4 Amazing CRM Case Studies You Should Go Through in 2022

Are you a business owner? Do you think your company has adapted to the evolving digital landscape?

While you may have figured out most of it, there is one important thing you should know if you want to be successful. 

Simply having the best product or offering the best services will not guarantee profitability. It is very important to forge strong relationships with your customers and work on boosting retention and loyalty. 

If you are wondering how you can improve customer relationship management, here are a few amazing CRM case studies for you. 

As more and more companies turn their attention to enhancing customer loyalty and retention, customer relationship management tools have become very popular. 

Besides, even the arrival of the COVID–19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for tools of CRM since 2020. The CRM market is expected to reach a market size of $129.9 globally by the end of 2028 [1]. 

So how have the big brands cracked the code and why are they so good at CRM? How do they do it?

To answer these questions, we are going to bring you some case studies which will give you a fair idea. 

Without wasting much time, let’s dive straight in. 

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Understanding how big companies do CRM: Case studies

1. Apple CRM

Apple, the brand itself does not need any introduction. 

The company which was founded by Steve Jobs is a global phenomenon and continues to send ripples of excitement during product launches. 

Apple has rolled out revolutionary products including the iMac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. While there are no apprehensions pertaining to the quality of these products, Apple leaves no stone unturned to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Let’s explore how Apple leverages Apple ID.

If you have used iTunes, you will know that you need an Apple ID. Besides, even if you use an Apple device, you will need an Apple ID to register it. 

Your Apple ID syncs with all your devices to keep track of your movie and music choices and offer customized recommendations based on that information. 

What problem is this solving? It provides users with a higher level of convenience.

Apple uses the data it has collected to understand what its customers are looking for enabling them to improve their targeted marketing strategies. 

This is a classic case of a well-done CRM. 

2. Uber CRM

Uber hit the market in 2009 and since then has been at the forefront of the ride-sharing revolution. 

Today, Uber is a household name in many parts of the world, but the big question is, can it continue its dominance in the future? Well, we will have to wait and find out. In the meanwhile, we can take a look at how Uber has acquired more than 95 million customers worldwide. 

It is no secret that Salesforce has powered Uber’s CRM strategy and helped the company reach new milestones. 

Salesforce, one of the leading CRM vendors in the world helps Uber collect data from users who are engaging with the brand on social media. This approach helps Uber address customer queries and complaints in a timely manner. 

Besides, Uber can also keep track of all interactions with customers via an intuitive dashboard. 

Let’s not forget Uber’s loyalty program which allows customers to collect Uber Rewards. 

Every user earns points when they ride or eat with Uber, which can be redeemed across Uber’s plethora of services. 

It is safe to say that it is a textbook example of a brand acquiring customers by incentivizing them. 

3. McDonald’s

McDonald's shop sign

Did you know that McDonald’s serves around 1 million customers only in the UK? The number is projected to be anywhere close to 65-70 million across the world. 

So what is the secret sauce behind ensuring that customers keep coming back for more?

McDonald’s CRM strategy is second to none and this is why this is an interesting CRM case study. 

McDonald’s has joined hands with Astute Solutions. This partnership enables the global fast-food company to gain deep insights into customer feedback and their satisfaction levels. 

The company can also evaluate a restaurant’s performance based on region and swiftly identify gaps in customer relationships. Besides, this allows McDonald’s to step in before even the smallest of issues turn into serious problems. 

Astute Solutions works with McDonald’s to offer real-time customer information, integrate information from its restaurant into an advanced CRM tool, and enhance the accuracy of its reporting to facilitate sound decision-making. 

4. British Airways

British Airways G-DBCH Airbus A319

The aviation industry is highly competitive and very consumer-oriented. Even a single bad experience is enough for customers to never look back.

So how does British Airways manage to fly more than 145,000 passengers to over 200 destinations each day? Why do customers love Birtish Airways?

The answer is clear – it’s Executive Club. 

The British Airways Executive Club is an excellent example of one should do CRM loyalty schemes. 

The program is free of cost and does have any ongoing charges. It allows passengers to earn ‘Avios’ points when you buy holiday packages, car rental, hotels, and flights via British Airways or its affiliated partners. 

These ‘Avios’ points can be redeemed for discounts on accommodation or flight tickets. Users can also choose their seat and meal preferences, paving the way for a flawless booking experience. 

As customers continue to fly with British Airways, they will be able to advance through the different tiers of the Executive Club membership (from blue to Gold). 

British Airways keeps track of this information using a CRM system named Teradata. It allows the airline operator to stay on top of all customer bookings and how they are engaging with their offers and deals. 

Learn, adapt, implement 

What are the key takeaways from all of these CRM case studies? 

Customer is the king, and if you treat the king right, your business will flourish. 

Having said that, it is important to have a full-proof CRM strategy in place to ensure you strengthen your relationship with your customers. It is critical that you start creating strategies to pull in more leads, manage deals in the pipeline, and foster healthy customer relationships. 

You will have to figure out a way to improve customer engagement, track your engagement, and also identify a way to improve your brand’s value. 

These CRM cast studies have made one thing very clear modern CRM software is a key part of this puzzle. 

If you are looking for a CRM software to take your customer relationship management to the next level, you can check out the different tools on our website. 

Read our reviews, compare different CRM solutions, and find a solution just for you. 

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[1] O’Connor. E (2022) “TOP 50 CRM STATISTICS AND TRENDS FOR 2022” EPC Group [online] Accessed [March 2022]


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