Cloud Energy Powers Corona Energy’s Growth with a Customized Customer Portal

Corona Energy is a leading independent gas and electricity supplier with over 25 years of experience servicing UK businesses. They currently supply 14% of the industrial and commercial gas market with around 13,000+ customers across gas and electricity and over 77,000 meters.

Revolutionizing the Client Experience: Key Objectives of the Project

Following rapid expansion over a short duration and changing customer behavior, Corona Energy required a new client portal to meet the high demands of their 13,000+ corporate and SME user base. Some of the company’s key objectives for the project included:

  • Projection of live (real-time) account details
  • Decreased number of system interactions for consumers
  • More effective and assisted query process
  • Integration of numerous data sources
  • Enhancement of the overall client experience
  • Mobile compatibility

What made this project complex and challenging because the old system needed to remain ‘in-flight’ while the new platform was under development. Furthermore, the new platform required multiple third-party integrations including Corona’s customer billing & engagement platform, Mecoms 365 by Ferranti.

The Ultimate Challenge: Developing a New System While Keeping the Old One Running

Cloud Energy is a specialist software agency for the energy and utilities industries. With over 20 years of experience, they partner with some of the world’s leading utilities and energy businesses, manufacturers, and pioneering SMEs, providing a variety of services to handle any commercial or operational software objective, including strategic planning, software development, and digital team augmentation.

Possessing a deep understanding of IoT and how to work with data-driven organizations, the company specializes in the development of digital tools to capture, integrate, and visualize data more effectively. So, whether that’s creating a business intelligence platform to analyze data from thousands of devices, designing dashboards that highlight cost-saving opportunities, or developing software to power new tech, they can help.

Ultimately, these tools transform business performance and the customer experience through the deployment of touch points like websites, apps, and reporting tools that can propel your company forward.

A Collaboration That Changed the Game: How Cloud Energy Delivered the Solution

The team at Cloud Energy spent time collaborating with the Corona team to ensure their understanding of the 13,000+ end-users that could lead the development of the technology. Cloud Energy then created and evaluated how each user journey would go from one screen to the next and made sensible judgments on how pages would load while processing huge amounts of data.

The Portal has been created based on an integration with Corona’s Customer Engagement & Billing system; Mecoms 365 (Ferranti). This platform gives access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored to the specific needs of the energy and utility company concerned. Several APIs were therefore developed in collaboration with Ferranti to facilitate the real-time data transfer between the two networks, enabling the real-time visualization of the following:

  • Payment, Billing, and Account Balance data for the full portfolio
  • Contract/Document Access
  • Interactive Query Management
  • Instant capture of manual reading data
  • Access to Contracts and Documents
  • Collaborative Query Management
  • Simple Dashboards demonstrating the use and expenditure
  • Secure Multi-factor Verification

The Results Are In: Corona Energy’s Business Performance Goes Through the Roof

The solution provided by Cloud Energy allowed Corona Energy to offer their customers a high level of service that was previously impossible. Real-time data enabled quick and accurate responses to queries and concerns, and the intuitive user interface allows for a smooth experience across all devices.

The client portal reduced the number of system interactions needed to complete a task, saving time for both consumers and employees. This reduction in workload allowed Corona Energy to focus on delivering their core product to their customers.

The Portal’s enhanced dashboard features also provide live data analytics, enabling users to understand their energy usage and expenditure, and therefore make informed decisions on energy conservation.

Embracing the Future: How Corona Energy and Cloud Energy Are Leading the Way in Digital Transformation

As more and more industries are undergoing digital transformation, energy companies like Corona Energy are taking a proactive approach in order to stay ahead of the curve. By partnering with specialists like Cloud Energy, they are able to leverage cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies to improve the customer experience and streamline their operations.

The success of the Corona Energy client portal project demonstrates the power of collaboration between energy companies and technology providers. By working together to identify specific pain points and developing tailored solutions, these partnerships can achieve real results that benefit both the company and its customers.

As we move into a more digitally-focused future, it’s clear that the energy industry will need to continue to evolve and innovate. But with forward-thinking companies like Corona Energy and Cloud Energy leading the way, the future looks bright.

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