Suez Canal Blockage Expected to Impact e-commerce Deliveries in Europe:ParcelHero

ParcelHero, the expert in international delivery has warned that e-commerce orders are likely to be delayed due to the stranded cargo ship in the Suez Canal. EverGiven, the Taiwanese shipping container had blocked the trade route from 23rd March until 29th March.

Since nearly 12 percent of the world, trade passes through the infamous trade route, which means that the blockage has had a deep impact. The incident will have a negative impact on the e-commerce orders placed by consumers in Europe.

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More about the incident

On the 23rd of March, EverGiven, a cargo ship as tall as the Empire State Building ran aground in the Suez Canal and eventually blocked it.

The container was on its way to the Dutch port city of Rotterdam from China when strong winds knocked it off its usual course.  The mishap resulted in a shipping logjam that is expected to inflict huge losses on traders and also delay e-commerce items shipped from China.

Although the container was refloated again on the 30th of March, the impact of the incident will be felt for several weeks to come.

What is ParcelHero saying?

According to ParcelHero, the blockage of the canal has led to a notable rise in shipping costs, loss of perishable goods, and created knock-on delays across ports.

David Jinks, Head of Consumer Research, ParcelHero said that nearly 8.2 billion euros worth of goods have been held up each day. The incident will dent global trade and cost it over 5 billion euros. He said that e-commerce orders from Amazon and other platforms will face delays.

The impact

EverGiven blocked a total of 367 ships that were waiting to pass through the canal. Since Suez Canal is one of the most important global trading routes, the tremors of this incident can be felt across various industries worldwide.

This blockage has had an impact on car production, video game development, and more. Not only was EverGiven carrying manufactured goods, but it was also carrying components of goods that were to be manufactured in the future.

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