Spotify Announces Launch of New Audio Application ‘Spotify Greenroom’

Spotify announced the launch of  ‘Spotify Greenroom’, a mobile application where you can engage in live audio discussions. The application is quite similar to Clubhouse, a social media application that allows you to participate in audio-based conversations and discussions. 

Spotify is set to enter the live audio space with the acquisition of Betty Labs, the creators of sports-centric audio application Locker Room. 

Greenroom is an upgraded and improved version of Locker Room where users can engage in live discussions by entering their Spotify login credentials. 

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More about ‘Spotify Greenroom’ 

For those who are unfamiliar with Locker Room, it is an audio application that was predominantly created to have sports-related conversations. However, with these new developments, Spotify is set to add more categories such as culture, entertainment, and music. 

Greenroom provides recording capabilities that complement your existing on-demand content with live conversations. In addition, it also dawns a host of chat controls that are aimed at improving user experience.

Spotify stated that it has created the Greenroom platform with a sole focus on artists and creators, facilitating deep connections between all users in the live room. 

In addition, the company is leaving no stone unturned to make Greenroom a creator-friendly platform. Against that backdrop, Spotify will also launch a Creator Fund, which will allow live creators to make money off their work. 

The Spotify Greenroom application will be available on Android and iOS across 135 countries around the world. 

Spotify’s Most Recent Acquisition

In recent years, several tech companies have expressed immense interest in podcasts. Spotify is foraying into the podcast space with great intent and it is crystal clear that it is very serious. 

Apart from the acquisition of Locker Room, Spotify has also completed the acquisition of an AI startup Podz to improve audio content discovery. The popular audio streaming company wants to integrate the capabilities of Podz technologies to boost its own podcast platform. This acquisition was confirmed on Spotify Newsroom. 

It is interesting to note the timing of the announcement as it comes just a day after Facebook confirmed that it will launch its podcast platform within the social media platform on June 22.  

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