Caution! This is Exactly How Google Will Warn Users About Fake News

Google Search will now caution users if the topic searched does not have sufficient verified information. With this, Google is increasing its efforts to curb the increasing prevalence of fake news and offer more context about search results. 

Today, a lot of people look for news or a story related to a specific topic and form an opinion based on the first few results that are displayed. Besides, in many instances, users also misattribute the story to Google instead of the actual source. Google intends to change that with the new changes. 

Google will now display a very clear message when the platform is not sure about the authenticity of the search results due to a lack of sufficient information on the web. 

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Misconceptions about Google search

A lot of people around the world view Google as an encyclopedia rather than a search engine. Users tend to ignore that Google primarily just picks and places websites and shows the top results that its AI deems the most accurate match. 

Users need to realize that the system can make mistakes, and at times some people also cheat the system to boost the ranking of misleading results. 

There are plenty of occasions when Google is unsure whether search results are accurate or correct. According to the company, this usually occurs when the topic is evolving, such as breaking news stories. 

Google will not put up a notice on the top of the results to indicate that the results are changing and to check again for updates from verified and dependable sources. 

In a blog post, Google said that access to verified, reliable, and relevant information is very important in today’s digital world. It also said, “While Google Search will always be there with the most useful results we can provide, sometimes the reliable information you are searching for just isn’t online yet.”

The new message or notice will be initially launched in English in the U.S. and gradually develop the feature in the forthcoming months.

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