MRI Software Announces Box+Dice Acquisition, Adds Sales CRM to its PropTech Portfolio

MRI Software, one of the world’s leading real estate software companies announced that it has acquired the customer relationship management (CRM) software company, Box+Dice. 

This acquisition widens MRI Software’s product portfolio and enables real-estate businesses to unify a customer’s lifecycle across rental and sales property management. 

MRI’s acquisition of Box+Dice also showcases the company’s commitment to expanding its presence across Australia and New Zealand. Further, the deal also complements the acquisitions made by the company in the past which include Rockend in 2019 and WhosOnLocation in 2021. 

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More about Box+Dice and its Journey

Box+Dice has offered cutting-edge CRM solutions to top real estate Australian firms over the past 15 years. Earlier this year, the company was also awarded the most innovative PropTech solution in Australia by Proptech Association Australia. 

MRI is committed to an open and connected ethos which means that Box+Dice will work with other alternative property management companies. According to David Bowie, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, MRI Software, this deal fills the missing piece of the puzzle for the company and progressive agencies they serve in the region. 

He said that this deal will allow agencies they serve to make decisions that drive profitability and revenue for their business. In addition, he also mentioned that agents can now provide better solutions to their customers through the complete lifecycle of their property via a unified solution. 

Box+Dice also provides top-down insights and reporting across sales operations. All in all, the deal is set to empower stakeholders to make informed decisions to drive profitability and revenue growth. 

A Word from Box+Dice’s CEO

Travis Williams, Founder, and CEO of, Box+Dice said that he is happy to see the kind of relationships his company has made with customers over the past 15 years. He also said that this acquisition will allow the company to serve a wider audience around the world. His team and company will benefit from MRI’s global and national resources. 

More about MRI Software

MRI software is one of the leading real estate software solutions that aim to transform the way people live, work, and play. The company was among the first real estate software vendors to serve across Australia and New Zealand. 

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