8 Best Email Finder Tools to Simplify Email Finding

Ever since emails gained mainstream popularity in the late 1990s, email marketing has established itself as one of the most valuable marketing strategies. 

The number of email users continues to increase at a commendable rate each year. There were approximately 3.8 billion email accounts around the globe in 2019, a growth of 100 million from 2018. [1] 

Since over half of the global population uses emails, it would not be wise to overlook the importance of having an email marketing plan to grow your business. 

To set your email marketing campaigns into motion, you require more than a handful of email addresses. When you start finding email addresses manually, you waste a lot of time. As a business owner, getting hold of email addresses that could eventually lead to big contracts is critical. 

It can become frustrating when businesses have to invest a lot of workforce and resources just to find the right email contacts. Here is exactly where email finder tools come into the picture. 

The best email finder tools allow companies to save a lot of valuable time and resources and gain access to a large number of email addresses within seconds. 

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Table of contents

  • What is an email finder tool?
  • How can email finder tools help in business growth?
  • Benefits of an email finder tool
  • What factors should be considered before purchasing an email finder tool?
  • Email Finder Tools (5-6 Tools will be covered)
  • Final words

What is an email finder tool?

An email finder tool can be categorized as a lead generation tool that primarily automates the process of searching and verifying email addresses to streamline cold outreach efforts. 

Some of the best email finding tools are extremely easy to use, get email contacts of relevant people, and save time. 

These tools are useful for everyone, right from a freelancer to large multinational companies. 

How can email finder tools accelerate business growth?

Email usage continues to grow at an impressive rate each year. The arrival of cost-efficient laptops and smartphones coupled with the increasing internet penetration in the developing regions has made email marketing a powerful marketing medium. 

Email marketing provides a return on investment of nearly 4200% ($42 for every single dollar spent) [2]. Besides, email marketing is primarily used for three main reasons, sales, lead generation, and customer retention. 

Email finder tools are extremely critical for email prospecting i.e., the procedure to research and connect with potential customers. 

E-commerce business owners along with agencies that mainly rely on cold email outreach to reach their customers are among the primary users of email finding tools. 

When e-commerce business owners get their hands on these email addresses, they can deliver personalized messages to their customers. 

Similarly, small businesses and solopreneurs that require specific targeting, especially when they are starting out, need email addresses to work with. Email finder tools help businesses grow by providing the missing link between them and their customers. 

Benefits of email finder tools

Email Addresses

The best email finder tools provide a range of benefits. These tools, not only aid in simplifying communication with potential customers, but also improve internal communication. 

Some of the benefits include:

Lead generation

An email finder enables businesses to reach out to their marketing leads and convert them into customers. Such tools are predominantly used for lead generation activities. 


An email finder tool helps the human resource (HR) team to find email addresses of top talents and candidates. 

When HR has access to their email addresses, they can reach out to them, schedule interviews, and accelerate the recruitment process. 

Business development

Email finders play an important role in connecting you to people who can bring success to your company such as investors, business partners, influencers, etc. 

Factors to consider before purchasing an email finder tool

There are hundreds of email finder tools available in the market, which means you are spoilt for choices. 

However, when you have so many tools to choose from, it can be difficult to put your finger down while choosing the right tool. 

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an email finder for your company. 


Every vendor offers different pricing plans. If you are a freelancer or running a small business, your needs are different from a large company. 

You should review the different plans, understand what each plan has to offer, and make a choice if it fits your requirements and budget. 

Free trial

One of the best ways to find out if an email finder tool is apt for your business is to try and test them before purchasing them. There are a bunch of vendors that offer free trials. 


The best email finding tools cater to your technical requirements. The technical requirements can vary depending on a number of factors which include, size of a business, goal, outreach, niche demands, etc. 


Since a lot of companies make use of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, and other business tools, it is important that an email finder can be synchronized with them.

Customer support

Some of the best email finding tools provide exceptional customer service and support. The tech support should be able to address the technical bottlenecks you are bound to face while using a tool. 


You can go through the reviews written by users on review platforms such as ToolsMetric. You can make instant comparisons of different tools and get clarity regarding the specifications, features, pricing, and other parameters. 

Best Email Finder Tool in 2021

1. RocketReach

If you run a Google search with the keywords, “best email finder extension”, you will stumble across RocketReach on the first page. 

RocketReach is a Google Chrome email finder extension that provides verified real-time data for more than 450 million professionals. The tool enables users to search for prospects on the basis of their location, position, and keywords. 

RocketReach comes in handy in more ways than you can imagine! You can also perform bulk email searches and connect to its API to make use of its integration with third-party applications such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and more. 

Free version: No

Starting price: $39 per month (billed annually) for 1,500 lookups per year. 

2. LeadFuze

With the entire business world getting on board with the artificial intelligence (AI) trend, email finders are not lagging behind. LeadFuze is a popular tool that offers a spectrum of AI-powered features. 

At present, the tool has a collection of over 500 million profiles and more than 10 million companies. 

LeadFuze’s unique keyword search feature has grabbed the attention of users from around the world. 

Free version: No

Starting price: $132.30 per month for 500 lead credits per month. 

3. Find That Email

The name of this tool could not have been clearer! As the name suggests, users can use Find That Email to find emails. The company refers to itself as the “Yellow Pages of Email.” 

The tool enables users to look for a profile on social media with its Google Chrome extension and the bulk email finder. It can be integrated with more than 500 third-party applications. 

Free version: Yes (allows 50 Find Credits/month)

Starting price (paid version): $29 per month (allows 500 Find Credits). 

4. Anymail Finder

This email finder tool promises an accuracy of 97 percent on email searches made. 

Anymail Finder provides a bunch of unique features, out of which, the option to search by job title, stands out. This feature enables users to find new leads and prospects even if they do not have a particular person’s name in mind. 

As the tool offers an API, developers can play around with its functionalities and integrate it with other applications. 

Free version: No

Free trial offered for up to 90 emails. 

5. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is one of the most accurate email finder tools. With it, users can search for corporate email addresses using, first name, last name, and a domain. 

Norbert delivers a message to the email host to verify every email address. This eliminates the risk of ending up with the wrong contact details. 

The tool is available as an extension on Google Chrome and as a web-based application, enabling users to integrate it into their routine without facing any problems. 

Free version: No 

Users get 50 free search credits to test the tool and identify whether it fits their requirements. 

6. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is another Chrome extension and a web-based application that allows users to find email addresses under a particular domain. 

There are two ways users can use this tool. One, by entering a specific domain into the web application or using the extension to source every email address from the website they are visiting. 

While Hunter.io offers highly accurate results, it lags behind its competitors in this area. However, what makes it a desirable email finder tool is its ability to provide a complete email list of all the employees working in a specific organization. 

The tool is free for up to 50 domain searches/month. 

7. SellHack

SellHack is primarily developed for marketing, sales, and recruitment teams to streamline their prospecting tasks. SellHack deploys a 12-step real-time email verification procedure to ensure that users find the most accurate contact details. 

Apart from finding contact information, the tool can be used to create lists and automate some areas of the sales pipeline. 

Free version: No

SellHack is available at $3 per month for 100 email credits. 

8. Lusha

The idea behind creating Lusha was to help users find contact details of job candidates and sales prospects. Similar to Hunter.io, Voila Nobert, and Anymail Finder, Lusha is available as a Google Chrome extension.

At present, the tool features around 100 million business profiles, 15 million company profiles, and 36 million C-level profiles. Lusha’s large database simplifies the process of finding contact information. 

Although Lusha does not offer a wide range of features in comparison with some of the tools mentioned above, it offers a free version. The free version can be used as a starting point for users who just require a small number of contacts. 

Free version: Yes

Paid plans start at $ 79 per month. 

Next Step? Mass Emailing

Now that you know which tools to use to find email addresses, the next step is to deliver the right message, at the right time, and follow it up. It is critical for you to know whether your users are opening your emails and clicking on your links. 

You may be wondering how you can do that? Well, there are ample mass email tools that help you with it. Email marketing automation tools such as MailChimp, SMTP2GO, Sender, and more provide important insights regarding the performance of your email campaigns. 

These tools collect data, generate reports, and present them in such a way that users can evaluate the impact of their campaigns. 

Final words

In the current era, if email marketing is not part of your digital marketing strategy, you may have to reconsider your marketing roadmap. 

Email finders are the stepping stones for the success of your email and sales campaigns. Today, there are plenty of email finder extensions available, which is why platforms like ToolsMetric review and compare different such tools and simplify the research process for the users. 

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