Facebook Introduces “Soundmoji”, a New Sound Emoji Messenger Feature

Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms has introduced sounds to emojis in its Messenger app. The social media giant has called this feature Soundmojis. 

The announcement comes just a couple of days before World Emoji Day (July 17th). 

The new feature enables users to send short sound sitcom-esque forced laughs and other sound effects while chatting. Users will now be able to send short sound clips over chat. 

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How Can You Access Soundmojis?

Accessing and using Soundmojis is pretty straightforward, especially for individuals who are acquainted with Facebook’s Messenger app. 

As of now, Soundmojis are available only on Facebook’s biosphere. This means that you will only be able to use this feature on Messenger, and not on your default text messaging service. 

Steps to access Soundmojis:

1) Tap the emoji button in the Messenger conversation

2) Press the sound icon located on the far right

3) Scroll through the options

4) Tap on any emoji to preview the sound linked to it

5) Click on the “send” button to use it in your chat

What Can You Expect?

The first batch of Soundmojis is slated for release during the buildup for World Emoji Day. The initial batch includes a range of sounds such as drum rolls, evil laughter, crickets, and clapping. 

A lot of sounds in Facebook’s current library are expected. For instance, you can hear a goat bleating when you tap the goat emoji, and an applause sound effect when you hit the clapping hands emoji. 

According to Facebook, it will “regularly” update its library with new sounds to make its Messenger more dynamic. 

Are emojis the future of chat conversations?

Facebook said that nearly 2.4 billion messages with an emoji are sent each day. There is no doubt that emojis have become an important part of the entire “chat” ecosystem. 

Emojis are becoming increasingly popular as they have the ability to fill in when words fall short. At times, the use of a simple emoji is enough to deliver your message. 

But are emojis the future of chat conversations? Looking at how Gen-Z uses emojis, the adoption will continue to grow. Besides, a lot of brands and businesses are using emojis in their marketing and social media campaigns.

Although emojis will not replace conventional language, they are likely to improve it. The adoption of visual language across different parts of the globe is on the rise, and this trend will further fuel the use of emojis in the future.  

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