Facebook Likely to Face Legal Action from Meta Company for Infringing its Name

The Chicago-based tech company is moving to court alleging that the social media company has taken its name. Nate Skulic, Founder, Meta Company, said that since Facebook failed to buy them, it is now trying to “bury” them with the force of media. 

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Meta Company’s stand

Skulic also said that Facebook is committing a trademark infringement after rebranding to Meta. He added that they are not surprised by this turn of events after the company failed to acquire Meta Company. 

Facebook’s lawyers have been trying to persuade Meta Company for three months. He said that they turned down Facebook’s offer on different bases and it was not enough to cover the cost of changing their name. At present, two law firms are involved in this dispute between the two companies. 

He said that it is very unfortunate that Meta Company is linked with a company that is ridden with controversy. The negative association with Facebook will be forgotten soon because the damages will be very hard to ignore.

Now, Meta Company is firm on its stand about taking legal action against Facebook. Meta, formerly Facebook, has not responded to these allegations. 

Meta Company filed for a live trademark in 2016, which lists the registrant at Chicago, Illinois. However, the twist is that there is a 2015 trademark registered for Meta, and the owner is listed as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

A US-based company named Meta PC is asking for $20 million from Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta. The company has asked the software company to withdraw its registration application and drop the name ‘Meta’.

Mark Zuckerberg downplays ‘name change’

Over the past few years, the social networking company has come under the gun for breaching users’ data privacy. Mark Zuckerberg tried to hint that this is not a rebranding project, the first-ever step of this nature in its 17 years of existence. 

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