7 Interesting Marketing Automation Case Studies Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

If you are a business owner or one of the key decision-makers of your company, you are probably familiar with marketing automation. Marketing automation is extremely important in the current business environment, especially to stay ahead of the competition.

Right from chatbots to big data, the marketing automation landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. As more and more companies up their game to provide seamless customer service and experience, the adoption of automation continues to grow. 

Today, around 51% of companies are using marketing automation, and more than 58% of B2B companies are expected to adopt the technology in the near future [1]. 

Marketing automation is very effective and profitable in both – the short and long run. This is why we are going to take a look at some marketing automation case studies that demonstrate how companies have leveraged it to boost revenues, provide a seamless customer experience, and increase sales. 

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Marketing automation case studies worth reading

1. Virtual Logistics

Virtual Logistics is a Canadian firm and one of the leading data and technology integration services providers. The solutions are primarily used by companies that require interconnectivity. Virtual Logistics has been around in the business world for more than 20 years and successfully developed an OmniChannel data integration platform. 

It has gradually become one of the most popular service providers in its industry. By deploying marketing automation, the company was able to gain agility and maximize efficiency. 

After considerable efforts, Virtual Logistics now has a command over its automated marketing flow. The firm now has sophisticated automations and achieved this feat in a very short time. 

10x growth for the company

The company says that its landing pages are performing much better than ever before thanks to marketing automation. In addition, they are compatible with all platforms and different screen sizes. 

2. McAfee

McAfee made a name for itself as one of the leading antivirus software companies in the world. It offers comprehensive solutions and services for network and systems security from around the world. 

Marketing automation changed the company’s fortune as its conversion rate saw a fourfold growth and also generated more leads for the sales team by bifurcating customers and offering them accurate information at the right stage of the buying funnel. 

When the company implemented marketing automation, these were the results.

  • The number of leads saw a dip. However, the quality of leads improved significantly. 
  • As the quality of leads increased, the conversion rate saw a fourfold growth. 
  • The alignment between the marketing and sales department improved considerably. 

3. Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a British and Canadian media company and predominantly a legal, financial, and professional publishing company that has leveraged marketing automation to enhance its email marketing campaigns. 

In the past, although creating and delivering mass emails gave the company a lot of leads, they were not of good quality. However, with marketing automation, the company was able to align its sales and marketing departments and also enhance customer segmentation and targeting. 

How did marketing automation help Thomson Reuters?

  • The company’s conversion time increased by around 72%, which means that the leads were converting much faster. 
  • Revenue generated via marketing increased by around 175%. 
  • The number of leads that came toward the sales team increased by around 23%.

4. Paper Style

Paper Style is an e-commerce company that primarily specializes in creating personalized products including invitations and greeting cards. The company provides a bunch of designs, templates, and personalized services. 

The firm utilized marketing automation to target its customers in a streamlined manner and deliver customized emails pertaining to their discounts or offers. 

What were the results?

  • The opening rate increased by 244%
  • Automated emails boosted the revenue by 330%
  • The click rate increased by 161%

5. Swiss Education Group

.Swiss Education Group wanted to change a few things in their lead nurturing techniques. They turned to marketing automation and encourage collaboration between their sales and marketing teams.

This allowed them to generate only quality leads across different channels and get more student sign-ups from Kenya, Nigeria, and India. 

How did marketing automation help?

  • The read rate saw a 28% increase. 
  • The number of students who opted for their courses saw a significant rise. 
  • Marketing revenue increased.

6. Barack Obama used marketing automation in the 2012 Presidential campaign

President Barack Obama delivers remarks during a memorial service

This has to be one of the most interesting marketing automation case studies in the world. Even the former president of the United States of America used automation in his 2012 presidential campaign. 

What did his team do? President Obama automated his volunteer platform and the way it collected data such as email addresses, zip codes, physical addresses, and more. This approach enabled his team to swiftly get in touch with volunteers who could make a huge impact in different areas of his campaign. 

These results were incredible and worked in favor of the former President due to the efficiency with which potential volunteers were qualified. Apart from that, the major win came when Obama was re-elected as the President for the second term. 

7. Copa Airlines

The airline industry is more competitive than ever before, which is why many airline carriers are deploying new strategies to beat the competition. The airline wanted to minimize work, time, and KPIs on new and current marketing activities by focusing only on active users on the list. 

This boosted the open rate, revenue, and conversion rate. The company got rid of inactive names on the email list, focused on delivering personalized emails, and paid attention to retargeting email campaigns for abandoned users. 

The results?

  • The open rate increased by 2%.
  • The conversion rate increased from 8% to 11%. 
  • The time to send mass emails was reduced by 50%. 

Final words

Automation Manufacture Operation System Concept

We hope these marketing automation case studies will inspire you to utilize automation to your advantage. If done correctly, marketing automation provides heaps of benefits and also helps companies replace mundane tasks. 

If you are confused about which marketing automation tool is right for you, you can browse through the different marketing automation tools listed on our website. Explore, compare, and choose the best marketing automation software your business needs. 

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[1] Steward. J (2022) “The Ultimate List of Marketing Automation Statistics 2022” Findstack [online] Accessed [April 2022]

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