Best Backlink Analysis Tools to Improve Your Traffic Instantly!

Owning a website and putting in the efforts to make it the most lucrative medium of growing your business are two different approaches. It is often assumed that just being present in the digital space by having a website is enough to expand. But, that is not at all true! There is a lot more required to do to be up and running and especially make a mark to stand out in the augmenting digital marketing world.

Analytics data | TOOLS METRICOne of the crucial ways to make sure your website is proving to be the reason for your business’s growth is having numerous backlinks. Now you may ask what are backlinks? Simply put, backlinks are those links that are directed to your website. In SEO, the more backlinks a website has, the more popular or more important it is considered in the search engines. 

That’s not all though! Backlinks are necessarily not beneficial always. So, to make sure your website has the correct backlinks, there are certain tools that you can use. These tools help you to connect to relevant business websites and give the desired results.  

List of Backlink Analysis Tools to the Rescue!

With the growing popularity of online marketing, having the right kind of backlinks on your website is extremely important for your business. The quantity of backlinks is surely important but the quality of links that your website has is equally crucial. For you to decide which backlinks are valuable for your website, you can refer to the below-listed tools to make the correct call.  


Ahrefs is considered to be a favorite among digital marketing professionals. This tool has all the accurate features that are essential to know the kind of backlink data is generated on your website. This tool not only allows you to check the number of backlinks generated but also enables you to check their quality and how it is benefiting your website.    


Linkody is a backlink tracker that analyzes and tracks all your backlinks 24/7. This is a tool that makes sure that all the backlinks existing on your website generate great value. Some of the features of the tool include link analytics, instant link location, multi-user support and much more!


CongnitiveSEO is a very powerful internet marketing tool in itself. But when it comes to backlink analysis, the most noticeable feature that it offers is the instant notifications whenever a backlink activity happens on your website. You are triggered in your inbox with all the activity data as well as growth trends.


Kerboo is one of those tools that helps you make a dedicated list of links that are the most important according to you. The tool then daily checks the status of the links, whether it is taken down, converted to no-follow and other such scenarios. This gives you better control over the links of your choice. 

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO conducts link investigation like no other tool. It uses different parameters like language, topic, industry-standard matrics, etc to filter out the most relevant kinds of links for your website. Having such in-depth quality links makes you rank better and faster.

Monitor Backlinks

There is no better way to work on your backlinks than keeping a track of your competitor’s good links and your bad links. This is exactly where the Monitor backlink analysis tool comes into play. Along with that, this tool also connects your link profile with your Google Analytics account that. 

SEO PowerSuite

If there is one backlink analysis tool that is an expert in creating and generating backlink reports in SEO PowerSuite. This tool is very beneficial for you when you have to know the number of backlinks generated, the status of the links and more.  


Moz’s backlink analysis tool is the newest addition to its toolset. This tool is making link building, tracking and analyzing much faster and generating fresher data of each of the backlinks present on the website. 

Factors to Analyze Before Using Backlink Analysis Tools

There are a whole lot of tools getting introduced in the market.  Each of these tools has a unique feature that makes them differ from one another. But since there are so many options available, you are bound to get confused. Hence, there are certain characteristics to look at when selecting a tool for your use. 

Competitors analysis

Being completely aware of which tool your competitors use is extremely crucial. Since the results that you are looking for are similar to that of your competitors, it is best to have an idea of the tool they use and on what basis they use it and what kind of data they seek for.

Off-page submission

As much as on-page submissions are given importance to build the credibility of your website, off-page submissions should be given equal importance. Getting a review of your website from other sites except yours makes the content of your website valuable in ways more than one.

Spam backlink analysis

Spam backlinks are the most dangerous links to have on your website. It is best to stay away from them as they affect your organic traffic to a huge extent. Conducting an in-depth spam backlink analysis of all the backlinks present on your website and making sure they ain’t spam is one of the first steps before using a backlink analysis tool. 

Broken backlink

A broken backlink is nothing but an incoming directing to a 404 error page. These pages are not only misleading but entirely useless to your website. Since there is no content present on 404 pages, such pages do not help in increasing your website’s traffic in any way. 

Anchor text strategy

Incorporating anchor text in your website’s content as well as a third party website is a smart strategy to make backlinks stand out. Since anchor text is the clickable text, there are a lot of chances of users getting directly to your website to know more about the content mentioned.

Why Consider a Consultation For SEO Services?

Whenever you are at the peak of increasing your business with the help of your website, you must be doing all things right. This includes spam links consultation. The reason being, seeking advice from companies who primarily provide SEO services proves that they are more aware of the market trends, tactics and digital marketing knowledge in general. This assistance helps you to collaborate with the correct competitors and thus grow!

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