, email marketing is exactly what you need. 

6. Welcome emails have an average open rate of 82%


If you are not sure about how your email marketing strategy is performing, take a look at your open rates. 

Open rates are a fair indicator of whether people are opening your email. When you invest so much time and effort into creating an email campaign, you would want it to do well. 

The average email open rate is just a modest 21%. However, the open rate for a welcome email is around 82% [6]. Now that you know this, you can include welcome emails as part of your email marketing strategy for your audience. 

7. Emails with tailored subject lines have a 50% higher open rate

We just saw that an average email open rate is as low as 21%. However, you do not have to get discouraged by it. In fact, if you personalize your emails, you will soon notice its benefits.

Emails with customized subject lines have a 50% higher open rate [7].

So if you are looking to create an email marketing campaign, it would be a wise decision to personalize your subject line and greeting. 

8. Three abandoned cart emails can boost your orders by 69%

Do you know what abandoned cart emails are?

Abandoned cart emails are follow-up emails that are sent to customers who have added items to the cart, but have not finished checking out for whatever reason. 

Brands from around the world have found different ways to deal with this, and abandoned cart emails have come out as a winner. Abandoned emails have the potential to turn lost customers into paying ones. 

If you are wondering if abandoned cart emails work, here is a stat for you!

Delivering three abandoned cart emails boosts orders by 69% than a single email [8]. 

Abandoned emails are increasingly being used by e-commerce companies due to their positive impact on revenue generation. 

Key Takeaways to Enhance Your Email Marketing

email campaigns

These statistics are a testament to the fact that email marketing continues to do well and bring in strong ROI for companies. 

Creating original content and reaching out to customers in their inboxes has turned out to be one of the most effective ways to boost customer retention and acquisition. 

Although email marketing has been around for quite some time, even today, brands do not understand how it works. 

We hope these statistics have convinced you to believe that email marketing is indeed an effective marketing tool. 

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