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In today’s digital landscape, providing exceptional customer service is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Customers expect prompt, personalized interactions, and businesses need efficient tools to deliver them. This is where Social Intents steps in, offering a powerful combination of live chat and advanced AI chatbots to revolutionize your customer experience.

Seamless Live Chat for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Social Intents’ live chat functionality empowers you to connect with website visitors in real-time, fostering deeper engagement and boosting conversions. Here’s how it elevates your customer interactions:

  • Unified Inbox: Manage all your customer conversations on a single, centralized platform. No more jumping between different apps to answer inquiries.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Seamlessly chat with customers directly from their preferred platform, be it Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, Zoom, or Webex. This flexibility ensures you’re always available where your customers are.
  • Targeted Display Rules: Tailor chat availability based on specific website pages, visitor demographics, or behaviour. This allows you to proactively engage high-value leads at the right moment.
  • Canned Responses: Streamline repetitive tasks by deploying pre-written responses to common questions. This saves your team time and ensures consistent messaging.
  • Proactive Chat Invites: Take the initiative by sending targeted chat invitations to website visitors. This is a great way to proactively address potential concerns or offer personalized recommendations.

Revolutionize Customer Support with AI Chatbots

Social Intents goes beyond traditional live chat by offering cutting-edge AI chatbots that can handle a wide range of customer inquiries, 24/7.

  • Hybrid AI Power: Social Intents’ chatbots combine the best of both worlds: powerful AI for handling routine questions and seamless escalation to human agents for complex issues. This ensures a smooth and efficient customer experience.
  • ChatGPT Integration: Leverage the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to train your chatbots on your specific business data. This allows them to provide highly accurate and personalized responses, tailored to your unique offerings.
  • Easy Training, Endless Flexibility: Building and customizing chatbots with Social Intents is surprisingly simple. You don’t require coding expertise. The platform offers an intuitive interface that lets you train your chatbots on specific topics and responses.

Benefits Beyond Customer Service

Social Intents delivers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond just customer service:

  • Improved Lead Generation: Capture valuable leads by qualifying website visitors through automated chatbot interactions. This allows your sales team to focus on nurturing high-potential leads.
  • Enhanced Sales Conversions: Chatbots can act as virtual sales assistants, answering product inquiries and guiding website visitors through the buying journey.
  • Reduced Support Costs: By deflecting common questions and resolving simple issues, AI chatbots significantly reduce the workload on your human support team.
  • Increased Team Efficiency: Freeing your customer service agents from repetitive tasks allows them to focus on more complex inquiries, boosting overall team productivity.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain valuable customer data and insights through chat transcripts and chatbot interactions. This data can be used to improve your marketing strategy, product offerings, and overall customer experience.

Social Intents: The Perfect Fit for Your Business

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Social Intents offers a scalable solution that adapts to your needs. Here’s what makes it ideal for your business:


  • Affordable Pricing: Social Intents provides a range of plans to suit different budgets. There’s no per-agent pricing, allowing you to scale your team without worrying about additional costs.
  • 14-Day Free Trial: Experience the platform firsthand with a free 14-day trial. This allows you to test all the features and see how Social Intents can transform your customer interactions.
  • Easy Setup and Integration: Getting started with Social Intents is quick and easy. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular website builders and CRM systems.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: The Social Intents team is here to help you every step of the way. They offer excellent customer support to ensure you get the most out of the platform.
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