6 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Social Media Tools for Branding

Imagine that you have taken the leap of faith and are all set to launch your business. What would you need to ensure your audience knows that you are out there? How will you reach them? These are some questions you have answers to as a business leader. Out of the various marketing options you have at your disposal, social media branding is an attractive alternative, and for a good reason. Around 82% of marketers have said that they repurpose content across different social media channels.

Today, a lot of businesses rely on external social media marketing agencies to streamline their online reputation and branding. While outsourcing social media branding has worked out for a few companies, others are building in-house teams to handle their social media. Although both the approaches are different, the objective here still remains the same; improved branding, marketing awareness, and better sales. 

While a lot of companies recognize the need for social media branding, they fail to understand how they can evaluate the key parameters of the campaign. Even if you create an effective social media strategy, if you do not measure the results, you are beating your head against the wall. Today, there are plenty of social media tools that allow companies and agencies to monitor their social media marketing campaigns. In this article, we will explore some of the key reasons why these tools are important and how you can benefit from them. 

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Social Media Tools are Important, Here’s Why

1. Social engagement

In the current day and age, customers seek instant answers from support teams. Besides, even companies are investing considerable time and resources into improving how they interact with their customers. The arrival of social media has given both; customers as well as businesses an effective channel to interact with each other. 

While customers can provide feedback, and review a product or a service, brands can market their products on different social platforms. A lot of companies are also focussing on replying to direct messages instantly to provide seamless support. This also sends out a clear message that you actually care for your customers. However, when you have to respond to thousands of messages across different social channels, it can become very taxing. This is where social media branding tools come into play. You can centralize all messages in a single location and keep an eye on all your inbound messages and outbound responses. 

2. Managing multiple social pages

Multiple Social channels on Phone

A lot of brands depend on multiple social media platforms to boost their marketing efforts. This can make it a bit challenging to manage your social channels. There are multiple reasons why businesses have a presence on multiple social pages. However, logging in and out of every social network to check your messages would be very counterproductive. 

Social media tools can consolidate all messages sent to your brand across different channels in one spot, saving you from toggling between different social accounts. 

3. Managing customer relationships

Personalization is important, and most brands have recognized that. Today, customers are drawn toward brands that go above and beyond to ensure their customers have a smooth and seamless experience while interacting with them. Besides, a personal touch can work wonders when you are looking to forge long-term relationships with your customers. 

This is exactly when you should avoid sending out dull, repetitive, and mundane messages. Personalize communication with your customers and offer a unique experience. 

4. Enhance team collaboration

If you are handling a large account or several small accounts, there is a high chance you are working in a team. While there are benefits of working in a team, it could also lead to confusion. For instance, multiple people responding to the same message could harm the brand’s reputation. 

Social media tools help you prevent such mishaps. A shared inbox provides a clear view of all the messages you have received, messages that were sent, and the interaction history with different customers. 

5. Social accountability

While the internet has turned out to be a boon for humankind, we cannot ignore the downside and the risks involved. One of them is hacking. We are all aware of how hackers can needle past the safety barriers of your account and wreck havoc. Imagine when hackers go rogue and post insensitive, inappropriate, or irrelevant content from your social media channels. While it could serve as a great source of entertainment for the masses, it can severely dent a brand’s reputation. 

Robust social media tools help you add extra layers of permissions and security, safeguarding the sanctity of your social accounts. 

6. Analyze social performance

Social media analytics

While making future-proof strategies, it is very critical to reflect on your marketing efforts. Social media tools offer detailed insights into the performance of your social media marketing efforts. Businesses can analyze the data drawn from these social media tools to modify, adjust, and improve their social media marketing efforts. 

Find out which social networks work best for your brand, the demographics of the audience interacting with your content, the type of posts that with maximum engagement, and more. Leverage these insights to plan your social media strategies in the future. 

Picking the right tool for social media branding

Now that we have a better idea about the benefits of using social media branding tools, it is important to choose the right software for your business. While most social media branding tools have common features, what sets these tools apart from each other are their unique features. 

Picking the right tool for your company can be a bit confusing. However, conduct your own research, read user reviews, and learn the features of different social media before you put your finger on one tool. 

If you are looking for a reliable social media branding tool we have a few suggestions. We recommend trying out Sprout Social, SocialBee, SocialDog, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Boost. There are plenty of other tools out there you can choose from. 

Visit us regularly for more blogs related to social media marketing and other enterprise-grade software applications. 

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