Twitter Wants Help – Asks Users to Test Two New Features, Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces

Twitter, the popular social network is looking for a few dedicated users to test a couple of new features, Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces. The best part about this test drive is that users can keep nearly 97% of their revenue. 

In a public open declaration, Twitter announced that all users in the U.S. can apply to test Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows on their mobile devices. In return, the company wants them to share honest feedback and suggest what is and what isn’t working. 

Twitter, in a blog post, said that it is looking for a few people to try these new features with their audience and provide feedback.

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What is Super Follows?

Earlier this year, Twitter had given a fair idea that it is working on a new feature, Super Follows. But what is Super Follows?

Super Follows is a new pay-to-follow model in which users can access content from the most influential and popular accounts on Twitter for a fee. This new feature is likely to be rolled out later this year. 

Besides, Super Follows will also enable users to follow their favorite accounts for content that is more than just the regular tweets on the platform such as videos and newsletters. 

The popular social media platform said that it could charge a subscription fee of around $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 per month for Super Follows. 

What is Ticketed Spaces?

Twitter revealed that it is making great progress with Ticketed Spaces in May when it announced the launch of Spaces, the company’s answer to Clubhouse. 

Ticketed Spaces is quite an interesting concept in which a group of chosen users can define the price of tickets for chats. 

According to Twitter, with this model, hosts will earn a major share of the revenue collected from ticket sales while the platform will take home a small chunk of the revenue collected.

Who can Apply?

Here’s the good news! Anyone can apply to test these new features out. Users that are interested can apply for Super Follows (iOS only) and Ticketed Spaces (iOS and Android) by following the following steps. 

  1. Go to Twitter
  2. Look for the sidebar
  3. Hit “Monetization”
  4. Check eligibility

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