Poly Network Offers Hacker the Chief Security Advisor Job

Key Points

  • Poly Network, a well-known cryptocurrency platform was hacked last week. The hacker or hackers successfully snitched over $600 million worth of tokens. 
  • However, against all odds, the hacker has returned a major share of the stolen money but is holding onto more than $200 million worth of funds. 
  • Poly Network has come forward and offered the hacker a $500, 000 bounty. In addition, the company has also asked the hacker to become its chief security advisor.

Poly Network, which was a target of a major heist, has offered the chief security advisor job to the hacker behind it. The company said that it will not take any legal action against the hacker, but instead, offer a key job profile. 

Hacker Walks Away With More Than $600 Million

In the first week of August, Poly Network was on the receiving end of a major cyber attack. According to experts, the cyberattack could potentially be the largest heist within the blockchain space. 

The cryptocurrency platform said that it is open to communication with the hacker. Poly Network has named the hacker “Mr. White Hat” suggesting that the hacker may not have any ill-intentions but expose the vulnerabilities in the platform’s security. 

Although the hacker has returned most of the money, the individual still has possession of more than $200 million worth of funds. 

In an attempt to persuade the hacker to return the rest, Poly Network has offered a $500,000 bounty. The crypto platform doubled down its offer when it said that the company will not press any charges against the perpetrator but offer a job at the firm. 

Poly Network said that it has left no stone unturned to understand “Mr.White Hat” and is hoping that the hacker transfers the rest of the money as soon as possible. 

The company re-emphasized that the job offer stands and is confident that the hacker will return complete control of assets to the company and its users. 

More about Poly Network

Poly Network was developed to implement interoperability within various chains to create cutting-edge internet infrastructure. At present, Poly Network has integrated Neo, Ethereum, Zilliqa, Smart Chain, Switcheo, Ontology, and Elrond.

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