Apple iOS 15: New Privacy and Email Tracking Features Set to Make Big Changes to Your iPhone

It’s official! iOS 15 is coming soon. Apple, the multinational tech company offered the first glimpse of its latest operating system iOS 15 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The new operating system is expected to be packed with game-changing privacy features for all iPhone users. 

As the company took the covers off iOS 15 earlier this month, the new operating system will be available for new as well as older devices. As of now, the iOS 15 beta version can be accessed by registered developers, which is paving the way for more features – such as the new multitasking feature. 

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Building on iOS 14 – Game Changer for iPhone Users

Many believe that iOS 15 is likely to be a game-changer for iPhone users. Why? It is primarily because the company is building upon its iOS 14, which notably decreased data collection and tracking by companies like Facebook. 

The unveiling of iOS 15 comes just a couple of months after Apple released iOS 14.5 in April. The arrival of iOS 14.5 meant the introduction of a lot of new features. Some of the features include the ability to unlock an iPhone using a Face ID while wearing a mask, restricting applications from tracking you for advertising, and a choice of up to four Siri voices.

iOS 15 builds on that and adds more features to that list. Some of the features that iPhone users will see in iOS 15 features include Windows and Android support for Facetime, spatial audio, improved Maps, and convenient sharing in iMessage. 

Besides, the iOS 15 also builds on iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency. In the latest version, every user can see the privacy dashboard that will display permissions given for each application. This is tipped to be a welcome improvement as it allows users to revoke permissions and safeguard their privacy. 

Changes in Email Tracking

One of the biggest and the most exciting iOS 15 features that is likely to have a huge impact is Apple’s decision to reduce email tracking. 

At present, when a user opens a marketing email, the sender has access to a range of data such as the time the email was opened, location, and more. The technology company is likely to end that practice with the launch of iOS 15 – a move every iPhone user is likely to embrace with open arms. 

As security remains paramount in today’s technology space, Apple has also made improvements in this area. An authenticator application will be installed to ensure users do not interact with less secure SMS. 

So, the main question here is, when is Apple releasing the iOS 15? If everything goes as per the plan, iOS 15 will be released in Fall this year – close to the launch of iPhone 13. 

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Image Source: John Tekeridis used under the license CC0 1.0 Universal


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