MoxiWorks Completes Acquisition of Lead Nurturing Platform ActivePipe

MoxiWorks has successfully acquired ActivePipe, a lead nurturing platform that is built for real estate professionals. This acquisition enables MoxiWorks to expand its real estate tech portfolio. 

Currently, ActivePipe is active in four countries and supports more than 2,500 brokerages and 40,000 agents. The company will join MoxiWorks sphere-based CRM, CMA interactive presentation tool, MoxiEngage, marketing suite along with MoxiPresent, recruiting system, and its new back-office solution, MoxiBalance. 

As of now, the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. 

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More about the ActivePipe platform 

ActivePipe leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the entire process for agents and brokers to stay connected with their potential clients. The platform’s predictive capabilities determine which clients are expected to make a transaction. 

It also sends alerts to clients regarding the open opportunities in their database. 

York Baur, MoxiWorks CEO said that the growing interest rates, uncertain economic conditions, tight inventory, and overdependence on paid cold leads that do not convert are a formula for disaster. 

He further added that ActivePipe ensures that users, agents, and brokers do not spend a lot of time worrying about where their next lead is coming from. Instead, it uses cutting-edge AI technology to nurture leads that exist in the sphere. 

The story behind the acquisition

The acquisition of ActivePipe is a culmination of the standing partnership of both companies. ActivePipe was an integral part of the MoxiCloud partner network for over three years enabling MoxiWorks clients to nurture their leads. 

Ash Farrugia, CEO, and co-founder of ActivePipe said that the company has been a partner with MoxiWorks for years. He is thrilled by the opportunity to build a robust product by becoming a core part of the MoxiWorks family. 

He said that joining hands with Moxiworks was a no-brainer for the company given the company’s presence and position in the real estate industry. Baur said that it is a crucial and pivotal time to be involved in the proptech sector and that he is confident to start the next chapter with MoxiWorks. 

MoxiWorks acquisition spree

Over the past few years, MoxiWorks’s growth can be attributed to a series of acquisitions. 

In November 2019, the firm acquired the marketing automation platform, Imprev (now Moxilmpress). Most recently, MoxiWorks completed the acquisition of MoxiBalance at the end of 2021. 

Tom Smith, Principal, Vector Capital said that the investment firm is impressed by MoxiWork’s growth trajectory and will continue to support the firm’s organic development and strategic acquisitions. 

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