Mircosoft Acquires OKR Startup Ally.io to Strengthen its Productivity Software Offering

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft has announced that it is acquiring Ally.io. Ally.io is a tech start-up that focuses on the development of customizable tools and dashboards so that employees can track their progress. 
  • The move was primarily fueled by the growing demand for productivity tools, especially for remote teams. 
  • Ally.io’s software is likely to be integrated into Microsoft’s Viva – a group of employee experience products. 

Microsoft has announced that it is set to acquire Ally.io. It is a tech start-up that enables companies to track their performance and progress on key objectives. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet by both companies.  

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Microsoft Aims to Capitalize on Growing Demand for Productivity Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses operate. Remote working has gained considerable popularity over the past two years due to which the demand for productivity tools, especially for remote teams has increased. 

In their quest to establish a solid market position, Microsoft is aggressively focussing on improving its productivity applications. In August, the company announced that it is increasing the prices for particular subscriptions. Besides, Microsoft also spoke about a few new products that it introduced since the rollout of the Office 365 suite in 2011. 

In recent years, the tech giant has acquired small companies such as Yammer and GroupMe. 

More about Ally.io’s Platform

Ally.io’s software primarily focuses on an approach called objectives and key results (OKR). It enables users to identify their goals and track their progress. Google is another company that is using this model. 

Ally.io’s customizable software and dashboards will be fused into Microsoft’s Viva software. The company rolled out Viva in February and has made it accessible via Microsoft Teams. 

Kirk Koenigsbauer, Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Vice President, Mircosoft’s experience and devices division said that this partnership will enrich how teams and individuals collaborate to achieve the best business outcomes. He also said that over the next few years, Microsoft will invest resources to introduce Ally.io to Microsoft Cloud. 

More about Ally.io

Ally.io was founded by a former Microsoft employee, Vetri Vellore in 2017. The company is based in Seattle and has an employee base of 275 people. Slack and Dropbox are some of the most popular companies that use Ally.io. 

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