Why Salesforce is perfect for a small business

While the Fortune 500 companies more often than not receive all media attention, the foundation for economies worldwide is small business. Small- and medium-sized enterprises represent over 90% of the business population worldwide. Previously, advanced CRM and support software were pretty much reserved for large enterprises – but since then, giants such as Salesforce have come around, realizing the power small businesses possess. 

Salesforce Essentials is Salesforce for small business. As they describe it themselves: “We’ve taken the full power of Salesforce and tailored it for the unique need of small businesses,”. In this article, we’ll give a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Salesforce CRM for small businesses, Salesforce Essential, what it brings to the table, and touch upon how much Salesforce for small business costs.

Benefits of Salesforce Essentials for small businesses

The benefits of Salesforce for a small business solve the four primary roadblocks preventing a small business to switch to a modern CRM:

  • High subscription cost
  • Training time and expenses are not realistic
  • Fear of complexity trumps perceived benefits
  • Temporary fixes are easily available

Here are the main benefits of Salesforce Essentials:

1. It’s affordable

Salesforce Essentials pricing for a small business is much more affordable, where companies with ten or fewer employees can subscribe to Salesforce Essentials for only $25 per user/month. Compare it to Salesforce most popular Lighting Enterprise which is available for $150 per user/month.

2. Training is fast and free

Employees attending a training session

A small business can learn pretty much everything it needs for a fast and quick set-up and effective use through Trailhead, an interactive, online training environment from Salesforce. It’s free and provides insight into several skills a small business will benefit from. Trailhead can reduce the Salesforce cost for a small business considerably.

3. It’s intuitive

Instead of stripping their large enterprise version of major functionalities and giving it a cutesy name to match, Salesforce has instead reconceptualized its CRM to align with the needs of a small business. The result? An intuitive platform and interface that small business owners will find easy to work with.

4. It’s powerful

Unlike many other similarly-priced CRM alternatives, Salesforce Essentials brings the power of enterprise-cloud to small businesses who benefit from the latest artificial intelligence technology, machine learning, cloud computing, and many other advanced and useful technologies that previously were limited to organizations with deep pockets.

The verdict

Well, if the main header wasn’t a big enough clue: Salesforce Essentials is a must-have for all small businesses. The Salesforce CRM pricing for small businesses is very affordable, but where Salesforce Essentials doesn’t cut corners, providing a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use CRM platform to build stronger relationships and keep customers happier. 

But it is still a fairly advanced CRM system, and while it’s a fairly low entry bar, reaching its full potential is a fairly complex and time-consuming process. If you’re struggling to implement Salesforce Essentials or want to optimize it further, we’d suggest contacting a Salesforce partner to help you implement, manage, and optimize your Salesforce solution.

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