GoDaddy Breach – Data of Over 1 Million Customers Compromised

Web-hosting heavyweight GoDaddy revealed that there was a data breach from their end. Due to this, the data of more than 1.2 million active and inactive users were compromised. This is the third such security breach that comes to the fore since 2018. 

In a blog post, GoDaddy’s Chief Information Security Office, Demetrius Comes disclosed that there was an unauthorized entry to its WordPress servers. 

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More about the GoDaddy breach

In a filing with the U.S. SEC, GoDaddy said that a risky third party gained access to its managed WordPress servers. The unauthorized entry was made using a compromised password, which gave users access to sensitive customer information. The breach was made on September 6, and it is not very clear if the password was secured with two-factor authentication. 

The company said that they discovered this breach around November 17 and are currently investigating the incident. As part of the investigation, the company is getting in touch with all the customers with particular details. 

What information did the intruders have access to?

The intruders had access to the following information:

  • Email addresses of more than 1.2 million inactive and active WordPress customers
  • The main WordPress admin password
  • Database usernames and sFTP passwords linked to its active customers
  • SSL private keys for a group of active customers

At the moment, GoDaddy is issuing new certificates to the impacted customers. In addition, they have also reset the passwords that were breached and are strengthening its system with state-of-the-art security measures. 

It is safe to say that data breaches are rampant and not very sporadic as one may seem to believe. This exposure poses a threat to the passwords and email addresses and serves as a gateway to phishing attacks. 

Besides, it also allows attackers to penetrate the exposed WordPress sites to upload malware. 

Mark Maunder, CEO Wordfence, said that for sites that were primarily exposed to SSL private keys, it was possible for unauthorized users to decrypt traffic by using stolen credentials. 

Impacted customers have taken to Twitter to express concerns and frustration.

Did you find this article interesting? Drop your comments below and tell us if you were at the receiving end of this data breach. 

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